Run in the rain and domestic bliss

Today is a day of domestic bliss. Getting some laundry done and making some yummy food.

 Now I just need my man back from the east coast. 

Monday Motivation**March 6th, 2017

Can you suffer from the pain of both? I ate way too much junk this weekend and was bloated for at least half the weekend and tonight I ran 5 miles then walked for another 30. 

Tomorrow I need to do some serious stretching and foam rolling (aka tourture). My right hip (IT band) is SUPER tight so my hip is hurting and it radiates down my thigh to my knee. So foam rolling is a big to do for me tomorrow……or today since its after midnight. 

The boyfriend and I were seriously lazy this weekend, we watched at least 8 movies and some Game of Thrones episodes. But it was seriously needed for me since I was traveling the last 2 weekends. 

Some random stuff from this week:

My walk to class from the back parking lot

Gotta love Oregon lol

The boyfriend suggested running a marathon together in October, he was thinking Portland marathon until I looked it up and the cost is $130!! Too rich for our current blood so I’m looking at other options. But i did look up some training plans on Google

Then i scrapped them and made my own hahaha. 

Tonight was the premier of a new TV show 

I used the 2 hour premier to distract me while I ran. 

Yep, i run like a turtle.

Thank goodness for TVs on your treadmill.

When I got home I had some leftover sushi from yesterday’s dinner

It was good. 

And now it’s pass out time. 


Do you like sushi?

Weekend Wrap-up 


This time last year I was in Hawaii 

And now I am waiting to see if this rain turns to snow tonight hahahaha a little different.  

Great weekend though

I made chicken terriyaki bowls with the boyfriend Friday night

And watched Inferno. I love Dan Browns novels and am super excited that he is working on another story in the Robert Langdon series! 

Saturday the boyfriend and I took a little roadtrip to Corvallis to visit his Alma Mater

We walked around and drove around. Visited my grandmas old house

I spent at least a week here every summer.

We kept up pur streak of trying pizza places, we tried American dream pizza 

It looks amazing but sadly neither of us were very impressed with this pizza. It seemed like they just cooked a cheese pizza then put the toppings on it after. Don’t need to ever return there. 

After we got home the bf and I hit the cheap movie theater near me for a double feature. A Dog’s Purpose and The Space Between Us, both totally cute. 

In other news the boyfriend broke down and bought a Garmin!!! His is the next generation after mine so the heart rate monitor is built in. It’s pretty cool and now we are a Garmin couple lol

I made pasta with chicken, tomato and basil for meal prep this week and sent some with the bf for his lunch this week of course. 

I had some leftover pasta so dinner was a super simple cheese and basil pasta

It was actually pretty delicious 

Picked up something yummy to satisfy my sweet cravings 

Last weeks running total was 6.6 miles. 

This years running total thus far, 31 miles

Going to shoot for 9 miles this week. Slowly increasing 

How was your weekend?

How are you doing workout wise this year?

Favorite pizza topping?

Mine is pineapple and onion

It’s supposed to be my long run day

The boyfriend and I were planning on running but the sidewalks were still pretty icy. 

So sadly the run didn’t happen today. I’ll also admit that I didn’t rush off to the gym to run on a treadmill since I might be helping deliver packages all next week and I was pretty sore after one day so I didn’t run. 

Other news, as I think I have mentioned I am originally from southern California and am an In’n’out burgers lover but from east coast people i have heard that 5 guys is way better. I finally tried it to compare

I do not see the hype, it is in no way better than In’n’out. 

The adorable puppy

I have also found out that being healthy can make you money. See

How cool is that?

How was your Sunday?

Rest day and my mama!!!!


Work would not end today Then traffic was sucky! Finally I made it home and it’s roasting!!!!

This is our AC hahahaha. 

Mama got to my place not long after me

I love my wonderful mom. 

Then we went on a mom sponsored grocery shopping trip!!!!

You can thank my mom for the delicious food pics that will show up in the next 2 days hahahaha. 

Rewatching the Barkley marathons. 

Watched ‘tracks’ with my mom earlier. 

I’m working on my hydration because I lagged in that area today. 

She’s hard to see in the dark but you can kind of make out her collar to the left lol

Once this is done it’s bedtime. 
Oh man so in sad new update, my triathlon has been cancelled!!!! They were sort of vague about the why, basically just unforseen consequences and things beyond their control. I deferred my race entrance to next year. But I’m still bummed. On the plus side this gives me more time to save and get a good bike. I’ll keep you posted. 

