Guardia, sinusitis, and Harry potter stamp

Howdy all,

As I write this I’m laying in bed watching Buffy the vampire slayer episodes and redbox movies. This is another weekend I’m spending sick. But today I finally gave in and went to the urgent care in town, apparently my cold has turned into sinusitis. The doctor gave me a prescription to help fight it off, so hopefully by the time I post this I’ll be well on my way to FINALLY recovering.


While at the doctors I took full advantage of the situation and begged for a giardia prescription. Giaridia is something that I risk getting on the trail. This is pre-emotive. I’m hoping to not ever get it but it’s safer to get a prescription first so if of I get it when I’m 3 days from a town I can start the antibiotics right away.

On the way home mom and I stopped to get stamps and I gave her money for a second booklet while I waited in the car, while on the trail I’ll be writing letters to my  grandma who’s less computer savvy and won’t be following my blog, anyways mom came out with a booklet of forever Harry Potter stamps!!!!!! Love it!!!! Yes I’m a total nerd lol.

Gotta love a day when I’m sick but still productive 🙂

Talk to you soon!!!!

6 thoughts on “Guardia, sinusitis, and Harry potter stamp

  1. I’m almost done with the angel series. I just finished watching all the buffys the other day. I can’t Anya’s dead. She was my favorite. Lol.

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