Weekend Wrapup 

Another one bites the dust and another one gone and another gone, another bites the dust. 

Post run I got to take a quick cold ‘shower’ really it was just a rinse off since even after they ‘fixed’ it, we have no hot water. 

Lunch was the last of my pasta with bolognase sauce

I got to work on my meal prepping. 

My attempt at my yogurt bites

I  cheated on the granola and of course it didn’t turn out well. It tasted good but didnt hold up well. 

Add fruit on top, remember that giant thing of blueberries I got a few weeks ago? I froze most of them

Then into the freezer they went!

They taste like a dessert! It’s wonderful!

I also made a chicken pasta salad

And of course, my sweet baby girl!!!!

Love this photo!!!!

And now chicken is in the slow cooker overnight.  

How was your weekend?

Did you make any good food?

Sunday morning run

Good morning!!!!

I got some cuddles while I ate my bagel and watched TV. 

Then we got up and got ready to run

The goal was 11 miles

But this is how far we made it

Since I have family in town I was trying to coordinate when my mom would come over and how far I could run before then.

That is how far I got. I planned on maybe going back out and seeing if mom would walk with me but I made a rookie mistake 


Then mom didn’t want to go out so I jumped on the treadmill to get in a few more miles and ended up with killer cramps. Anytime I would try to run faster or or for longer than half a mile the cramps would get bad, then I’d walk a  bit and they’d go away then start coming back. And I was guzzling Gatorade so maybe I was low on salt which seems insane since I ate out so much yesterday. 

But normally I do half Gatorade half water and a gel or some combination but I always use gels. I didn’t this time so that might have had an effect. Very interesting.  

I got another 1.3ish miles on the treadmill so I got just over 7 miles in today. 

I’ll have to add in another 4 miles somewhere this week. 

How was your morning? 

 What form of energy do you use during your run?

Dinner with the family!

When my family gets together food is what we congregate around.

Aun, mom, stepdad

Uncle, aunt, grandma 

Deciding what to eat was a difficult decision 

Artichoke and fried onion appetizer

We like beer flights and tasters as well

Copperhead Salmon with mango quinoa salad and heirloom tomatoes……..OH MY GOSH this was sooooo good and tasted so fresh

The table shared two desserts. A brownie and a blackberry cobbler 

We couldn’t wait to taste them so the pics were taken after the desserts had made the rounds hahahahaaha 

Coffee after dinner!!!!!

Gotta love when mom comes to town and gives me shoes that didn’t fit her!!!

Sadly these are a little big but I will get pads to put in them because they are too cute to not keep

Also did some laundry today and prepped one meal for next week. 

Are you good at ordering at restaurants? 

Fun fact , I am GREAT at ordering, I am almost never disappointed with my meals. 

Mostly silent Saturday 

Love waking up to here

Got delicious breakfast with my mom and stepdad at Biscuits Cafe

This is how I stop myself from eating anymore when I’m full, otherwise I keep snacking

Watching an old episode of Survivor while I do some work and hang with my puppy. 

Gonna do a short run this afternoon then hang with the family. 

How is your Saturday going?

What is your favorite breakfast?

Mine is a toss up between simple eggs, bacon and toast, and the decadent stuff like pancakes, French toast and waffles. 

Rest day and my mama!!!!


Work would not end today Then traffic was sucky! Finally I made it home and it’s roasting!!!!

This is our AC hahahaha. 

Mama got to my place not long after me

I love my wonderful mom. 

Then we went on a mom sponsored grocery shopping trip!!!!

You can thank my mom for the delicious food pics that will show up in the next 2 days hahahaha. 

Rewatching the Barkley marathons. 

Watched ‘tracks’ with my mom earlier. 

I’m working on my hydration because I lagged in that area today. 

She’s hard to see in the dark but you can kind of make out her collar to the left lol

Once this is done it’s bedtime. 
Oh man so in sad new update, my triathlon has been cancelled!!!! They were sort of vague about the why, basically just unforseen consequences and things beyond their control. I deferred my race entrance to next year. But I’m still bummed. On the plus side this gives me more time to save and get a good bike. I’ll keep you posted. 

How was your friday?

Time to pick out next week’s meals!!!

Good morning!!!

