LOLA and a coupon code

Happy Wednesday!!!!!

Are you excited for tomorrow?! I am!

Ok warning for any men, GIRL POST!!!!


A few weeks ago i read about LOLA on The Hungry Runner Girl‘s Blog. They are a tampon delivery service. She had a coupon posted that got you your first month’s box for $5. Of course i was going to try it!

I just got my first box and it is awesome!!!!! You can decieded how many of each size you want and it is only $10/month for 1 box of 18 tampons. It is delivered every month like clockwork. Abso-freaking-lutly!! I am hooked.



Now i have a coupon code for you!!!

Get your first month’s box for $5 with this coupon code:


You have to use it this week though! But come on, $5 for a box of tampons. Yes.

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