Tidbits for the week


Its been a pretty boring week for me, still getting over being sick.

I managed a 2 mile walk Thursday morning


and got together with my friend from my last job Thursday evening.

Did a mountain of laundry on Friday, and still have more to do.

Today I am back and work and this evening is my BF’s sister’s wedding. I am meeting the family!

Wish me luck!!!!

Monday my new class starts, medical terminology, I am pretty stoked for it, I have cases to read and try and diagnose and everything!!!!! It is online which will be nice. No more rushing from class to work.

I am also excited to get back to a normal schedule in my life this coming week as well. The first weekend of June my BF was out of town for a bachelor party, then next weekend I was in Cali, then I got sick. Now I am finally recovering. I am excited to get back to running and hiking and seeing my BF for more than 12 hours lol.

What does your week look like?


My 30 days of no fast food

As you know I did 30 days of no fast food and it went great!……until day 30 hahahaha. I did really good the whole time, I felt great, I was working out more, making healthier choices. Then I went down to Southern California for my friends graduation and visited people. I did good and stayed away from fast food until 1:15am on day 30. We had gone to the awards banquet for my friends program and drank too much lol. Then we decided to go to a bar after the banquet ended any by 12:30am we were in desperate need for food and the nearest open thing was In ‘N’ Out.

I also made healthy food choices on this trip, even when eating in restaurants, for the first half of the trip, then the drinking started and the food starting getting worse and worse. When I got back I was past my 30 days so I had the fast food I had been craving during my 30 day abstinent stint. So I feel like a cow again, add in that I have been sick and eating gallons of soup sodium filled canned soup, I am bloated to high heaven.

I am meeting a friend for happy hour tomorrow to catch up, no I am not drinking, just a diet coke and a happy hour half priced burger for me haha. After that I am hoping back on the bandwagon and I am taking it a step further. I am not going out to eat unless someone has invited me for a social situation, in which case I am only allowed to order a salad, and/or a broth based soup (no chowders or creams!) Otherwise only homemade items are on the menu for me until I leave for the cruise mid-September. And no more soda! *Unless I am sick and its ginger ale.  (but knock on wood I wont be sick with all the healthy eating I am going to do!)

Special occasions are the exception, for example I am running a half marathon August 5th then heading to work and you can bet I am picking up a pizza on the way to work after that race hahahaha. My 1 year anniversary with the BF, I plan on us going out to dinner. Big things like that are the exceptions. (Mostly I am trying to turn this into a long term habit because I jump to the conclusion of eating out way to often).

I am going to try and do pics of my food again/still, but I am blonde and sometimes forget, also sometimes I am super hungry and just dive into my food and after I have finished go “oh yea I was supposed to take a pic of that…….would an empty plate work?” So bare with me. And as always keep me honest! If you see something that looks like a non-homemade meal and I didn’t explain it……CALL ME OUT!

Anybody want to join me on this or do their own challenge?   

Monday Motivation** June 19, 2017

Woohoo classes are over!!! At least for a little while, now I can relax.


(Image from google)

Workout goal: 3 workouts.

I am still battling off whatever sickness this is. It has moved from my throat to my nose, sinus pressure and plugged ears. I still have a cough and my throat still hurts but not like it did. I have been taking nighttime Theraflu tea to help knock me out because I know the more I can rest the faster I will fight this off.

I am hoping to get in 3 workouts this week. at this rate I am thinking it will be 2 walks and hopefully 1 run. If I can get back on my feet this week the BF and I are going to run a half marathon on August 5th. I will keep you posted.

What are your goals this week?

Tidbits from the week

WHEW! It is over! Finals for this quarter are done! Time to rest and relax!

And of course I am now sick. I don’t know if its a cold or what but my throat is on fire however my nose isn’t stuffed up so who knows. I spent the majority of Thursday and Friday laying in bed watching movies and sleeping and now I am back at work trying to talk as little as possible and taking lots of sips of water to sooth my throat. I need to pick up more throat lozenges but I can only have so many of those before they start to kill my mouth, too much menthol maybe, I don’t know.

That is pretty much what my week has been, work, study, finals, and sickness. Wish me luck that I recover quickly. I hope the rest of you have a great weekend!

I want to be a wino

Hi everyone!!!!!! 

Generally the only wine I have ever like was sweet wine, like the sweet stuff that males normal wine drinkers gag, total dessert wines. I probably get this from my mom because that is all she drinks. I’ve done a few wine tastings but without real guidance or good food pairings I’ve never found anything else I liked. 

