Wooo thank goodness its Friday!!!

All this talk about coffee and i didnt get any this morning, i had tea.

It was a pretty good day. I went for a run on lunch.

I got my 3 miles done and was tired but not exhausted afterwards.


In the afternoon my coworker and i split a new soda juice drink thing.


It was super yummy. Not an every day thing for me though.

I ordered a pizza when i got home, i know bad me but i made it thin crust with light cheese and some veggies and i got a salad to go with it.

I watched episode 3 of fear the walking dead. I like it, i think it is slowly picking up the pace.

Then i watched the first 2 episodes of season 5 of the walking dead until they were talking to a guy while eating his cooked leg, which traumatized my roommate hahahaha. So we put in fast seven or is it furious seven……i dont know. It was my first time watching it. It was good. Felt kind of sad watching Paul Walker do a bunch of crazy driving sunts whem he died in a car crash. RIP.

My hip flexors or whatever is at the top of my thigh is crazy sore today, i don’t think I’ve ever felt that muscle be sore. Thank you personal trainer. Alright bedtime for me so i can get up and run tomorrow……and do meal prep. Hope you had a good day!!!!

What did you do for tgif?

What do you think of fear the walking dead?

5 thoughts on “TGIF!!

  1. Awesome. I’m glad ur liking fear the waking dead. And the walking dead during terminus was crazy. It gets so much better tho. My boyfriend really likes the comics the walking dead. Which the story is slightly different but a lot better he says.
    Ps. I love pizza!!!

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