Beef jerry and survivor.

Thankfully the migranes faded.  I took 3 ibuprofen and started drinking a Coke. I took it easy at work in the AM and by lunch or was bouncing back. 

With to lunch with my family who is in town. You’ll see them as I do more with them over the weekend. 

After lunch My coworker and friend Kate, who went to lunch with me picked blackberries outside work before heading back in

I noticed that I have shoulder bruises from the weighted squats machine 

After work the roommate and I headed to the gym. I got my swim on. 

After dinner it was dessert time!!

Roommate and I are waiting survivor while we eat, then she pulls out leftover jerky from our hike.  

And my baby is cuddling with me

As soon as this episode is over its off to bed for me!!!

How was your day?

Did you get in a workout?

Do you watch TV while you eat?

I know they say we aren’t supposed to and I agree, but being single there’s not much else to do while I eat. 

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