9 miles and a stitch fix

Hi!!! Happy Saturday! 1 more day at the Tulip festival and I’m free!!!

I worked just under 5 hours and came home to run 9 miles!
Artemis made it 3.25 before she didn’t want to continue. It’s not much of an endurance improvement for her but it’s something lol. Then I went on to do another 6 miles after I dropped her off at home.




I listened to a book on tape while I ran.
When I got back from my run my Stitchfix was waiting for me! After a much needed shower and some relaxation it was time to try on clothes!


This was the first top, it is cute but was a little tight in the boobs lol so it’s going back.


Top #2 was this which I really liked but I know I don’t NEED so it’s going back because I am short on funds.



Next was this black jean/corduroy stretchy jacket which was ok but I don’t love it and it is a smidgen small in the hips and boobs so it’s going back.
Now for the 2 things I am keeping


These shoes!!!! They are wedges so they are heels but aren’t as hard on the feet.


And these dark wash jean legging things. They are skinny jeans, super stretchy and even have an elastic type waist band! They are super comfortable  and super cute and flattering!

I told my stylist I needed stretchy fashion legging things because as my leg muscles grow jeans become more difficult to wear and she totally delivered!!!!

And I love the shoes because I love wearing heels but don’t want to strain my feet and back (any more than necessary with working out lol) and these are way better than stilettos or something like that.

What do you think?

What was your workout this weekend?

The day off from working out

I love my days off. Granted they have been a little more frequent than they should lately. But I love them, especially because I am so tired lately with all this working. Thankfully this is the last weekend of the tulip festival so I will have my weekends back. Regular work is getting crazy, I am getting at least half an hour of overtime I think almost every day this week. Its good and bad, I like the extra money obviously but at some point the money isn’t worth the life I’m giving up. Thankfully we are not at that point yet haha haha.

I’ve have started back at episode 1


The anthem of single women. At least it is mine lol. I identify most with Carrie. Whenever i need to get re-psyched up for dating, or recover from dating debauchles (or however it is spelled).

In other news if you like books like the hunger games, maze runner, and divergent, mixed with a little bachelor check out the series that is on sale on audible


It was a fun listen and got me through a crazy day at work.

And now it’s bedtime so i can get up an spin tomorrow.

Mid-week catchup

Arrg this posted to my old blog last night. That is annoying.

A Balanced Life

Happy hump day!!!!!

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, my puppy got sick. She decided to try and eat her entire chew rope in one swallow and spent the next hourish throwing up so I left work early to come be with her,


She slept a lot and drank a lot of water.

In other news i decided it was time to get a new comforter and douvet cover.



I ordered off Amazon


It came nicely packed.

Here is what it looks like.


I think she likes it.


Love this and it’s so true.

Yesterday I did strength training with my trainer, we focused on arms and abs since my legs were still recovering from my run when I sort of twisted my ankle.
This morning we did swim training and drills.

Tonight I had fun going to trivia!! We came in 3rd placs! Not too shabby!!!

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Monday Motivation**April 25, 2016

Welcome to the last week in April 2016!



Today- i am taking the day off to rest my legs a bit more. My feet are doing better but my calf muscle still feels a bit sore like i over stretched it when i twisted my ankle running on Sunday.

Tuesday-AM strength, hopfully as long as my leg is still feeling ok tonight

Wednesday-AM swim training

Thursday-Off, since i am now doing trivia Wednesday nights i don’t get home early enough to make 5:30am spin class without missing too much sleep

Friday-Spin and Swim

Saturday- run 9-9.5 miles



it is a lesser week for me workout wise but sometimes we just need some rest.

Blue Apron and the rest of my weekend.

This is my last fish dish from Blue Apron. They just don’t freeze very well or reheat that great, not that I think any fish does, so it doesn’t quite work for my lifestyle. Except that salmon fettuccine one, that reheated beautifully.  Anyways here is lunch for the next 2 days





As always I tweaked it a bit and made it a sort of Asian teriyaki salmon. I figured a stronger flavor would reheat better.


