Monday Motivation**February 19, 2018

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Happy President’s day! I hope that you unlike me have a paid day off today and are enjoying it.

I made it to the gym twice last week!!! Woohoo!!! Sunday and Monday I went after work and got in 2 miles each day for a total of 4 miles!

This coming week might be a little tricker, I got a cold from my roommate so I am fighting that off as well as having 2 tests and a quiz this week. I am not sure how this is going to go. I also want to get a load or 2 of stuff taken to the new house.

My eating has definitely been better this week, I only ate out twice. Once I had an egg McMuffin at McDonalds and immediately regretted it, my stomach did not like it and on Saturday I had subway at the new house which was good.

That was my week. I am so excited to get moved into our new place, then even if I cant make it to the gym or don’t feel 100% I can still do a quick 20 min workout because I will have space and a clean place to do it. I also can’t wait to have a fully functioning kitchen!!!

Half Marathon Check In

25 days until my half marathon and the longest I have run is 5 miles……..Yesterday and today I did 3 miles and 3.4 miles, both felt pretty good. If I could get a 7 mile run in this Friday, a 9 miler next Friday and 11 miles the Friday after that I will be golden. That is going to be my goal.

It is going to be pushing it a bit for me but I can do it. As long as I don’t try and increase my pace I’ll be fine, but increasing pace and distance at the same time is a recipe for an injury. I also need to make sure I stretch and foam roll if I am going to push it.

My two runs this week have been good so fingers crossed.

I also think I am going to start some kind of juice cleanse/reboot thing. I have been eating like crap ever since I went to California and my body is revolting. I can’t seem to eat almost anything without my stomach/digestive system cramping, not eating leaves me feeling bloated and a little nauseous, though so does eating so its a lose/lose. I am lethargic and having headaches. It is time for a system overhaul.

I watched this on Netflix 
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The question is, how do I want to do it?

Should I have a smoothie for breakfast have a healthy solid food lunch and juice for dinner, should I juice all day, should I intermix juicing and smoothies, should I juice with little solid snacks of nuts and seeds and things like celery with peanut butter? What is going to work for me and have the results I would like without driving me crazy or being too extreme so I cannot complete it? I am going to do a little research and set up a plan. I will let you know if a few days what the verdict is.

Please feel free to weigh in with your opinions, comments, and advice in the comments.

Also, does anyone want to join me?

TMI running post

Fair warning: this contains bathroom content.

I thought about not posting about this being that it’s bathroom stuff, but then I thought: everybody excreats their waste and I’m gonna be a nurse so this shouldn’t be the taboo subject it is. Also I feel like runners will relate……and it’s funny in a horrible way.

I went out for a run a few days ago, I’ve been slowing upping my mileage but have been staying pretty close to home so I can cut the run short if I am not feeling it that day. This day I decided to go farther from home so I couldn’t cut it short.

At 1.5 miles I took the turn away from home instead of toward it…….a few minutes later I felt a twinge in my stomach. I slowed down and it went away. After it had gone away I picked up my pace again and by about 1.8 miles…..wham!!!! I doubled over my gits wrenching, it felt like my intestines were being squeezed.

(This is my uncomfortable face)

This was one of those times where it wasn’t if I was going to need a bathroom but when and how long I could hold it. I barely kept walking until the cramps went away then I walked a little more. At this rate I would never make it home in time, so I set interval timers on my watch to run 30 seconds then walk 30 seconds and so on.

Sometimes I had to walk longer than 30 seconds while cramps overtook me.

When I was about .4 miles from home the cramps hit worse than ever and I seriously questioned if I could make it home in time. I danced around at the intersection waiting for the light to turn praying to not have an accident.

I got to my street and kept the 30/30 interval going until I could see my house. I figured worse case scenario I could let my dog off the leash and race her home, even if I couldn’t make it I’d be pretty much home…..then I got closer to home and saw the long line of cars and all the people… has just let out, I couldn’t make a break for it because there were kids and cars everywhere……

I was about .2 miles from home when the worst wave of cramps hit

I actually had to knee down to the ground under the pretense of petting my dog to try and not die right there. It passed, I got up and made it in the house by about 2 seconds, I have never run for the bathroom so fast.

I think at some point all runners go through this at least once, though I would bet more than that in their life.

I am so thankful I made it home and didn’t go the way of Charlotte and Poughkeepsie in my pants, in front of like 200 people none the less.

Has this ever happened to you?

A rough start to September

Good Morning!!! I had several thoughts for a fun post yesterday about the start of September but i went home sick again and crawled straight into bed. The pup and I cuddled and i went to sleep. I got some McDonalds in my system and kept it down so that is good. Going home was good for me, I rested and slept and now i feel like i am on the other side of the sickness, we are heading back uphill!

I ordered this on Amazon to help clean me out and reset my colon health. I am also going to start taking a probiotic to get some good flora back in my gut.


I will tell you how it goes.

So back to it being SEPTEMBER!!! How did that happen?




When the fall starts to show and back to school happens I always think of the movie “You’ve Got Mail”.



