Monday Motivation**February 29, 2016



Good Afternoon!!!

Another Monday has come. Sorry i didnt post my weekend wrap-up. I dealt with some drama last night and was just not in the mood to post anything.

Monday- PM run: run 5 min, walk 1.5 min X 6

Tuesday- AM strength training

Wednesday- AM Swim

Thursday- AM Spin class


Saturday- AM spin class

Sunday- AM Yoga, PM run: run 4.5 min, walk 1.5 min X 9-10 (whatever it takes to get to 4 miles.


I am getting my first Stich Fix box this week!!!!! It is supposed to come Friday i think. Here is my referral code if you want to try it!!



Book Review**Morna’s Legacy Series


Books 1-7 are out in this series so far. This is another one where i got sucked in to the first book by getting in free on my kindle. This is a cute series about time traveling back to the 1600s i believe to find your true love. It’s a fun light hearted read. I read the majority of this series during my Hawaii trip. It’s a romance series for sure.


Finally Friday I’m free again, i got my motor runnin for a wild weekend! -George Jones song

My weekend plans are rest, relaxation, workouts, my roommates casual birthday party and hopefully some reading.

Ok, who is ready to laugh at my stupidity.

So i am all about eating healthy (most of the time) and listening to your body and all that good stuff. After getting back from Hawaii i spent the week eating out, which was fine on my stomach but my wallet sure felt it lol. I didn’t eat fast food though, i got to go stuff from restaurants and things like that so i was still eating pretty whole foods. But after a week my wallet couldn’t really take that.

Week 2 back i did a little better, i got breakfast from starbucks or subway most days and had whole wheat pasta at home for dinner. Both not too bad but every day for lunch i was eating a frozen dinner.

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These are the actual meals i have been eating, and i am in NO WAY bad mouthing them, for frozen dinners they are pretty delicious and pretty healthy. And i think that probably 1 a week maybe even 2 would be ok, but my body is revolting since i am eating them every day.

This finally clicked today becuase the beginning of the week i am fine, i eat pretty good over the weekend, then monday, tuesday, wednesday i am fine. Thursday afternoon the stomach problems start to hit midly, and by Friday morning i feel nausous and my stomach is not my friend. This has happened 2 weeks in a row.

So now instead of eating the Parmesan crusted fish dinner that i brought for lunch i am going to dig into my pocket book and go get thai food. i am going to have fresh simple shrimp salad rolls with a little peanut sauce for lunch and get some vegetable sweet and sour to have as an afternoon snack and finish for dinner.

This weekend i will be doing a whole mean plan and going shopping for fresh natural food to have next week.

So yes, trying to take the easy way out, bit me in the butt. You are welcome to laugh because it is my own fault. You think i would have learned this by now, but i guess not lol.

Here is to feeling better!!!!

When was the last time you took the easy way out?

Did it come back to bite you?


An unexpected Rest Day

Well i was supposed to go to spin class this morning but i had my Garmin plugged in to charge last night instead of my phone so it died and i woke up right when the class was starting.

So i took what should have been a spin day and turned it into a rest day. I got an extra 2 hours of sleep.


And my puppy and i got to cuddle. Today turned into my rest day so the plan has changed to be that tomorrow morning i will get up and the pup and i will go for a little run/walk.


In addition to pod casts i have signed back up with Audible, i had an audible account a few years ago that i never used so i bought a bunch of books with the credits and had something to listen to while training for my hike. Now that i am running and training so much again you can only listen to the same songs so many times before you tune them out. Now i can mix it up with some books on tape.


And i will give aubidle major props because even though i am a returning customer they still gave me 1 free book! That is pretty awesome! And they currently have a Clive Cussler sale going on that ends today so i have 2 Clive Cussler novels in my library now! This is great especially for those long runs/walks/workouts when there is not enough new music in the world to keep your brain from wondering how much further you have to go. Now i can listen to an enthralling story.


So i think i might have figured out my GI stuff. After a cowoker mentioned that larger amounts of spinach seemed to be upsetting her stomach i thought back to my two big GI issue times and i had eated 2 or more frozen dinners with a larger amount of spinach in them. Now, i throw a few leaves on spinach in a salad or on my subway sandwich or on my breakfast sandwich if i have it on hand, but i have never been a huge spinach person. So i think the GI stuff has been my body responding to a vegetairan frozen meals that are packed with spinach. I will be keeping an eye on this to see if that is the case. Hopefully no more episodes and no more skipped races!!!!!


