Fall 2018 school week 1

Hi!!!! Well I have survived my first week of the new quarter!

I am taking PSY 237 which is Life Span development, basically it looks at a person from conception to death, this class is online. My 2nd class is Anatomy and Physiology 2, i have lecture 2 nights a week and lab one afternoon a week. Had to do a little switching around with my work schedule to make it all work, I now have no weekend lol. I still have 2 days off work but they are spread apart. One of my days off I have lab that day. This was the only class that even halfway worked with my schedule, thankfully another girl at work is a student and a class she wanted to take worked out perfectly if we switched one of our days with each other. So I have 1 full day off from everything the next month. That may be the one day i devote to my relationship because anatomy is no joke and i plan on rocking this class. Thankfully my fiance and soon to be husband is so supportive of me going to school.

I think PSYCH will be pretty easy. Online classes, as long as they aren’t math or science, are usually pretty easy to me. They definitely can take more time because you usually have extra work to do since there is no in class work but i love that i can sit down whenever i have time in between the rest of my schedule and knock out whatever i need to do.

Now for the good stuff: A&P!!!! I transferred to a different community college this year since the fiance and i moved to a new city, this is actually the school where i will be applying to the nursing program, no names of course so i can keep talking about it. The price per unit is roughly the same but man they must have extra funding somewhere because WOW, infinitely nicer digs. We each have our own microscope in lab and are you ready for this……….they have a cadaver lab!!!!!! in a community college!!! I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to learn on a real human body.

We got out first introduction to the cadaver lab this week. I really appreciate that they put a big emphasis on respect, these people donated their bodies to science not to be played around with. We got to see 2 of the 4 bodies. The first was a female who had 1 leg partially dissected so you could see the skin, the adipose layer and the muscle underneath then her neck was dissected so you could see the muscles, arteries trachea. Her abdomen was also pretty fully dissected so we could see the viscera, it was so interesting!!! The second body was a male and it was dissected to be able to see all the muscle, one side was superficial muscle and the other was deep muscle. This cadaver will be my best friend for a bit as we currently need to learn 160 muscles in about 2 weeks!!!!

We also did a little review of A&P 1 and wow am i rusty, it is time to review! As well as cram all the new knowledge into my head!!! My teacher seems really awesome too so fingers crossed this is going to be a great semester!!!!

We have to be able to identify all these on a model, a diagram and……..a cadaver……in 1.5 weeks.


4 weeks until the wedding!! odds and ends

Hi!!! School started this week but i will post more on that on Friday. Here is a little look on how the week has been going so far:

Someone gave me a donut filled with coffee creme and a rum shot hahahaha

Coffee is a must and energy drinks are making an appearance again, the first few weeks of a new quarter are always rough for me to get a new school, work, and study schedule worked out.

I am in love with those prepackaged salads right now!! This one is called sunflower crunch!

Brandon was out of town for work, thankfully he is back now, while he was gone she cuddled with me a lot.

working on a few wedding hairstyle ideas.

Fall is here!!!!…………Some days………. last week was low 70s and mid 60s this week is mid 80s!!

More snuggles

Morning Shakology!!!! i mix it with my coffee for the perfect breakfast….though it takes me some time to wake up!

Go a quickie run in Monday night after class

Followed by this awesome dinner!! Brandon and I shared the Cornish game hen. They are adorable but not that much meat on them, probably why it was only $3 and grocery outlet, still tasted delicious though!

AHHHHHHH! we hit the 1 month mark!!!

My sad sad attempt at taking a picture through the microscope of skeletal muscle.

Tune in Friday for more talk about school!!! WARNING: I SEE DEAD PEOPLE!

Monday Motivation**September 24, 2018

Image result for healthy fall foodsImage from The Huffington Post

Happy Fall!!!!!

I don’t know about you but fall is my favorite season!!!! Pretty much the best time of the year for me. The cool, crisp weather, of course the amazing clothes, Halloween, Thanksgiving and soon my wedding!!!! I have been happily slacking on my workouts lately but with school starting back up today I am going to be busy, busy, busy! Which means I will actually be scheduling in workouts again so they might actually happen! Ill let you know how my first week of school goes!

Stitchfix for my Honeymoon!!!!!!

Ordered a stitchfix for my Honeymoon and I love it all!!!!

Good dark colored jeans that I can dress up or dress down. And this comfy top with the great back cutout!

This sexy but classy top. Which I can totally wear to work as well!!

This fun jacket.

And this AMAZING skirt!!!! I’m totally in love with this lol

They were amazing with my budget as well so I am ordering a 2nd box!!!!!

These are NOT my wedding dress!!!

Hahahahahaha, I thought I would share a little of the shopping process with you.

I really didn’t expect to find my dress on day one in shop one, But I did!!! Sorry, but you dont get to see it until after the wedding. Cant risk the hubby seeing it before. But here are some of the ones I didnt choose.

I liked this dress. It was pretty and romantic. But it just didn’t do anything for me shape wise. No body shaming it just wasn’t wasnt right for my hourglass figure.

We nicknamed this one the boob dress hahahahaha for obvious reasons. I love love loved the blush color. I loved that it was whimsical and romantic but it was too much cleavage for me and too much dress lol

This was the only ‘true’ ballgown I tried on. The back was stunning but again way too much dress for me. The hips actually had extra padding in them!!!! I have my own hips, I don’t need help in that area hahaahahaha!!!

Here is the one thing I did get that you can see. This beautiful headband that is rose gold just like my ring.

I can’t wait to get married!!!!

Monday Motivation**September 10, 2018

Image result for healthy food motivation(image from Google)

Had planned to run 9-10 miles this weekend then my stomach had other plans and so I cut it off at 4.5.

Then I picked up my wedding dress!!!!! I am going to do a whole post on wedding stuff soon.

My friend and I have a step challenge going

And she is currently kicking my butt. I need to get moving!!!