Blue Apron meal 1

I am stoked, I got a coupon for Blue Apron off the Hungry Runner Girl’s blog weeks ago and finally put it to use and got a Blue Apron box!

This is the first meal:

I am still in love with the labeling and how simple they make it for me to cook a gourmet meal

Searing the pork before it goes in the oven

The verde “salsa” I use quotes because to me salsa is made from tomatoes and this was not 

My stove was actually respectable enough to take a photo of. The boyfriend helped me clean the kitchen this weekend

And for the finished product!!!!

Not too shabby. Now I am set for dinner tomorrow if i get called in to sling packages and if not I have an awesome brainfood lunch for studying tomorrow………even though i need the money I am hoping for the studying because I am wiped out from delivering packages all last week and today, and today I fell down some stairs while doing it and am SORE. I would like to sit on the couch tomorrow and study. Keep your fingers crossed for me. 

How are things with you?

Tune in tomorrow for the next mealm

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