Is there anything your body doesn’t react well to? 


Hump Day!!!

Yes!!! Only 2 days until the weekend!!!!

So at this point I’ve worked out 3 days this week. Thursday is always where my resolve starts to waiver. Sleeping in instead of going to spin class always sounds so good. And by Thursday fatigue is starting to set in, especially if i haven’t gotten enough sleep, which i almost never do.

Then yesterday i saw the blog of a trainer who talked about motivation. She gets up and does the same thing every morning to kick start her day. By always doing the same thing followed by some kind of exercise she has gotten herself into a routine. Now her body knows when she drinks her morning shake a workout is coming so her body automatically starts revving up for the workout.

I am trying this.
Before i go to bed i put a scoop of Bod*e in my blender ball with a little vega protien powder so all i have to do when i wake up is add almond milk and shake. Once my pre workout arrives ill add some of that.
I take a little baggie of protein powder  and recovery and put that in in my lunch bag for post workout. We will see if this helps me at all


I also already have my breakfast ready so i stop spending money by eating out.


I’ll let you know how i fair the rest of the week.
Did swim today in the AM then did a 20 min interval run workout at lunch.
Thank goodness i am starting to take recovery again!!!! Lol i am sore!

Now off to bed for me!!

Do you have a pre workout routine?
How about a post workout routine?

Tuesday Tangents

Wooo tomorrow is wednesday then the week is more than half over!!!!

Last night i ran on the treadmill.
Run 3 min, walk 1:30 min x6 but i did it x8 i added 2 to the plan for weight loss



Artemis kept me company



Today was strength training, it was awesome i feel strong but will still be a bit sore.

Full meals have turned into snacks lol like first lunch and second lunch


Today’s running calendar


Didy seed starters today for peppers and tomatoes!!!!!



How was your Tuesday?

Weekend Wrap-up

Noooooo tomorrow is Monday!!! It’s back to work. Who came up with this 5 day work week, 2 day weekend thing? What genius decided that? They should be tarred and feathered……and stoned.

Ok rant over.

Today really wasn’t too exciting lol. After having been out a lot yesterday i stayed in and ready today…..all day….it was wonderful.


After 10 years i think i am going to have to replace my duvet couver soon……thats a duvet cover right?
Letting Artemis sleep on the bed i am sure hadn’t helped.

So i had been talking to 2 guys and have now let them both go lol. Dating today is a sad state of affairs. 1 of them hadn’t wanted me to date anyone else even though we hadn’t even been on an official date yet and the other one hadn’t read a book since high school and had never been in a Barnes and Noble………….yea no. I am a book fiend so that did it right there but there was so much more.
I am now going to take a little hiatus from dating. At least a week, probably 2 or more.

I didn’t work out this weekend because my stomach is still bugging me. I have been taking 1-2 probiotic pills a day which is sort of controlling it but i don’t feel like its ridding my body of it just yet.
Will it never end???!!!

That is it for my exciting weekend.

How was your weekend?

Shopping Saturday


I slept in this morning. Took it easy on my body so it can fight off whatever is now going around.

I met a friend at the mall and we did some shopping. We both did pretty well as far as bang for our buck (suddenly wondering where that saying came from…….)

Got home and took Artemis to the dog park


I didn’t chase her as much as i normally do but she still got a little energy out.

Then i read for a little bit and met  a date for coffee…….oy. Tonight pretty much made me want to give up on dating. I won’t go into all the details but yea. I wonder if i will ever find someone.

I think it might be time to take a little dating break. I’ll keep you posted.

How was your Saturday?


Yay Happy Friday!!!!!

Well there is some kind of GI thing going around so i left work at 4 and went home to relax and tale probiotics.

This means that once again i will miss my race and have to run my 5k at home again.

To help the day pass i listened to some podcasts.

I am still obsessed with the serial podcase.

I also started listening to the criminal podcasts.

Just signed up for StixFix!!

I can’t wait to get my first stixfix box!!!!

So this weekend i need to run a 5k, take Artemis to the dog park and rest read. What are your plans?

Well off to bed, i need the rest.