Ways I motivate my self to get out for a run

What do you do those days when you need to get a run in but are not feeling it? You’re not recovering or sore or tired or hurt but you just don’t have motivation. Here are some things I do:

I bribe myself– If you do on this run Ariana you can have a cupcake, a Starbucks, fast food…etc. Whatever I am craving I is what I bribe myself with to get me out the door.

I withhold something fun just for running– if I find a book on tape that is really interesting and I really want to listen to it, I restrict myself to only listening to it on my runs. This makes me want to get out and run so I can listen to this amazing book/podcast. Amazing might be a stretch, sometimes it is just a fun listen or something I find interesting or even something scary (have totally looked behind myself a few times when trail running and listening to something creepy)
(This is my current running only book)

Watching fit people do fit things– I watch the Dallas cowboys cheerleaders training camp or a documentary on cross fit on Netflix or a documentary about someone’s first 100 miler anything to get me in a fitness mindset so I get pumped up and want to go better myself.

Sort of another form of bribery but on a bigger scale– like if I hit my mileage goal for the month I can buy a new top or item of clothing, something fun like that.

Have a friend meet you– I am not going to stand someone up so if I make plans to meet someone to workout I will show up.

Don’t think about it- when I wake up I put my workout clothes on and watch a TV show while I eat breakfast (all with my bathrobe on over it) have some water and/or coffee then when my show(s) are over I take the bathrobe off and run out the door. Or I relax until a set them then there is no discussion, I don’t think about it I just get up and put my workout clothes on and walk out the door.

Take it one mile at a time– I don’t think about the overall length or how long its going to take, I just focus on getting through each mile. That helps so much on my long runs.

Long run of the week

My long run this week was 5 miles, it’s also my longest run to day since my half marathon 2 weeks ago. I went ok, the bf and I were both pretty tired and sluggish feeling which could be due to several things. It could have been the 10 hours we slept, the sitting on the couch and binge watching the Netflix original series Strange Things or it could have been the McDonald’s and Taco Bell we ate, or it could have been all 3 put together.

Either way we stumbled through our run and made it. We went to a park a few exits away to run in the shade and got 4 of our 5 miles done. The park closed at “Dusk PM” …….what does that even mean? It is sunset, is it when you can’t see your shadow anymore, what? While we should have had time to finish that last mile I didn’t want to risk us having to sprint back to my car or have the gate lock us out and have to get my car the next day so we left at 7:40pmish. Drove home then I dropped the bf off at home, he needed to get rid of the taco bell, and I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things. Yes I literally ran to the store, then walk/ran back. Carrying a semi-heavy bag while running is a killer bicep workout.

After I got back we had ice cream, watched an old game of thrones episode (I am slowly catching up) then passed out.

Some other news, Thursday is now slow cooker day in my house

By the time dinner rolls around on Thursday i don’t want to cook. I’ve usualy been doing laundry and dishes and the bf and i either go for a run or out to a movie or whatever and i am too tired to cook so slow cooker day it is. 

And i got a little extra so i could freeze the rest

All i have to do is take it out of the freezer, throw in the fridge overnight and dump it in the crockpot the next morning. 

Huckleberry half**Race Review

This last Saturday my boyfriend and I ran our first race together. We didn’t have high hopes going in since neither of us had trained enough and there were going to be some hills.

We are not fans of getting up early.

What can I say about this race except that it was small which was nice and off the main road so we didn’t worry too much about cars. Their fuel stations were just ok in my opinion but I am used to bigger races with bigger sponsors so in the future I would just need to plan better.

The race was on sort of back mountain roads so trail running shoes would have been better because the roads were all chewed up from snow. I got blisters on my blisters.

The course was beautiful and shaded which made all the difference.

Our pace was ok, not great but not horrible for a hilly run for me.

As you can see I started off strong and really faded toward the end hahaha

Oh the hills!!!!!!! The entire race was a series of ups and downs. There was no flat, this race just wiped me out.

Fun wood carved medals, though Brandon is disappointed we didn’t get t-shirts, he likes those more than the medals.

Overall it was fun and I am glad we did it but I wanted to cry the last 3 miles because I was so tired and my body hurt so bad.

We know to train better for the next one!

Oh and if you are a slow runner and don’t like being at the back of the pack don’t run this race, We crossed the finish line with only 4 people behind us….yes only 4. This was a small race of fast runners hahaha.

Monday Motivation 

Good morning!!! Happy Monday!!

Lets make this a great week.

Monday: Insanity day 6

Tuesday: PM strength then 2 miles fast (11:30) and .2 mile hills x 6 at a 3.5 incline

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: PM strength and 3.75 miles @ tempo (12:30)

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Spin class then swim 700m

Sunday: 9 easy miles then yoga

Any fun plans this week?

Monday Motivation 

Ready to kick butt this week???

Monday: Insanity Day 5

Tuesday: PM strength then 2 miles fast (11:35) and .15 mile hills x 6 at a 4 incline

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: PM strength and 3.5 miles @ tempo (12:30)

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Spin class then swim 650M

Sunday: 7 miles easy and yoga

Are you training for anything?

Sunday Funday

Got up around 7:30 this morning and relaxed. I made a bagel for breakfast 

Got started on my hydration 

And watched a documentary on Netflix about the 2015 crossfit games

While cuddling with my dog

Then it was time to get up and run.

1/3 of the way through 

Artemis made it 4.3 miles, slowly but surely we are adding to her stamina. I need to get her one of those little dog packs so she can carry a little dish and water for her. 

2/3rds of the way through

And done!

Post workout I craved noodles and sodium 

Top ramen to the rescue!!!!

Then I finally got up and meal prepped my last meal. Yay for ready food during the week!

How was your weekend?

Did you get in a workout?

First long run of marathon training

Happy Sunday!!

Went out for a 6.5 mile run today

Pretty wildflowers out

This was not an easy run for me. Pretty much every step was a battle. This was my first long run since my half marathon 2 weeks ago.

Apparently there was a little car show going on. 

Post run recovery smootie. Putting all those blueberries to good use. 

Iced my thighs and feet, I have AM training tomorrow and want to minimize how sore I am.