Runner Safety Tip #2

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Be seen!!!!! This is one we hear all the time but maybe we hear it so much it doesn’t really sink in. When we are a pedestrian or runner we think everyone sees us, how could they not? But there have been many times I have been driving in my car and been in a rush or just not paying great attention and after the fact I think, did I check that cross walk?

There has also been many times recently as I have started taking public transportation into my new job and have to walk about 1/4-1/3 of a mile when I look down at my clothes and realize I am in all dark clothing……Not the best way to be seen.

It has gotten me to think about my running clothes, most of my clothes came from Fabletics or the clearance bin at Target so they are pretty bright and I can be hard to miss, which is perfect! But there are a LOT of dark colored workout clothes out there so think about that the next time you pick out a new workout outfit… you want to be seen by that car or not? Especially here in the pacific northwest where it is overcast and rainy so often.

Believe me, in a gym or on the street I do not love to draw attention to the weight I still have to lose or the form fitting clothing I am wearing but I would rather be a little embarrassed (of course once I get into the groove of running that feeling goes away because I am focusing on something else) but I will take the embarrassment over broken body parts.

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Pick out bright colors!!!!!

What do the majority of your workout clothes look like?



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Do you ever feel lacking in motivation? I do, all the time. It is so weird too, some days I have so much motivation and will to get things done and I am so productive, then bam! Other days I have no steam and no drive. If only I could figure out what I do on the motivation days vs. what I do on the non-motivation days I could rule the world.

I think that is going to be one of my goals over the next quarter in school, see if I can figure out what is different about the two types of days. I need to cut down on my lack of motivation days if I want to survive school with A’s while working full time.

On the note of school, grades were just posted for winter………I got an A!!!!!! woohoo!!!!

I am now super pumped for this next quarter but also a little nervous, I now need to pull off the same with significantly less time in my week for studying and I am increased my course load by 1/3. I CAN DO IT!!!!

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You might see some pictures of lots of coffee or even energy drinks while I get the new schedule figured out.

Motivation is also going to be huge for me with meal prep, if one day I don’t feel like prepping a meal or going grocery shopping I am going to be so constantly on the go or studying that it will be way to easy to make bad food choices, not only will this not work because I need to lose weight but it will kill me financially.

Workouts are obviously a huge subject for motivation, once again due to limited time, if I lack motivation or lolly gag there goes my workout time and probably some study time. Life is about to get very interesting time wise. On the flip side some of the interestingness should settle down money wise now that I will have steady paychecks coming back in so yay!


Monday Motivation**March 27, 2017

Happy Monday!!!! 

Though as far as my work week goes it’s my Wednesday. 

I am trying to clean and organize as much as I can this week along with enjoying my downtime. Next week my schedule grows by like 3x. Next quarter of classes which starts next Monday I am taking 2 classes and a lab as well as possibly transitioning into a full time job. It’s going to be interesting. Thankfully I only work 3-4 days next week so I can ease into it. 
How is your week going? 

Book Review**Andromeda Strain

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I had seen this book a few times and of course the word andromeda is used in a lot of science fiction so i have heard it a lot. The book was definitely not what I thought it was going to be, I was expecting a thriller and fast paced I did not find it. I wasn’t bored, it is a short book after all, but it didn’t grip me. 

It is an easy book to get through but not necessarily one I would recommend, not because it was bad but because there are so many books I have enjoyed more that I would recommend to someone. 

Organics to you!!

Got my next organics to you box today!

Here is what i got


Swiss chard

Bananas, they will need a few days to ripen though




Another GIANT onion




And lots of baby potatoes! 

I made a gourmet grilled cheese for lunch

Sourdough bread with Provalone cheese 

Cheddar cheese




And a little extra flavor

It fell apart a little while cooking but was delicious!!!!!

I had some potato and roasted leek soup on the side. 

Artemis got a clean bill of health from the vet, she had her yearly checkup. 

And i took my biology final today, i feel good about it so fingers crossed. 

And now its time for me to wind down because i need to be up at the crack of dawn. Goodnight!

Week catch-up 

Monday I had 4 miles on my schedule but my IT band was still so tight even after rolling it twice so I got 1 miles done then switched to the elliptical machine for the last 3. More foam rolling needs to happen. 

My roommates dog joined me for a little studying and I got 2 letters written and in the mailbox to friends. 

I have used this torture device about 4 times so far this past week. It is definitely helping but I haven’t completely released the muscle. A few more rolls and I should be good. 

Got my organics2you box!!! There was so much stuff in it!

These blood oranges have been awesome because of course I got sick!!! Ugh. Th3 cold finally got me. 

This onion is huge!!! It’s the size of like 3 normal ones!!

Red cabbage, really nice and crisp 


Celery root




Fuji apples


Green onions

Beautiful yukon gold potatoes

Then I kept finding more and more potatoes at the bottom of the box.

So far I have made veggie pasta (it is a recipe from alicia Silverstone’s cookbook called rustic pasta) and veggie stir-fry with yakisoba noodles. 

Tonight I’m making veggie fried rice. 

How was your week?

Monday Motivation**March 6th, 2017

Can you suffer from the pain of both? I ate way too much junk this weekend and was bloated for at least half the weekend and tonight I ran 5 miles then walked for another 30. 

Tomorrow I need to do some serious stretching and foam rolling (aka tourture). My right hip (IT band) is SUPER tight so my hip is hurting and it radiates down my thigh to my knee. So foam rolling is a big to do for me tomorrow……or today since its after midnight. 

The boyfriend and I were seriously lazy this weekend, we watched at least 8 movies and some Game of Thrones episodes. But it was seriously needed for me since I was traveling the last 2 weekends. 

Some random stuff from this week:

My walk to class from the back parking lot

Gotta love Oregon lol

The boyfriend suggested running a marathon together in October, he was thinking Portland marathon until I looked it up and the cost is $130!! Too rich for our current blood so I’m looking at other options. But i did look up some training plans on Google

Then i scrapped them and made my own hahaha. 

Tonight was the premier of a new TV show 

I used the 2 hour premier to distract me while I ran. 

Yep, i run like a turtle.

Thank goodness for TVs on your treadmill.

When I got home I had some leftover sushi from yesterday’s dinner

It was good. 

And now it’s pass out time. 


Do you like sushi?

Way after the fact February Ipsy

February Ipsy bag,

Nail polish!

A kick ass brush (this alone would cost more than the entire bag I’m sure)


Highlighter, as the weather heats up this will come in handy


Same here, summer is on it’s way in!!

Now lets look at some of the delicious food I’ve been eating

Breakfast sandwich 

Chickenless chicken noodle soup lol and grilled cheese on 12 grain bread

Gordon’s beer battered fish fillets and curly fries

Onion bagel toasted with cream cheese and pickles and cheese

This awesome chinese salad

I love food. 

Went to the gym 3 times so far this week.  2 strength training and one cardio. 

How is your week going?