I am such a girl


How is everyone? I am good, holy crap we are down to about 1 month!!!!

In honesty i have been a bit of a vain girly girl my whole life. I’ve done dance, cheerleading and gymnastics. I have no problem leaving the house without makeup on and it doesn’t take me hours to get ready but i enjoy being a woman. That being said i have been trying to figure out how to remain somewhat feminine out of the trail.

I will be dirty, sweaty and smelly; my hair will probably be up 80-90% of the time and ill be in clothes that will be progressively getting looser and looser…..and grosser and grosser. I won’t have any makeup on for close to 6 straight months and will be wearing the same outfit almost everyday.

Knowing all of this, i have decided to make an effort in small, but still practical ways. I bought cute hoop earrings to wear on the trail, it is amazing what simple earrings will do.


Hoops are a little more sanitary than studs when being left in for long periods of time since they allow more breathability.

And i bought a workout skirt, technically its a skort. It has spandex shorts underneath. It is comfortable and it is wicking material. So i can be comfortable, practical and still cute.


I know i am a dork, but being able to be a little girly out there is something that is important to me and i think will help me deal with the constant dirt and grime.

What do you think about me trying to maintain some femininity?

Talk to you soon!

Medical kit

I’ve got the majority of my medical stuff bought.


With about 43 days until I set foot on the trail I am starting to assemble things how I will have them on the trail so I can start learning how to pack and fit everything in. I packed and repackaged my backpack every few days before Costa Rica and Peru before I figured how to fit everything in.

Obviously I have things for blister prevention and care, bandaids, gauze, alcohol pads, ace bandages and so on. Then I’ve got all my sickness relievers like benadryl, nausea tablets, dramamine etc. I’ve put them in individual Ziploc bags becasue packages take up unnecessary space .


I have labeled each bag with the name and dosage. I learned a very valuable lesson in Costa Rica about not labeling your medications. I’ll spare you the gory details but will say what I wanted was a laxative and what I took was an anti-diarrheal, needless to say I had a bad week lol.


Ibuprofen will have the biggest bag of all. On the trail ibuprofen is called Vitamin I becasue you end up taking it so regularly. I am also stocking up on chapstick becasue I am already a chapstick-a-holic and figure I’ll want it frequently on the trail…..and I’m sure 1 or 2 will get lost or forgotten along the way.
Ahhhh we are getting closer!!! Its going to be here before I know it!!!

Guardia, sinusitis, and Harry potter stamp

Howdy all,

As I write this I’m laying in bed watching Buffy the vampire slayer episodes and redbox movies. This is another weekend I’m spending sick. But today I finally gave in and went to the urgent care in town, apparently my cold has turned into sinusitis. The doctor gave me a prescription to help fight it off, so hopefully by the time I post this I’ll be well on my way to FINALLY recovering.


While at the doctors I took full advantage of the situation and begged for a giardia prescription. Giaridia is something that I risk getting on the trail. This is pre-emotive. I’m hoping to not ever get it but it’s safer to get a prescription first so if of I get it when I’m 3 days from a town I can start the antibiotics right away.

On the way home mom and I stopped to get stamps and I gave her money for a second booklet while I waited in the car, while on the trail I’ll be writing letters to my  grandma who’s less computer savvy and won’t be following my blog, anyways mom came out with a booklet of forever Harry Potter stamps!!!!!! Love it!!!! Yes I’m a total nerd lol.

Gotta love a day when I’m sick but still productive 🙂

Talk to you soon!!!!

First campground booked!!

Hey Everyone!!!

Ahhhh we are passed the 2 month point!!!! I booked Mom and I’s camp spot at Lake Morena. I wanted to make sure we had one, the first few camp grounds can i think get a little busy sometimes since almost everyone makes those. It is amazing that even a campground costs $27. Just shows me that everything is going to cost me money on this trip lol.

After i get my first paycheck ill book our campsite at Mt. Laguna campground since we are taking a zero there, we will have to pay for 2 days.


I have discovered the downside of substitute teaching………..being constantly sick. I got sick my first week and stayed in bed that weekend and took Monday off to recover; when i went back to work Tuesday i was doing well and almost better. Then i got sick again from the students. Thankfully its a 3-day weekend so I can recover again. But this is the toss up for my paycheck.

Talk to you soon!!!!


Hi Everyone!

Things are good here. I am finally working!!!! Yay!!!! I am booking a good amount of sub jobs so I should get a good check or two before I leave, which means I can buy the rest of my stuff and have some spending money.

I got my California fire permit all squared away.

I sent off my request to enter Canada via the PCT a week or two ago and it was returned stamped with approval this week 🙂

I just got my long distance PCT permit emailed to me last week so I am all set!!!!

I am quite please with how smoothly all the paperwork went and was returned. It seems so real now!!!

I don’t need a permit for Mt. Whitney since i will be entering via the PCT and returning to the PCT so now the only permit I don’t know about/have is to hike half dome, which I won’t be able to try to get until I arrive at the ranger station there. I can’t apply for it now because I am not sure what day I will be there.


Talk to you soon!

Testing my rain gear

After closer inspection I noticed that my shirt actually started to get wet so i am will try using a waterproofing spray on my jacket and try again. If that doesn’t work ill be buying a new jacket. This poor jacket is starting to wear out anyways, i’ve had it for 5 years now so i would have had to replace it this hike or the next. I’ll let you know!