Delicious spinach in the potato salad. I used half the mustard seed instead of all and only used maybe 1/4th of the horseradish because I am not a huge horseradish person.

I worked 4.5 hours today and was super happy to get off early and am so looking happy the Tulip festival only has pne weekend left. Not that it has been bad at all but I am so ooooh tired. I will he sleeping and being very lazy my first weekend off. Except for my workouts I will do nothing but read/watch tv.

After work I came home and cooked my Blue Apron meal then got ready for my date. This was date 2 for this gentleman and i…….I hate dating. Where dkd all the ruggedly handsome, confident, smart, interesting, men with tattoos go? One I am not that super attracted to him yet but it’s date 2 and he didn’t try to kiss me at all? Is he trying to be friend zoned?

Good night.

Any idea what the secret to dating is?

An exhausting Saturday

Artemis and I got up at 6am and ran.



We ran through a cute little park near our house and found this super cuteness!!!


How cute? I will definitely be adding some books to it.


Somebody ran her first 5k today! Not in an official race or anything just her, me and the Garmin. 


After work I went to cook park where I loved to run when I lived in Tualatin and did 5 more miles! I was dying by the end. And was soaking wet because it poured off and on. That is 8 miles total and 4.5 hours on my feet at the farm. It made for a long exhausting day. It is 8:45 on a Saturday night and I am in bed about to pass out.


I got cuddles 🙂


I spent the evening on the couch relaxing and putting my feet up.
OK night night before I pass out while writing this.

How was your Saturday?
Have you ever broken a long run into 2 shorter ones due to time constraints?

Barkbox and an acid stomach


I am typing this post on my new tablet!! While I am excited about it, it also caused me some stress. My dying phone meant I needed to get a new one. I was on my mom’s phone plan but when she moved to a different state with her husband our carrier didn’t have good service in the small town she moved to so she went on her husband’s plan. So when getting a new phone it was time to get my own phone plan. Signing up for another bill and plan is always gut wrenching for me, Costco threw in this tablet for $10/month. I took the deal and am slowly relaxing but it took some time. Being an adult really sucks sometimes lol. This is the last bill my mom was still paying for me and now I am taking it over……oh adulthood.

Well on to more fun topics, April’s barkbox arrived!!


It is baseball themed




My roommates dog was certainly excited about it!



Work was busy today but I got through it.
Now I am relaxing and watching some TV. Tomorrow 8 miles are in the plan. I might have to split it up into 2 runs since I have to work tomorrow at the farm and I don’t want to run too long in the dark.

Ugh my stupid phone

Well this was supposed to upload and post last night but my phone is on the verge of dying so i get to spend my lunch at Costco seeing what they can do for me for a phone plan and hopefully get a new one soon.

Yesterday was a good day i pickedup a pineapple at the store a few days ago and cut it up, so happy we are getting to fresh cheap fruit season!!! I am starting to have good delicious snacks.


I met my trainer at the gym for a swim workout.

It was beautiful at lunch so i went out for a little walk before the rains hit at night. When i got back i put my legs up to try and drain some of the lactic acid that has built up



I needed a quick dinner so i drove through subway. Then i ran out the door to my first trivia night from Meetup.com!

It was super fun!!!! I will definetly be going back.


How was your Wednesday?


Let see Saturday i worked 7 hours at the tulip festival then had a date. It went ok. He was nervous so i carried most of the conversation. The food was excellent!!!! But i will admit driving home i was hit with depression. Anytime a date doesn’t go well lately i just think about my ex and how effortless things were with him. I am getting better at putting him in the past but it has been a hard few months.
I decided i needed a day off from life so Sunday instead of going to my 2nd race this month (i was also physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted) so i skipped the race and laid on the couch with my dog all day.

On the less happy side my stomach has been bugging me again. What the heck is going on with my gut?! I am going to have to start cutting things out and see what fixes it.

How is your life going?