Monday Motivation**November 30, 2015

Holy Crap its the last day of November!!!!


Monday- training session with weights

Tuesday- bike


Thursday- training session in the pool

Friday – off

Saturday- run 2 miles

Sunday- run 3 miles

This is my optimistic plan. I have been hit with a narley cold. Surgery knocked my immune system down so i am catching everything, which super sucks, but this too shall pass.

What does your workout plan look like this week?

Weekend Catchup

Hi!!!! I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! Mine didn’t go quite at planned. I was supposed to meet my boyfriend’s family but Wednesday during the day his grandma fell and broke her hip and was hospitalized. Thanksgiving was cancelled and he drove up by himself to see her in the hospital.



I’ve been having serious subway cravings lately.


A coworkers wife brought us some seriously delicious brown sugar cinnamon cupcakes.


My roommate left me an apple pie cupcake on thanksgiving 😌



I made north african shrimp couscous from blue apron as well as mac and cheese



Trailing the blonde may now be trailing the red head.


My roommate helped me dye my hair.

I woke up today with a cold 😦 Another Cold!!!
Hopefully i can kick this quick. I hate cold season.

Talk to you soon!!!!
How was your thanksgiving?

Have you been sick this season?

Happy Thanksgiving**2015

thanksgiving2012 via

Thanksgiving is a great holiday, we all remember what we are thankful for, it makes people re-evaluate which is good.

Don’t forget to thank the earth for the bounty it has supplied you on not only this day but all through the winter. Unless you live or work on a farm most of us forget that all our food (unless it was made in a lab or with a machine) had to be grown and brought to us.

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I am very excited for the day that i have my own farmhouse/B&B and can host a big Thanksgiving for my friends and family.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

LOLA and a coupon code

Happy Wednesday!!!!!

Are you excited for tomorrow?! I am!

Ok warning for any men, GIRL POST!!!!


A few weeks ago i read about LOLA on The Hungry Runner Girl‘s Blog. They are a tampon delivery service. She had a coupon posted that got you your first month’s box for $5. Of course i was going to try it!

I just got my first box and it is awesome!!!!! You can decieded how many of each size you want and it is only $10/month for 1 box of 18 tampons. It is delivered every month like clockwork. Abso-freaking-lutly!! I am hooked.



Now i have a coupon code for you!!!

Get your first month’s box for $5 with this coupon code:


You have to use it this week though! But come on, $5 for a box of tampons. Yes.

Tuesday thoughts and Blue Apron!

2 days until Thanksgiving!!!


Sunday morning i made cinnamon rolls and when i say made i mean i opened the package and put them in the oven Hahahahaha. Artemis and i tried for another run, i made sure she pooped right before we left and this time we got about 7 minutes into the walk until she pooped again. My mom made a good point that she might be nervous in the new area causing her to go more. We will keep trying.

Sunday night i hoped on the treadmill and did my first run post surgery…..2 whole miles!!! And holy crap was it hard. A month off running is a looooong time to the body.


Very hard work.


But its a step in the right direction!!!!

Blue Apron meal #2 this week.




I still love the preportioned awesomeness.


I may have been drinking  some hot chocolate while cooking.




Once again i tweaked it a little. I cooked some of the onions which was not part of the recipe.


Sadly i missed my training appt tonight. I took the dogs out, ate half a bagel, locked the door handle and walked out the door…….literally 3 steps later i realized my keys were still on the hook after i had slammed the locked door shut. I sat in the 38degree weather in workout for about 40 minutes then my toes were burning which is not good, neither of my roommates had answered so i did a quick walk the .75 miles to a nearby subway where i bought dinner (i did have my purse thankfully). My roommate came and picked me up.


I continued the cardio kick and hopped on the recumbent bike in the bonus room for 35 minutes then watched some amazing race. An oddly slow yet busy night.

Being locked out in the freezing rain oddly made me miss the trail. I know i would have spent many days like that on the trail.

How was your Sunday and Monday?

Have you ever locked yourself out? How did you get back inside?

Monday Motivation**November 23, 2015


Happy Monday!!!!

Monday- gym session with my trainer, lower body

Tuesday-going to see mockingjay hopefully so probably OFF

Wednesday- saying goodbye to my friend before she moves, hopefully 30 min on the bike if i don’t get home too late.