A few weeks ago I saw a post by Monica on her blog RER about Weekly Tasting. I was intreged and I checked it out. I liked the premise of it and signed up. I really liked that I don’t have to slip anything or worry about forgetting to opt out, I have to deliberately go on the website or app and choose to buy that week. 

With your weekly tasting purchase you get your 750ml bottles of wine, a recipe card for a food pairing for each wine as well as a 10 min video by the sommelier who picked the wine and their pairings. And of course you get the expertise of the sommelier who is picking the wines and their pairings. 

I will say there is no way I can or would order the wine pack every week. Firstly it is a little rich for my blood and secondly I could never drink 4 bottles of wine in a week. I am not doing this to get drunk, I want to get better at some pairing so I would have at most 1 glass with a meal. Therefore it will take me about 2 months to get through each 4 pack hahahaha. I will tell you guys about 1 wine at a time probably every other week. 

This is the 1st wine I tried:

Let me tell you I have never said yum about a red wine in my life. 

I listened to the part of the video about this wine while I did my initial tasting.

I poured 1-2 is for a taste test as well as made a piece of sourdough with a little bit of pasta sauce on it because this pairs well with red sauces . 

I smelled it and sniffed for what the video talked about

I could smell most of it, but not everything, need to refine my nose more. It was very fruity actually, not sweet fruity just pleasant. 

Next I looked at the wine and the color (I did these two out of order)

I have no idea what I’m looking for hahahaha, maybe I will figure this part out as I continue 

Then came the taste!

I could actually taste most of what they said in the video and…….i like it!!!! I was pretty surprised that i liked this red wine even to the point of enjoying just sipping on it. 

After tasting it by itself I tried it with the pasta sauce on bread and it was good. 

That is my initial tasting! Now for the pairings. 

I made a spaghetti Bolognese with beef and bell peppers 


Stone fires pizza and salad.

It had the red sauce and the char that the sommelier talked about. Once again super delicious! Totally had this for lunch on a Friday. Day drinking!!!!! Hahahaha

TMI running post

Fair warning: this contains bathroom content.

I thought about not posting about this being that it’s bathroom stuff, but then I thought: everybody excreats their waste and I’m gonna be a nurse so this shouldn’t be the taboo subject it is. Also I feel like runners will relate……and it’s funny in a horrible way.

I went out for a run a few days ago, I’ve been slowing upping my mileage but have been staying pretty close to home so I can cut the run short if I am not feeling it that day. This day I decided to go farther from home so I couldn’t cut it short.

At 1.5 miles I took the turn away from home instead of toward it…….a few minutes later I felt a twinge in my stomach. I slowed down and it went away. After it had gone away I picked up my pace again and by about 1.8 miles…..wham!!!! I doubled over my gits wrenching, it felt like my intestines were being squeezed.

(This is my uncomfortable face)

This was one of those times where it wasn’t if I was going to need a bathroom but when and how long I could hold it. I barely kept walking until the cramps went away then I walked a little more. At this rate I would never make it home in time, so I set interval timers on my watch to run 30 seconds then walk 30 seconds and so on.

Sometimes I had to walk longer than 30 seconds while cramps overtook me.

When I was about .4 miles from home the cramps hit worse than ever and I seriously questioned if I could make it home in time. I danced around at the intersection waiting for the light to turn praying to not have an accident.

I got to my street and kept the 30/30 interval going until I could see my house. I figured worse case scenario I could let my dog off the leash and race her home, even if I couldn’t make it I’d be pretty much home…..then I got closer to home and saw the long line of cars and all the people…..school has just let out, I couldn’t make a break for it because there were kids and cars everywhere……

I was about .2 miles from home when the worst wave of cramps hit

I actually had to knee down to the ground under the pretense of petting my dog to try and not die right there. It passed, I got up and made it in the house by about 2 seconds, I have never run for the bathroom so fast.

I think at some point all runners go through this at least once, though I would bet more than that in their life.

I am so thankful I made it home and didn’t go the way of Charlotte and Poughkeepsie in my pants, in front of like 200 people none the less.

Has this ever happened to you?

Credit cards shouldn’t be allowed until you are 30

Warning: this is going to be a long, wordy post.


Hi!!! I have mentioned on several occasions how broke I am and one of the main reasons for that is…….my stunning credit card debt. I will go into more detail in a minute but here are some staggering things I have been realizing lately……I have not had a zero balance on a credit card since I first got one at 18. That is 11 years!!! I have been in debt for more than a decade!!!!!!!!!! I also pay $500/month in credit card bills!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did I not realize it was that much? If I didn’t have credit card bills I would be rolling in it.


