Vancouver Rock and Roll Half Marathon


Happy Tuesday!!! I am currently recovering from my weekend, i drank more this weekend than i think i have in the entire last year combined, and now i remember why i gave up the majority of my drinking.

Feeling this bad and this bloated and fat actually makes me so excited to start training for my next half marathon!
I just signed up for the Vancouver, BC rock and roll half marathon.


Last year my friend Brandy and i trained for and ran the Portland rock and roll half marathon


And i loved it!!!! They give out awesome medals


And provide great in race and post refreshments, i was very impressed.
So on the 6th i start my training.


My training method is from Tom Holland’s book and i love it, its very gradual and helps decrease injury.

Anybody want to train with me? I start monday and the race is October 25th.

Monday Motivation**June 29, 2015

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Water, Water everywhere, and i am drinking every drop!

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Keeping yourself hydrated is very important, especially if you are trying to be healthy and/or lose weight.

Now FYI i am not a doctor and too much water does risk hyponatremia, which is water intoxication, it comes from drinking too much water in two short a period of time causing there to not be enough salt in your blood. But this does take liters and liters in the span of like an hour. WebMD says that your kidney’s can expel about half a liter of water an hour which is about 15oz. Basically i wouldn’t try for much more than about a gallon a day, again i am not a doctor and this is just what i have read online.

I think a gallon is a good amount of water to shoot for each day. The pluses of drinking enough water are amazing skin, improved digestion, better liver function, weight loss, more energy…..the list goes on and on.

20150524_110913  20150524_120959 Here is my cheap and easy way that to make myself drink more water until my new water bottle shows up from amazon. I have a camelbac that i also use a lot but i wanted something to add some flavor.

How much water do you drink?

Book Review: 30 Second Anatomy


Hi!!! I hope you all are enjoying your Saturday. It is hotter than Hades where i am.

So Mom’s wedding is tomorrow then we load the uhaul’s and head out!

I’ve been pretty busy so a long book wasn’t in the cards, when i was at Barnes and Noble a week and a half ago i saw a whole bunch of 30 second books that looked really interesting. I chose anataomy because really there is no bad knowing how your body works and i am pleased to say that it was facinating!! And very easy to follow and comprehend. I look forward to reading more in this series, maybe i’ll finally figure out what the heck quantum physics is!!!!!

Here is a link to the book on amazon. It is the same cost for the actual book at Barnes and Noble as the kindle edition is.


Are you going to pick up a 30 second book? If so, tell me which one and if you like it or not.

21 Day Sugar Detox

Happy Wednesday!!!


So my coworkers have talked me into doing this 21 days sugar detox with them hahahaha. Normally i am not a big DIET person, or detox person for that matter, i believe more in lifestyle changes. That being said i think we here in America, especially, consume way to much sugar, it is in everything!!! So ill do the “extreme” crazy diet then slowly add some of the things back in as i want to.

Also i am not doing the normal 21 day detox, i am letting myself have more fruit than they say becuase its summer and there is a lot of beautiful fresh fruit, i will make it so i only eat organic and from the farm though.

Saturday i fly back to Nevada for my mom’s wedding and to pack the rest of my stuff so all next week will be eating whatever is available while we pack. When i get back around/after July 4th i will start the full 21 days.

You can look here and here for some ideas about the 21 day sugar detox.

It is actually not as horribly bad as i thought it would be.

Here is as an example of the diet, oh and since ill be working out a lot i decided i will eat poatotes if i want to, but only homemade products made by me from real potatoes.

Breakfast: protien drink that is low carb and no added sugar. I also had french vanilla flavored coffee with full fat cream and no sugar. (the flavored coffee helped lessen the no sugar part for me)

Snack: a small banana, salad (mix of iceburg, veggies and romaine) with small strips of grilled chicken and pico de gallo for dressing, ready pack of organic apples, leftover corn with a smidge of butter garlic and pepper and some baby carrots.

The snacks were spread throughout the day.

Lunch: boneless, skinless, organic chicken thigh with brown rice. Flavored with italian seasoning, lemon juice, garlic and wine that had all the alcohol cooked out of it.

Dinner: Grilled Tilapia with potatoes and green beans

Are you going to try the sugar detox?

The Official Start of Summer!!!

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Happy first day of summer!!!! Today is the longest day and shortest night, get out and enjoy it!!!

First-day-of-summer-quoteHere is a quick summer list of things I want to do, it is in no way all encompassing.

images-3 images-4

images-5  images-7

1) Go for early morning runs

2) Keep up with correspondence

3) Make fresh homemade lemonade

4) Eat LOTS of fresh fruits and veggies

5) Spend a day at the beach

5) Read

6) Go for some hikes

7) Go for bike rides

8) Go swimming

9) Make hot dogs

10) Make hamburgers

11) Garden

12) Wear sunscreen everyday

13) and of course EAT (and make some homemade) ICE CREAM

I hope you have a great summer!!

What is one thing you are most looking forward to?


(All pictures came from searching google)

Book Review-Kisses from Katie**June 20, 2015


Hi all!!!

Here is the link to this book on amazon.

I loved this book, it is so sweet. Katie is a teenage girl who feels called to go to Africa on mission work and she falls in love with the place and the people. She goes back and starts a ministry, adopts kids, and changes the lives of many people.

Funny thing is, i am not Christian and i LOVED this book. Yes it is heavy on the religious but it’s a wonderful book no matter what religion you are and has a wonderful message.

This is the true story of a wonderful woman. If this book doesn’t inspire you to get out and do something for other people, even if it is just donating money or volunteering in a soup kitchen, then i don’t know what will. It certainly makes me want to help more people.


If you read the book tell me what you think.

This is one book that will remain in my bookcase for many years.

If you would like to visit Katie’s blog here is the link.

Arroz Verde


Ready for a super easy and flavorful dish?
I found this in a magazine and tweaked it. So i have been in the duplex with, at the moment, 3 other girls for a week and a half now. I am settling in and getting more comfortable so i prepped meals for this week but took some short cuts.
I used uncle Ben’s whole grain and wild rice and added tomato, onion, diced mild green chili’s, a spoonful of jalapeno, and some cilantro. Then reheated when i ate it. Delicious and so simple!


You could add chicken if you wanted.

If you make it tell me what you think!