9 miles and a stitch fix

Hi!!! Happy Saturday! 1 more day at the Tulip festival and I’m free!!! I worked just under 5 hours and came home to run 9 miles! Artemis made it 3.25 before she didn’t want to continue. It’s not much of an endurance improvement for her but it’s something lol. Then I went on to do […]

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The day off from working out

I love my days off. Granted they have been a little more frequent than they should lately. But I love them, especially because I am so tired lately with all this working. Thankfully this is the last weekend of the tulip festival so I will have my weekends back. Regular work is getting crazy, I […]

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Mid-week catchup

Originally posted on A Balanced Life:
Happy hump day!!!!! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, my puppy got sick. She decided to try and eat her entire chew rope in one swallow and spent the next hourish throwing up so I left work early to come be with her, She slept a lot and drank a…

Monday Motivation**April 25, 2016

Welcome to the last week in April 2016!   Today- i am taking the day off to rest my legs a bit more. My feet are doing better but my calf muscle still feels a bit sore like i over stretched it when i twisted my ankle running on Sunday. Tuesday-AM strength, hopfully as long […]

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Blue Apron and the rest of my weekend.

This is my last fish dish from Blue Apron. They just don’t freeze very well or reheat that great, not that I think any fish does, so it doesn’t quite work for my lifestyle. Except that salmon fettuccine one, that reheated beautifully.  Anyways here is lunch for the next 2 days As always I tweaked […]

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An exhausting Saturday

Artemis and I got up at 6am and ran. We ran through a cute little park near our house and found this super cuteness!!! How cute? I will definitely be adding some books to it. Somebody ran her first 5k today! Not in an official race or anything just her, me and the Garmin.  After […]

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Barkbox and an acid stomach

TGIF!!!!!! I am typing this post on my new tablet!! While I am excited about it, it also caused me some stress. My dying phone meant I needed to get a new one. I was on my mom’s phone plan but when she moved to a different state with her husband our carrier didn’t have […]

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