Don’t get me wrong this whole situation is my fault and I understand that and am not making excuses. But I think there are some things inherently wrong with the way our society handles credit cards and what is ingrained into us at a very young age.

Not only do we have society telling me that we NEED all these different things, I grew up with a dad who bought what he wanted when he wanted and tried to buy some of our affection with things. Don’t get me wrong I love my dad and he was a great dad but no one is perfect and this was one of his faults.

I never knew that you couldn’t just go out and buy whatever you want, my mom was great and didn’t want us kids to worry about things so I never knew we were in debt or lived paycheck to paycheck or that my mom never bought things for herself because my dad was always overspending. I am kind of torn on whether I think that was 100% the correct approach or not, on the one hand I never worried about money and had a carefree childhood as children should but maybe it wouldn’t have taken me over a decade of digging myself a hole if I had been a little more aware of dads spending problems. IDK. Either way my mom is awesome so I lucked out there.

Society tells us from day one we need credit; want to rent an apartment? you need credit. want to buy a car? you need credit. want to buy a house? you need credit. It seems for everything in todays world you need credit, and what is the easiest way to get that, open a credit card the day you turn 18. And that is just about what I did, I turned 18 in April and by September I had my first shiny credit card with a $500 limit.

I kept my spending relatively in check and paid my minimum payment on time and after a little while that credit limit jumped up to $750. Woohoo!!!!! Still I couldn’t get into too much trouble with that amount, even maxed out the minimum monthly payment was $25.

Then the trouble started, my bank sent me a credit card with a $2,500 limit…….that is a little easier to get into trouble. It didn’t take me long to get both cards up near their limits, but I always paid the minimum amount required so all was well in the credit world. Apparently if you continually pay your bills on time they up your credit limit!!! Suddenly I look at my statement and I have a 4,900 credit limit! Sadly all I see is oh I have 2k available to me…….oooh that is a cute top I need that, oh I need Starbucks every day, oh Christmas presents for everyone! I feel like getting a massage and a facial, I am bummed out while living in the dorm and decide to go to 3 movies in a row and buy soda and food for each one to escape for the day. I’m gonna order a pizza and on and on and on it went. Both of those card have hovered within about 5% of their limit since a few months after I got each one.

Even that wasn’t too bad, between the two my minimum monthly payment totaled about $150.

Than about a year and a half ago I got beyond stupid. I had discovered my love for travel and thought I need a card with miles so I can get free airline tickets and use points for anything to do with travel, so I opened a 3rd credit card and the limit they gave me was stupid. And they had the “if you spend 3k in 3 months you get 60,000 bonus miles”, so I spent on anything and everything to hit that 3k and get those miles, and they did come in handy but I just kept spending and suddenly that card is maxed out and the monthly minimum payment is $300!!!!

I am in quite a bit of debt now and it is completely my own doing but I do think that maybe we should make people wait until they are older to get a credit card, until they are more responsible, or maybe limit the number of cards they can have until a certain time and definitely limit the amount of credit.

I also whole-heartedly think we need to teach kids budgeting and real life money management in high school. It has taken me over a decade to realize that I have a problem and need to change my thinking, but I am doing it and one day I will be out of debt.

About 2 months ago I cut up my first credit card!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be paid off by the end of this year, big smiles!!!!!! Obviously it is that small one but every dollar counts! Cutting up that card felt wonderful and horrible all at the same time, I felt like cutting it up was wrong, like I would get in trouble for doing it. It was weird but I am so glad that I did, because as the balance goes down I cannot recharge on it and that is so important.

I am not perfect and I still have days where I want things I don’t need and days when I buy something I don’t need to or don’t have the money for. I am a work in progress but I am quite happy to say that progress is being made!!! And I am keeping an eagle’s eye watch on my credit score and the credit I have available on that card because seeing the progress helps.

I am so lucky to have a wonderful support system (MOM) who has helped me start taking these steps and start learning that I can still have things but it needs to be responsibly and in moderation.

If you have gotten yourself into the mess I have or feel like you might not have control over your spending, talk to someone. Don’t let it ruin your life.



Check out the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic” they overdramatize it but I can definitely relate to a few things in that movie. Plus it is adorable.

Thanks for reading my crazy long post.

Tidbits from the week

Hello from California!!!!! I love when I get to come down and visit my friends and family! My goal is generally to come down at least once a year.

Here is my food from the week:

Remember I am on vacation so cut me a little slack lol. 




Frozen mashed potatoes, restaurant cheeseburger w/fries, Starbucks tall non-fat, no-whip extra shot caramel frappachino, and for dinner a shot of vodka and a buffalo chicken salad. 


Turkey burger at TGIFridays with a side salad after my friends graduation. 