I trades shifts with a coworker so I can get off early because I have family in town so I got to work before the sun was up

I love getting here early, I feel like I get so much more done. 

On Fridays I pick out my meals for next week so I can prep over the weekend. 

Pintrest is my best friend on Fridays. 

I am going to make the lettuce taco boats again from last week because they were soooooo delicious.  

 Meal #2 will be sweet chili pineapple chicken with veggies over rice. 

Meal #3 will be a Mediterranean pasta salad that I am going to add shredded chicken to. 

Snack #1 will be celery with peanut butter 

#2 will be this!!!

Do you do meal prep??

Beef jerry and survivor.

Thankfully the migranes faded.  I took 3 ibuprofen and started drinking a Coke. I took it easy at work in the AM and by lunch or was bouncing back. 

With to lunch with my family who is in town. You’ll see them as I do more with them over the weekend. 

After lunch My coworker and friend Kate, who went to lunch with me picked blackberries outside work before heading back in

I noticed that I have shoulder bruises from the weighted squats machine 

After work the roommate and I headed to the gym. I got my swim on. 

After dinner it was dessert time!!

Roommate and I are waiting survivor while we eat, then she pulls out leftover jerky from our hike.  

And my baby is cuddling with me

As soon as this episode is over its off to bed for me!!!

How was your day?

Did you get in a workout?

Do you watch TV while you eat?

I know they say we aren’t supposed to and I agree, but being single there’s not much else to do while I eat. 

I feel like sh*t

Today started off fine. I got up at the crack of dawn to go workout. The workout went well then not long after I got into traffic to head to work i started feeling horrible. 

Progressively worse headache, nausea,  the headache was made worse by sound and light. Hot flashes. 

I can’t tell if I feel sick or these are all symptoms from the headache in which case I would guess it’s a migraine. Which makes me wonder if I’ve had migraines before, because I’ve had headaches this bad and worse before, and just never thought of them as migranes. Interesring. 

Long rant to say that I feel like shit and am super flipping happy that I have to be at work and train a new person. (Lots of sarcasm)

Podcasts are back in my life

Howdy!!! Hope everyone is well. 

I overslept today and did not get a run in before work and also didn’t have time to get my swimsuit out of the dryer so today turned into a rest day. Normally I would just switch my workouts to Friday which was my planned rest day but I switched schedules with someone so I could get off early since I have family in town so that means I have to be at work at 6am. That would mean I’d have to be at the gym by about 4am to workout…….not happening.  

I came squeeze in a swim after my spin on Saturday morning but I will just have to miss that run. Which is a bad mom move because that means Artemis missed the excersice too. 

On another note I took a crazy amount of vitamins today. In my sample box they had a daily dose of vitamins so I tried it today

Yea that is a 1 DAY dose! It took me 2 shallows to get this all down. And I had to mix it with Gatorade because they were a little flavorful 

That is a lot of stuff to take at once. 

So podcasts…..I stopped listening to them for awhile but started again yesterday. I have like 8 episodes of ‘criminal’ to catch up on and have started listening to ‘here be monsters’. It really breaks up the monotony of a desk job. 

Do you listen to podcasts? 

Which ones?

If not I recommend ‘Serial’ I was obsessed with that and cannot wait to see what season 3 has in store. 

Well off to bed for 6am training!!!

My sweet girl and my laundry to put away hahahaha!!

Book on Tape review

51OmLU9LfHL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ photo from amazon.com

Lately i have gotten a little sick of listening to music when i run, i can only hear the same song so many times before it looses all motivation, so i changed to books on tape. I also like plugging one of these in at work when i need to buckle down and get work done.

Side note, i have ADD so engaging half my brain with a book allows the other half to buckle down and work for longer periods of time than normal.

I listen to all different kinds of books and i shop audible’s sales and things like that.

This actually sounded like a really interesting book and it was. Yes they describe the rapes but I didnt feel that i was overly graphic. I cant believe how sucky the justice system is to rape victims, no not all places are horrible to the victim but some really do suck and that is moslty what the book was about.

Overall i found it to be an intersting book and something intersting to listen to while i ran. No it didnt freak me out, this wasnt about the people who jump out of a bush and attached a random passerby this was about aquantance rape.