Study, study, study

Today consisted of studying and watching Gray’s Anatomy. 

I got through 2 chapters for my personal training certification and realized i need some help with all the anatomy stuff. I should be finished with the book by the end of next week or the Monday after but I need to do some serious catch up with anatomy then I need to do some major reviewing. 

Today i ordered some study material to help me

I can’t wait for them to arrive!!!

Tonight after the studying I took a little break and practiced some Spanish 

Now I am in bed watching a little Harry Potter to fall asleep to


Do you speak any other languages?

If you could, what other language would you like to learn?

Blue Apron day 2 and studying

Happy Hump day!!! The week is now more than half over, woot woot!!

This morning I got the call that i wasn’t needed for package delivery today…….HALLELUJAH!!!!!! My right forearm and right butt cheek have noce bruises on them from a good fall yesterday.  

I got to relax and sort of sleep in this morning then make myself a delicious breakfast sandwich. 

After that came studying. I was actually really looking forward to studying today hahahaha. 

I got through one module then took a break and did the reading on a second module. I got up to cook my Blue Apron meal.

There are short lecture videos and activities that come with studying so I did a little multitasking 

Yep, I had videos playing while I cooked. 

I got through 2 entire modules and a practice midterm today. 

Here is the finished food product 

In the PM I started to read one of my mom’s presents to me

I am so excited to garden this year. It will be a noce break between working and studying. 

And I am soooo looking forward to all the amazing meals I will be able to cook with fresh food. The amazing boyfriend has agreed to help me with the garden as well 🙂 added bonus. 

Have you ever had straight off the vine/branch/stem/out of the ground food? 

Blue Apron meal 1

I am stoked, I got a coupon for Blue Apron off the Hungry Runner Girl’s blog weeks ago and finally put it to use and got a Blue Apron box!

This is the first meal:

I am still in love with the labeling and how simple they make it for me to cook a gourmet meal

Searing the pork before it goes in the oven

The verde “salsa” I use quotes because to me salsa is made from tomatoes and this was not 

My stove was actually respectable enough to take a photo of. The boyfriend helped me clean the kitchen this weekend

And for the finished product!!!!

Not too shabby. Now I am set for dinner tomorrow if i get called in to sling packages and if not I have an awesome brainfood lunch for studying tomorrow………even though i need the money I am hoping for the studying because I am wiped out from delivering packages all last week and today, and today I fell down some stairs while doing it and am SORE. I would like to sit on the couch tomorrow and study. Keep your fingers crossed for me. 

How are things with you?

Tune in tomorrow for the next mealm

Monday Motivation 

New Years week!!!!

Monday: Insanity day 8

Tuesday: PM strength then 2:25 miles fast (11:25) and .2 mile hills x 6 at a 4 incline

Wednesday: OFF 

Thursday: PM strength then 4.25 miles @ tempo (12:30)

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Spin class then swim 800m (again spin class will depend on the gyms schedule for the holiday week)

Sunday: 11 easy miles then yoga 

Here’s to a GREAT 2017!!!!!!!!!!!


Soooo happy it’s Friday!!!!!! After a loooong, exhausting week of running packages I am so excited to relax and do nothing. This was my night

Little Caesar’s and grays anatomy with a little snuggling 

Today is supposed to be the busiest travel day of the year so anyone who is traveling be safe!!!!!

Monday Motivation 

Wooohooo Christmas week!!!

Monday: Insanity day 7

Tuesday: PM Strength then 2.25 miles fast (11.25) and .2 mile hills x 6 at a 3.5 incline

Wednesday: OFF Winter Solstice!!!

Thursday: PM strength and 4 miles @ tempo (12:30)

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Spin class then swim 750M (this may alter depending if the gym has a spin class or not) 

Sunday: 10 easy miles then yoga.   Merry Christmas!!!!

What are your holiday plans?