Starbucks tall non-fat, no-whip extra shot caramel frappachino and an egg white, cheese and turkey bacon breakfast sandwich. 

2 cheese enchiladas w/rice and beans, chips and salsa, and 2 mimosas!

1.5 strawberry margaritas, half a TGIFridays chicken quesadilla and half of their pretzel and cheese 

Today was bad day lol. 

In non-food news:

Went for a little 3 mile run walk with the roommate Sunday night.

 I finished my first ever bottle of red wine and LOVED it! I didn’t open the bottle on Sunday though lol I had a glass each night with dinner for a few nights. But more about wine later…….

Monday was my last full school day of this quarter!!!! So excited!!!!!

Tuesday I went for a short treadmill run

I wanted to run longer but my back was killing me. 

Wednesday we had a cleaner come which I am so happy about!!! And i flew to California!!!

Thursday was my best friend Nicole graduation! I am so proud of her!

After graduation we all went out to dinner. 

Friday morning I met my oldest friend for coffee before she had to go to work. We have known each other since we were 2!

After that I went to lunch and hung out with my friend Chanelle

This morning I slept in a bit and this afternoon/evening I have a banquet for my graduate friend!!

Spanish Lessons in Costa Rica

I was going through old photos on my computer and realized I started this blog after my adventure in Costa Rica so I thought I would share some of the photos and stories. It will help me get pumped for my Europe trip!!! (as if I actually need help to get pumped to go to Europe hahahaha)

Back story:

If you have read the about me section you know my dad died when I was 20 and it rocked my world. When I was getting back on track and starting to do well in school again, I was in a class and someone came in and did a quick presentation about a student volunteer organization called ISV, International Student Volunteers. This presentation was enthusiastic and awesome and I said to myself, yep I am so doing that. I was 22. I went to their website and looked around and chose Costa Rica, mostly because their adventure tour sounded the best at the time.

I tend to do things to the extreme, remember when I walked into the wilderness by myself after quitting my job to try and thru-hike the PCT? LOL. In keeping with that I signed up for 1 week of Spanish lessons, 2 weeks of volunteer work, a 2 week adventure tour, and 1 week hiking the Andes to Machu Picchu. Here is what happened:

I had never traveled internationally alone, or even really nationally alone. I had driven from Nevada to California a few times by myself but that was it, so while I was with a group, they were all strangers to me and ISV had made it very clear that we were adults, if we did anything wrong we were on our own.

The adventure:

I got to LAX about 5+ hours before my flight took off, this was before everyone could check in 24 hours ahead on their phones and the internet. Some of the other people who were traveling from other places said they would get to the airport early so I thought I could join them and get to talk to some of them ahead of time. Checking it that early meant I got bumped up to first class!!! To date that is my first and only time in first class hahaha!

When we landed there was no guide to meet us we just headed to the front to look for our host families. I got into a car by myself with a complete stranger in a foreign country…..she knew my name so it had to be her right? Thankfully all turned out well.

I had my own little room and was given a key.

My host family said I was free to come and go as I please. Thankfully I was only a few blocks from the school where I would be studying because I walked to and fro each day by myself.

I had no Spanish knowledge so I was in the very basic class……it was so boring hahahahaha! We had Spanish lessons in the morning then were free to do as we pleased in the afternoon and evenings. They had dance classes everyday that I went to and thoroughly enjoyed. I remember that my dance partner was there learning Spanish because he wanted to be a doctor with doctors without boarders.

One day we also had a cooking lesson, or more a cooking demonstration. Best part was that we got samples!!!


Here was my beginners class with out teacher

We were a bunch of misfits hahahaha!!!

We went on a few outings that were guided by the school. Usually lunch around town or to look at something historical.


One night I also went out with a bunch of people from the school to a local bar/dance club. It was fun but part of picking myself back up after my dad died meant that I had completely stopped drinking until I could get myself under control so going to a bar with people who just wanted to get drunk was not the best idea, I was bored and miserable the whole night. I wasn’t ready to be able to have sober fun in a setting like that.

When we graduated we all got little certificates saying we had learned for a week hahahaha

This week was my first time ever staying with a non-family member or friend by myself, first time using an international phone card, first time using an internet café, first time using my passport to get into a bar, first time navigating a foreign city by myself, first time trying to really communicate with people who spoke a language I didn’t, first great adventure as an adult.

I had had one big international trip before this, I went to South Korea with my family when I was in the 5th grade, it was wonderful but this was 100% different, doing something on your own as an adult is very liberating and you learn so much about yourself. I am so excited for Europe!!!!

I’ll tell you more next month!!