Tuesday thoughts and Blue Apron!

2 days until Thanksgiving!!!


Sunday morning i made cinnamon rolls and when i say made i mean i opened the package and put them in the oven Hahahahaha. Artemis and i tried for another run, i made sure she pooped right before we left and this time we got about 7 minutes into the walk until she pooped again. My mom made a good point that she might be nervous in the new area causing her to go more. We will keep trying.

Sunday night i hoped on the treadmill and did my first run post surgery…..2 whole miles!!! And holy crap was it hard. A month off running is a looooong time to the body.


Very hard work.


But its a step in the right direction!!!!

Blue Apron meal #2 this week.




I still love the preportioned awesomeness.


I may have been drinking  some hot chocolate while cooking.




Once again i tweaked it a little. I cooked some of the onions which was not part of the recipe.


Sadly i missed my training appt tonight. I took the dogs out, ate half a bagel, locked the door handle and walked out the door…….literally 3 steps later i realized my keys were still on the hook after i had slammed the locked door shut. I sat in the 38degree weather in workout for about 40 minutes then my toes were burning which is not good, neither of my roommates had answered so i did a quick walk the .75 miles to a nearby subway where i bought dinner (i did have my purse thankfully). My roommate came and picked me up.


I continued the cardio kick and hopped on the recumbent bike in the bonus room for 35 minutes then watched some amazing race. An oddly slow yet busy night.

Being locked out in the freezing rain oddly made me miss the trail. I know i would have spent many days like that on the trail.

How was your Sunday and Monday?

Have you ever locked yourself out? How did you get back inside?


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