I feel like sh*t

Today started off fine. I got up at the crack of dawn to go workout. The workout went well then not long after I got into traffic to head to work i started feeling horrible. 

Progressively worse headache, nausea,  the headache was made worse by sound and light. Hot flashes. 

I can’t tell if I feel sick or these are all symptoms from the headache in which case I would guess it’s a migraine. Which makes me wonder if I’ve had migraines before, because I’ve had headaches this bad and worse before, and just never thought of them as migranes. Interesring. 

Long rant to say that I feel like shit and am super flipping happy that I have to be at work and train a new person. (Lots of sarcasm)

2 thoughts on “I feel like sh*t

  1. oh noo!! did you eat after your workout?! Try having some protein an drink lots of water before, during and after workout 🙂 Headaches are main symptoms of dehydration, which slip into migraines! I hope you feel better – much love TLB

    1. Thankfully I kicked it by lunch. Oh yea between my shake before a workout and my shake after I had 3 scoops of protien. My water was pretty good. I think I had about a pint, it could have been better though. I’ll make sure I have more water next time. Thanks for the advice!!!!

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