Book Review**Operation Ironman: One Mans Four Month Journey from Hospital Bed to Ironman

This was another easy fun read that got me pumped to workout. I also laughed out loud a few times while reading this.

His journey is pretty awesome and totally makes me think I could complete an ironman, though I can guarantee it would take more than 4 months of training for me hahahahaha.

Overall fun, good read.


The terrible reason I have been MIA…

On January 3rd my brother took his life. He had, unknowingly to us, been battling depression for the better part of 20 years. Michael was the first to crack a joke and always offered to help. I don’t know why he didn’t ask us for help, there is not a person in our family who wouldn’t have dropped everything to come help him. There are many questions that will never be answered. Most of my immediate family has spend the last week-ish in Reno taking care of all things you have to when someone dies. My family is heartbroken. I will try and get back on my posting schedule this coming week as life attempts to return to normal.

Michael and I shared a love of cooking. Our connection was food and the kitchen. He far surpassed me though. I cooked simply for the joy it brought me whereas Michael went on to become the executive chef of a restaurant in Reno. He loved to locally source food and create amazing dishes. He will be dearly missed from our lives.

his adoption photo

This is the last set of photos we will have will all of us in them…..

The Pants of Perspective: One Woman’s 3,000 Kilometre running adventure through the wilds of New Zealand

Good morning! Yay I got one good read before school, we will see if I can squeeze in another one.

I liked this book a lot, it was a fun, easy read. It helped motivate me to get to the gym and do my workouts on days I wasn’t super into them. For me reading about someone’s adventures always makes me keen to keep my plans in motion. I can’t currently pick up and get out there for a long term adventure but I can continue on my own adventure which this year consists of a half, full and ultra marathon with my love.

It doesn’t hurt that one of the blogs I really enjoy reading, she is currently hiking the same trail in New Zealand as was run in this book so that was cool! You can check her blog out here.

All in all a good fun read, I can tell it wasn’t thoroughly edited by a big publishing company as there are a few snags here and there but it was a fun read, motivated me and I read it for “free” on kindle unlimited (I say “free” cause it’s $10/month but lets me read a bunch of books on my phone, tablet, and computer so I can’t complain too much.) When I am too busy with school or life to make the $10/month worthwhile I just shut down my subscription and come back to it when I have time, Amazon is great like that.

2 weeks until school starts

ARG!!! So frustrating! I am only take the 1 class this quarter, its $467 and some change and I can’t enroll in a payment plan!!!!! I set aside some money so yes I can pay for it in one chunk but I didn’t anticipate the book, lab manual and access code I need together all costing almost as much as the class! I need to find another $305.

The most frustrating thing about school is the cost and no I do not qualify for any financial aid since I already have a bachelors degree. Once I am accepted into a Nursing program it is a different story but currently I can get nothing. I hate feeling like I am getting penalized for not knowing what I wanted to do at 19 years old after my dad died and my whole life and life plan was turned upside down (we wanted to open a bakery and café together). I kept going forward on the plan I had set with him because at the time if you were over 18 and wanted to keep your parents insurance you had to be enrolled in college full time so I kept going and got my degree. I now know what I want to do in life and it feels like it is 10x harder to achieve it. I am starting back at the bottom except that now I have more bills, more debt and more responsibilities on top of school. I don’t want to complain, there are people out there who have it much worse and much harder than I do, it is just frustrating. Ok rant over.

Now I need to figure out where to get that extra $300 from.

I’ll check back in next week and hopefully let you know my book and class have been paid for and that I am all set to start the quarter.

Merry Christmas**2017


Merry Christmas!!! I am at work this morning but had a great night last night with the BF’s family doing a white elephant gift exchange. I am so thankful they are wonderful people, it helps ease the loneliness of not seeing my family around the holidays.

After work I am going home to cuddle on the couch with my puppy and watch movies. I was gone almost all of yesterday so she is lonely. The BF’s family does Christmas morning instead of Christmas dinner so it will just me be tonight. I am going to come home and watch the Santa Clause 2 and 3 then go to bed early (I watched the first one on Saturday). I know, I know you are thinking whoa! Settle down party girl!! hahahahahaha. They may even be some cocoa tonight! WHAT?!

I hope everyone has a great day!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!




Winter Solstice**2017

winter_solstice22 via

Happy Winter Solstice!!! Today is the shortest day and longest night. Today here in the Portland area we have 8 hours 42 minutes and 11 seconds of sunlight. After today we start getting a few seconds longer of sunlight each day. I am trying to enjoy this time of year but I am also already looking forward to spring running outside again!!!

What is the weather like where you are today?

Do you more or less sun than we do?