Monday Motivation**September 28, 2015


Happy Monday!!!

I haven’t worked out since Friday. I have a dr. Appt tomorrow for a cyst that has turned into an abscess. I know gross.

I should have a trainer app Wednesday and Thursday.

I’ll have to see how the appt plays out tomorrow. I may need surgery which would probably take me out of the running  of the Vancouver half marathon. We’ll see.

Starting today i am going vegan for 30 days……and i already screwed up…..apparently boca burgers have milk in them. WTF!!!???

The official start of Autumn**2015

7abed18c851da62ae6c69abd80e585b9 Happy first day of Autumn!!!!!

We are entreating my FAVORITE time of year!!!!! I love when the mornings and evenings start to get crisp and the leaves start to turn.

78ecb9966093ed54861660f1df21163d via

This time of year has everything that i love: candles, sweaters and scarves, hot drinks, halloween, beautiful scenery, oh i could go on and on. I am so excited! I can’t contain it!!!

There are so many things I want to do during autumn. I found this list on pinterest.

ec98be21566872ff09d23d3a9a597726 via

A few things i want to do that are not on the list are:

48ae6854582160182c828e96b4bb47e3 images-2 images Go on a crisp fall picnic, run some beautiful stairs and run down through some leaves surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Everything about this time of year fills me with excitement!

What is your favorite part of Autumn?


Total Tuesday

Hi!!!! Today was totally a Tuesday, very blah and nothing too big to report.


Today’s capsule wadrobe, with the black ballet flats.


Yesterday i bought this great necklace from my friend and coworker. She is going to make me earings to match.

You can find her etsy shop here.

I am also eyeing that elegant evening necklace, i may be purchasing that soon lol.

Hopefully your Tuesday was a little more fun than mine……..oooh but my boyfriend mentioned thinking about taking a vacation cruise together in 2-3 months so there is something to look forward too!!! Poor guy is being run ragged at work lately, they are super busy.

Did you do anything fun today?

My weekend

Hi! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday my roommate and i dragged ourselves to the gym. I did 2 miles. Then Saturday afternoon i did some food prep.
Onion soup flavored chicken and rice


Udone noodles with veggies


I made myself a homemade strawberry daquari with fresh strawberries


Sunday i slept in than ran my 7 miles. I wanted to die several times but i am glad i did it.
In the afternoon i made roasted leek and potato soup.


The recipe is from thr new england soup factory.

In the PM i finally got to spend time with my boyfriend, poor guy had mandatory overtime all weekend.

I made us homemade tacos.

How was your weekend?

Book Review**A History of the World in 6 Glasses


I liked this book but didn’t love it.
Each drink was very interesting. They had 2 chapters and several sub-chapters on each drink. I think they could have stopped at 1 chapter on each drink.

About a chapters worth of information on each drink was really interesting to me, after that i started to get a little bored.

I would still recommend the book to everyone but be prepared to skim a few pages. 


Wooo thank goodness its Friday!!!

All this talk about coffee and i didnt get any this morning, i had tea.

It was a pretty good day. I went for a run on lunch.

I got my 3 miles done and was tired but not exhausted afterwards.


In the afternoon my coworker and i split a new soda juice drink thing.


It was super yummy. Not an every day thing for me though.

I ordered a pizza when i got home, i know bad me but i made it thin crust with light cheese and some veggies and i got a salad to go with it.

I watched episode 3 of fear the walking dead. I like it, i think it is slowly picking up the pace.

Then i watched the first 2 episodes of season 5 of the walking dead until they were talking to a guy while eating his cooked leg, which traumatized my roommate hahahaha. So we put in fast seven or is it furious seven……i dont know. It was my first time watching it. It was good. Felt kind of sad watching Paul Walker do a bunch of crazy driving sunts whem he died in a car crash. RIP.

My hip flexors or whatever is at the top of my thigh is crazy sore today, i don’t think I’ve ever felt that muscle be sore. Thank you personal trainer. Alright bedtime for me so i can get up and run tomorrow……and do meal prep. Hope you had a good day!!!!

What did you do for tgif?

What do you think of fear the walking dead?