I will be watching that movie again soon. I tend to watch it several times a year 🙂

What is your favorite back to school/fall movie?

Tomorrow i am off to hike and I am so excited!!!!!!!!!

What are your Labor Day weekend plans?

Unplanned last day of August 

Tonight at midnight marks the end of August 2016. My plan was to sleep in, go to work, come home and get in a 3-4 mile run with the pup. 

The morning went according to plan, I woke up at 7 and cuddled with my puppy until about 7:20, got up and went to work. Breakfast was my protien powder…and I just remembered I forgot my blender bottle at work.

At work today we had a retirement party for an awesome person, we had BBQ

That tasted amazing! 

But it didn’t taste so good coming back up. I don’t think it was the food, I think it was either a reaction i had or I’m sick. Oddly i am hoping it’s the reaction because I do not want to be sick. I only have enough sick time right now to cover half a days pay. I left work 3 hours early and will hopefully be fine tomorrow and can go in early to make up some time. 

So far I’ve kept down some otter pops to sooth my burned throat and I just ate a frozen burrito. My stomach doesn’t love it but so far it’s staying down. 

 Here are my August running stats!! 

Here are my steps, I did not do too great with this. 

And here are my runs. Also leaves quite a bit to be desired. 

But tomorrow is the start of another month and I am going to ROCK it!!!

Now the pup and I are relaxing and taking it easy. 

How was your August?

A late morning 

Good morning! Happy Hump day!!!

Artemis woke me up at 3am by jumping on me, she needed to go outside. I am glad she woke me up because she got sick outside. I should say 3am wakeup calls are a non-occurance for her. 

We came back in and went back to sleep. This morning I am going into work late to make sure she is ok. 

My poor little girl. She had a trying 24 hours. I gave her a bath last night  (which she doesn’t enjoy but like a good girl she stands still)

We are watching Gilmore Girls

One of the best shows ever.

We are doing lots of cuddling

I made myself a basic breakfast, oatmeal

And put a small cup of food in Artemis’ bowl, now we will make sure she doesn’t get sick then it’s off to work for me!

I was supposed to run 2-3 miles this morning but that will be moved to after work, hopefully it won’t be too warm, I need to check the weather forecast.  

How was your morning?

Strength and sickness

So Monday morning I got up and went to my AM strength training and was fine we did have strength training half yoga, it was awesome.

Went to work and was ok until about 10am and I started feeling funky. 2 different bugs have been going around my work. I thought I had warded them off because they had made the rounds through almost everyone but I finally got hit. I went home around 11:30 and spent the rest of the day on the couch watching TV and dozing. I went to bed early and when I work up my stomach was still a little uneasy so I told work I would be in late and caught another few hours sleep. I think I’m on the mend and I am lucky I got it way less severe than anyone else but I still took today off training.

I’ve been eating mostly soup


Was fading after lunch and needed to clear my cloudy head


Does anyone else eat cup of noodle dry?


I actually really like it.

OK off to bed for me, I am going to attempt a 6am swim training. Hopefully I will be good to go from here on out.

How was the start of your week?

Do you eat any weird foods?

Thursday thoughts

Ugh apperently this is another one that didn’t post. How annoying!!!!!

Hi all!!!!

Well this morning my body continued it’s battle with this sickness by trying to empty everything out of it, sorry if that’s TMI. So i skipped spin, i didn’t want to have to run for the bathroom midclass. My stomach is still bloated but slowly recovering.

When i got home from work i took Artemis for a walk and decided to run a mile. My stomach hurt a bit but we made it.


Had a little dinner, yes i love carbs.


No i didn’t eat the whole thing tonight lol.

The plan is to once again try to spin and swim a bit tomorrow before work. They will both be easy though, no major pushing myself.

How was your day?

Half a sick day and my birthday

Well i woke up not feeling 100% better but about 60% better. I went to work and that 60% quickly faded down. I went home shortly after 2pm. The rest of the day was spent on the couch. And now its sleep time. I am looking forward to 9 hours of regenerative sleep.

Did mention its my birthday lol. That is how my 28th birthday was spent. But i know it could always be worse so i will enjoy the fact that i got to spend more time with my sweet dog.

And now Goodnight. 

Sick day

Ugh i woke up just before 3am and was running to the bathroom. I’ll spare you the gruesome details but safe to say i stayed home sick today.

I made one trip out of the house to a safeway down the street to get some chow mein and replace my roommates ice cream that i finished off. The entire 20 min trip left me with a blinding headache and the desire to vomit regardless of the anti-nausea pills and ibuprofen i took.

I am lucky enough to have some anti-nausea pills left from being sick over winter.

Ok 5 second rant. Do you feel guilty when you take a sick day? Heaven forbid you take more than one?

I hate that i live in a society that makes me feel guilty for taking a day or two off to take care of myself. Or maybe its not society, maybe its just me who feels guilty, in which case i need to work on that. Its hard to take the time to rest and recuperate when you are worried about your job and feel bad.

Do you feel the same or am i crazy?