Monday Motivation**August 31, 2015


Monday-hitting the pool tonight with my trainer. Its great cross training for running and we are going to work on my freestyle stoke because eventually i want to so triathlons.

Tuesday- 3 miles

Wednesday-strength training with my trainer

Thursday- 6 miles


Saturday or Sunday- 3 miles

What do your workouts look like this week?

My weekend

Saturday i slept in then spent the day relaxing, i did some laundry and made a big vat of chickenless chicken noodle soup.


I LOVE this stuff. My mom has been making it my whole life so its totally comfort food.

Sunday i slept in again then my roommate and i hit the gym and i did 5 miles! My longest run so far, woot woot. Getting harder to do my long runs at the gym though, i get bored on the treadmill but its obviously easier to regulate my speed and time.

I wore my new fabletics workout outfit.


My roommates made me laugh. More bright colors!!!

Fabletics is actually pretty awesome. I have a few workout outfits from them and i am happy with all of them.

I popped my first blister


And used some of the second skin from my hike to keep it clean while it first starts to heal.

Watched some amazing race with my roommate while i foam rolled my legs and back, oooh what torture!!

Then i picked up some Thai food and watched ‘Alien’ for the first time ever.

And now it’s Monday morning again…….

Happy Friday!!!!

Thank goodness its Friday!

Saying tgif totally just brought me back to my middle school days when there was a TGIF of young adult shows that i so looked forward to, i think it had Boy meets World, Sabrina the teenage which and…….i have no clue what else but I loved those shows!

I haven’t worked out since Monday, i am bad. But i did break down and buy a good foam roller. It’s identical to the one my trainer tortured me with at the gym, except that its bright pink!!


I dont know what it is, i have never been a pink person and now im am loving neon pink and bright neon colors for all things workout related. 

The boyfriend is going to be out of town until sunday mid-day ish i think so i WILL go to the gym Saturday and Sunday to make up for my missed runs.

I’ll let you know how my runs go!

Do you remember the other TGIF shows?

What are your weekend plans?

My weekend

Another weekend is coming to an end.

I have had a great weekend.
Saturday morning i slept in until 8ish then hit the gym with my roommate. I ran 4 miles woot woot!!


Overall i did about a 13:45 pace with walking and sprints bringing me to that average. I am super happy with that time.
Had bacon and eggs for breakfast totally meant to take a picture but i was hungry and forgot lol. Now i am getting ready because the boyfriend and i are going to see Wicked today!!! I’m super stoked, I’ve never seen in.


Wicked was awesome!! I loved it. I thought it was a lot better than the book. The book was too political for me and the performance focused more on the friendship.


Nope, that’s not the moon, its the sun covered by some serious haze from the smoke of all the wildfires.

Sunday i decided to watch


To compare and contrast it to the book. Went grocery shopping for the week. And now have some potatoes baking to put chili over.

How was your weekend?
Did you get a workout in?

Book Review**Jurassic Park

I saw the movie for the first time years and years ago and have seen it many times since, i figured it was time to read the book.


The beginning was interesting, the intro read like an article about biology, i second guessed if it was part of the story until it mentioned Ingen.

It reminded me a little bit of resident evil how they talk about umbrella Corp growing and having their hand in everything…..though i guess since this came first maybe resident evil reminds me of this lol.

Overall i really liked the book and obviously there were differences from the movie, certain characters died different ways or different things happened and of course there was more in the book than the movie but the movie followed it pretty closely.

I really enjoyed the book and will be reading the second one.