My weekend

Another weekend is coming to an end.

I have had a great weekend.
Saturday morning i slept in until 8ish then hit the gym with my roommate. I ran 4 miles woot woot!!


Overall i did about a 13:45 pace with walking and sprints bringing me to that average. I am super happy with that time.
Had bacon and eggs for breakfast totally meant to take a picture but i was hungry and forgot lol. Now i am getting ready because the boyfriend and i are going to see Wicked today!!! I’m super stoked, I’ve never seen in.


Wicked was awesome!! I loved it. I thought it was a lot better than the book. The book was too political for me and the performance focused more on the friendship.


Nope, that’s not the moon, its the sun covered by some serious haze from the smoke of all the wildfires.

Sunday i decided to watch


To compare and contrast it to the book. Went grocery shopping for the week. And now have some potatoes baking to put chili over.

How was your weekend?
Did you get a workout in?

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