Tips for online classes

Here are some tips I have learned from taking online classes. Sorry I meant to post this like 2 weeks ago and life got hectic. I hope you enjoy!

Comment below with any tips you have that i missed!

Thank you so much for taking this journey with me!


Monday Motivation**July 9, 2018

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I only worked out twice this week! I started a new fitness program and I pushed it a little too hard. I tweaked my knee, taped it Tuesday evening. It’s still a little funky but its doing much better. Wednesday I took the tape off my knee and then taped my calf.

I was sort of a hot mess. I did an arm workout on Thursday then didn’t work out again the rest of the week. So happy Monday and I am starting from the beginning again! But I won’t go crazy tonight and reinjur my knee and calf.

How was your week?

Monday Motivation**July 2, 2018


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My blueberry mixture turned out more like blueberry cookie dough, maybe because I used 1/3 butter and 2/3 crisco (I ran out of butter) so instead of mini loaf pans I stuck it in a shallow rectangle pan and make them slightly healthier cookies. Heat them up later with some ice cream!!!

I also bought a cantaloupe and cut that up for snacks this week.

Did you food prep this week?

June goal check-in


The goals for the year broken down for the month

revamp my diet and STICK TO IT!!!! Down 7 lbs!!!!

Get A’s in all my classes this year. Current % 100, but class also just started.

Drop two clothing sizes, go from a 10 to a 6. Still at a 10 but things are fitting soooooo much better!

Stop overspending!!!! Continue not keeping money on me, adding to accounts and adding to savings Money saved: $100 in my acorns acct.

Take a few minutes every day to sit in quiet reflection, meditate, and do something spiritual. 10 min/day, full and new moon and holidays Out of 30 days I did: zero

Continue to work on and grow my relationship with Brandon. 1 outing a week and 1 meal a week

4 outings- dinner and a movie one date night. Date box and I think the other 2 weekends were just chill. Oh one was a beach day.

4 meals- we eat together every night but generally I cook.

Monday Motivation**June 25, 2018

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So true, running with Brandon is one of my favorite things to do.

I worked out 4 days last week

Time to break the foam roller back out

Vanilla shakology with frozen strawberries and a smidge of coffee

Weekend walk with my old roommate

Quesadilla and salad for lunch. I have been adding bell pepper, tomato and onion tops to my quesadillas lately.

Homemade lunchables!!! Less expensive and healthier!

Post workout crazy hair


Muscles!!!!!!……almost lol