Weekly Workouts

Sunday – off

Monday – 2miles

Tuesday – strength workout

Wednesday – 4 miles

Thursday – strength training

Friday – core and more

Saturday – 4.25 miles

Total miles- 10.25 miles

Weekly Workouts

Sunday -off and baby girls birthday party

Monday – 3 miles

Grandma pushed the stroller and walked while I ran laps back and forth to equal 3 miles.

Tuesday – strength workout

Wednesday – very weird Beachbody ab workout

Thursday – off! We went out to breakfast instead hahahaha

Friday- N/A baby had a fever. Was up half the night and went to the Dr in the morning.

Saturday – 2 miles

My husband was out of town for work this week so with him back I chose to sleep in and do a shorter run (it’s super hot this weekend)

Weekly Workouts

Sunday- Easter, we were at my in-laws all day

Monday- off letting my back rest after tweaking it

Tuesday- upper body workout and ran 1.3 miles

Wednesday- Pilates

Thursday- stretching and ran 3.13 miles

Friday- Off

Saturday- ran 2 miles to meet the family at the park then when they left I ran 2 miles home for a total of 4 miles

Totally milage this week- 8.43 miles.

Strength night and randomness

Found this awesomeness on pintrest 

I relaxed at lunch in my car listening to a book on tape 

Got home from work and went through a few boxes looking for my personal training book. Then hit the gym at 7:30 to work out with a friend. 

My arms and legs are a little shakey now, which means job well done. 

Then relaxing and eating came next

Somebody else loved their dinner just as much as me

Maybe even more. 

And a little dallas cowboy cheerleaders training camp with the roommate. 

And now its bedtime!!!!

What was your workout today?