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Do you ever feel lacking in motivation? I do, all the time. It is so weird too, some days I have so much motivation and will to get things done and I am so productive, then bam! Other days I have no steam and no drive. If only I could figure out what I do on the motivation days vs. what I do on the non-motivation days I could rule the world.

I think that is going to be one of my goals over the next quarter in school, see if I can figure out what is different about the two types of days. I need to cut down on my lack of motivation days if I want to survive school with A’s while working full time.

On the note of school, grades were just posted for winter………I got an A!!!!!! woohoo!!!!

I am now super pumped for this next quarter but also a little nervous, I now need to pull off the same with significantly less time in my week for studying and I am increased my course load by 1/3. I CAN DO IT!!!!

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You might see some pictures of lots of coffee or even energy drinks while I get the new schedule figured out.

Motivation is also going to be huge for me with meal prep, if one day I don’t feel like prepping a meal or going grocery shopping I am going to be so constantly on the go or studying that it will be way to easy to make bad food choices, not only will this not work because I need to lose weight but it will kill me financially.

Workouts are obviously a huge subject for motivation, once again due to limited time, if I lack motivation or lolly gag there goes my workout time and probably some study time. Life is about to get very interesting time wise. On the flip side some of the interestingness should settle down money wise now that I will have steady paychecks coming back in so yay!


One thought on “Motivation

  1. Mama can tell you that the motivated and unmotivated days are, unfortunately, pretty common for a lot of people. I do remember that while you kids were growing up and I was working part-time, is about the only time I can think of where, unless I was sick, there just wasn’t enough time in a day for me to be unmotivated LOL! I had my up and down days before kids and after I quit working. Now I will have days where I don’t want to leave the house and I just get a warm fire going and read a book or two, and/or study my Bible until it’s time to fix dinner. It’s the same with working on the house. I do a week of work and then I’m on burn out for a week and don’t touch anything. And the real proof of lack of motivation is, I HAVEN’T finished one, no, not even one kids scrap book and I started them when Allison was a junior in high school!!! How sad is that!! :(( So, you are just like your mama and thousands of other people!!! Just remember I love you baby!!

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