Thursday-turkey day!!!!! Normally i would try and run 2-3 miles to combat all the calories but the bf and i will be driving the 3 hours to his house leaving around 8am so not this year.

Friday-in the pool with my trainer

Saturday/Sunday- run 2.5 miles.

What are your workout plans this week?

Book Review**The Year of Fog


I found this to be a really interesting book.
It is about a woman who is walking on the beach with her fiance’s daughther, she looks away and the girl is kidnapped. No spoiler that is all in the description.

Warning, it is a slow moving book, there are little to no OMG moments but it is written beautifully. There is a lot of description and great wording. I did really enjoy this book.

And i thought it was a very great read diving into the lives of people who’s lives have been torn apart.

A failed run and helping a friend pack.


Hope you all had a great Saturday!

Friday night Artemis and I went home for a walk. This was our first nighttime walk. Here in the pacific northwest it gets dark in the winter at about 5pm and i dont get home until 6-6:30pm. So i was very happy to be able to utilize something that was given to me for my hike by my great friend Sharon.

Click to view video.

Also my first BarkBox arrived!!!! I only bought 1 month but i found a one month free coupon online so i am actually getting 2 months.




There was actually a lot in there. We have opened the green treats so far. She likes them.


We share so Jasper, my roommates dog, got the turkery toy.


Artemis has actually played with this toy a little, progress!!!!!


I’m saving this for when i leave her on thanksgiving.


I made blue aprons trattoria style cheeseburger, i made a few tweaks the first time then when i made the second burger i made more tweaks.

I didn’t make the lemon aioli because i am not a big mayonnaise fan. So it was a little too lemony for me.




The second time i mixed just garlic in with the meat instead of the lemon as well.



Instead if the lemon aioli i did ketchup and mustard.

Artemis and i tried for a run today but she decided to poop about 5 minutes in and i didn’t want to run with a bag full of poop. So we shall try again tomorrow.

I spent most of the day over at my girls house helping her pack, well mostly keeping her company while she packed. I’m gonna miss her!!!!!! There may have been some pizza and dancing and a little drinking lol. Then i caught up on some tv and the boyfriend stopped by on his way home from work. He is dealing with some drama so instead of dinner we just cuddled and chatted.

I can’t believe i am meeting his family next week!!!!

How was your Saturday?

Look for a book review tomorrow!!


Happy Friday!!!!

Are you looking forward to the weekend, because i am !!!!!! I dont have any amazing plans or anything, i am going for my first short run tomorrow with my doggie, hopefully she doesn’t trip me. Then i am helping my friend pack. The boyfriend and i are hopefully having dinner together on Saturday (his work is crazy so i never know fo sure until the night of), then Sunday is just me and Artemis hanging out.


Made a delicious Blue Apron meal, Lentil Bolognase (probably not the right spelling) It is flipping delicious!!! I had it for lunch yesterday and today, I also have a full serving in the freezer and like a half a serving in the fridge to snack on this weekend!

I added some extra noodles i had to make a little more.

I was really impressed with this meal.  I will definitely be making this one again.


So stoked to have 3 workouts in the bag so far this week!!!! VERY happy to be back in workout mode, though i am starting slow and building back up.

Look for tomorrows post about Artemis’ and I’s first run together and Blue Apron Cheeseburgers!!!!!

What are you weekend plans? 

What is the last workout you did? 

Thursday Thoughts

I cannot wait until tomorrow at 5:30!!!


Someone got a bright new coller! Itbis reflective too for when we go running



It was very yummy but my stomach has been so funky i only ate about half of it, which made me sad.


My fortune from Panda Express.


Today was pie and ice cream day at work!!!!


I stayed at the boyfriends house last night and Artemis Mama decided to eat the rest of her greenies. Somebody isn’t getting any treats for awhile.

Speaking of the boyfriend, i was in a bad mood last night and decided to pick a fight. I hate when i know im being irrationally emotional and i cant stop it. But thankfully he realizes i am human and got over it.

He is taking me home to meet the family for thanksgiving!!!!! I’m so excited and nervous!!!!

Alright time to get dressed to head to the gym.

How was your day?
I felt like a zombie all day.