Vancouver Rock and Roll Half Marathon


Happy Tuesday!!! I am currently recovering from my weekend, i drank more this weekend than i think i have in the entire last year combined, and now i remember why i gave up the majority of my drinking.

Feeling this bad and this bloated and fat actually makes me so excited to start training for my next half marathon!
I just signed up for the Vancouver, BC rock and roll half marathon.


Last year my friend Brandy and i trained for and ran the Portland rock and roll half marathon


And i loved it!!!! They give out awesome medals


And provide great in race and post refreshments, i was very impressed.
So on the 6th i start my training.


My training method is from Tom Holland’s book and i love it, its very gradual and helps decrease injury.

Anybody want to train with me? I start monday and the race is October 25th.

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