How was your friday?

Rest day Sunday!!!!

I turned off all alarms today and slept it. It was wonderful.

After getting up, I had a protein shake and relaxed. Make eggs for lunch


Did half on toast and half in a breakfast burrito.

I pulled out my yoga video


I did back bends and hip opensers to stretch out after the run.

I spent most of the day on the couch then Artemis and I went to the dog park for a short run around then to the store.


Got a little treat for myself but oh man am I bloated now. Note to self, too many simple carbs.
I think she is a little tuckered out from the park


I’ll be calling it an early night tonight.
6am training tomorrow morning!!

How was your weekend?

The day off from working out

I love my days off. Granted they have been a little more frequent than they should lately. But I love them, especially because I am so tired lately with all this working. Thankfully this is the last weekend of the tulip festival so I will have my weekends back. Regular work is getting crazy, I am getting at least half an hour of overtime I think almost every day this week. Its good and bad, I like the extra money obviously but at some point the money isn’t worth the life I’m giving up. Thankfully we are not at that point yet haha haha.

I’ve have started back at episode 1


The anthem of single women. At least it is mine lol. I identify most with Carrie. Whenever i need to get re-psyched up for dating, or recover from dating debauchles (or however it is spelled).

In other news if you like books like the hunger games, maze runner, and divergent, mixed with a little bachelor check out the series that is on sale on audible


It was a fun listen and got me through a crazy day at work.

And now it’s bedtime so i can get up an spin tomorrow.


Woooohoooo another weekend has arrived!

Not much to report here. I am taking it easy and resting me body


Iced my knee tonight. Tomorrow i swim and hopefully by Sunday I’m ready to run again. I think I’ll tape my knee up to be safe.

My roommate  brought me back candy from Australia


Boy do they have the right idea.

I made a nice healthy meal of salmon and veggies



Actually it made 2 meals :mrgreen:

Should make a delicious dinner tomorrow and Sunday night.

That and several episodes of Scandal were my Friday night……i know, i party too hard.

Did you do anything fun with your TGIF?

What does your weekend look like?

What is the opposite of thirsty thursday?

I almost didn’t get up for spin class. I already wanted to go back to sleep then Artemis cuddled up to me and i soooo wanted to skip spin but then i thought about having to tell my trainer i didn’t go and that ill be gone next week so yea….


I got my butt up and went……and wanted to die.  Spin class instructors are sadistic. But they get me to push above and beyond so yea.


Take a moment to enjoy and experience this. ……a completely empty locker room at the gym. For like a FULL MINUTE. This is unheard of at my gym.

Exhaustion does not cover what i feel. 4 workouts in 48 hours. I am so taking tomorrow off workouts. I am still going to bed early even though i get to ‘sleep in’ tomorrow.


They have these for dogs!!!! 3 flavors where on sale at target so i got 1 of each for Artemis to try. Tonight with her kibble she had pumpkin and oat puree. She enjoyed it.

Another thing we must acknowledge


It was not fully dark when i left work tonight!!!!!!!! The light is coming back!!! I am sooo stoked!

How was your Thursday?

Are you as exhausted as i am?

My bed feels like heaven.


A lazy sleepy Thursday

So i was supposed to get up and go to spin class Thursday morning but i didn’t sleep well and was still sore and fatigued from Tuesday’s leg workout so i decided to sleep for an extra 2 hours instead. Also ibwas playing it a little safe because there is a nasty stomach bug going around.


Sometimes on my morning commute i wonder how i ended up back in city traffic everyday.


I enjoyed vegetable soup from zoup lol


Reading has been a big theme for me lately. I’ve been bindging and i love it!


I enjoyed a pretty sunrise one day this week.


I got yakisoba!!! noodles yesterday and it was delicious!!! I feel like yakisoba sould always been said with an exclamation point LOL.
Since i didn’t do spin i turned Thursday into my rest day. I got home from work. Took the dog for a walk, because miraculously it wasnt raining!!!! Then i plopped down in front of the TV and  didn’t move until bedtime. It was nice, but very unproductive.

Tonight, Friday,  i am going to run 1 minute, walk 2 minuted x10.
Tomorrow morning is 5k race day!!!!