Unplanned food day


So one of the meals i made for this week turned out horrible lol. That will teach me to try and save $.30 by buying the Safeway brand of mac and cheese. It got all mushy and tasted horrible when reheated. I couldn’t even make myself eat it so i had to toss it all which i didnt feel good about.
I have a bunch of the straw propeller oatmeal left that i bought for my hike so that is starting to be my breakfast most days.


Gotta have my coffee


This mug is actually really cool it is recyclable, microwaveable and dishwasher safe and i got it for $5!

For lunch i had leftovers from my breakfast out on Sunday.


Veggie omelette and hashbrowns.
My coworker went out for lunch so i asked her to pick me up a Starbucks 😄


I picked up a frozen pizza from the grocery store and added pineapple.


Thankfully i have enough for two lunches or lunch and dinner.

My roommate made brownies with zucchini in them! Remember that we have an abundance of summer squash right now. She also used dark chocolate cocoa


That means i can eat more right? It has veggies and antioxidants.

In my organics to you box i got a small bunch of carrots that was starting to get soft since i hadn’t used them so i chopped them up to throw in the freezer so when soup season comes i can just throw them in!


Plus that means i dont have to toss them and waste food.

On a fun side note i got some free glasses at work today


Very star trek, but i kind of like them lol.

What is your go to food when you dont have a meal planned?

What is your favorite veggie to put in baked goods?

Monday Motivation**July 27, 2015


Woohoo week 4 of half marathon training!!!!

Monday-3 miles (its supposed to be nice on monday so i am going to run at lunch


Wednesday- weights and calisthetics

Thursday- 3 miles

Friday- weights and calisthetics

Saturday or Sunday- 4 miles

Who is training with me this week?

My weekend

Hey everyone!!! I can’t believe the weekend is coming to an end again!!!!! It went by waaay too fast.

Friday night after work i went out with B and my roommate C.
C just got a new account at work so it was celebration time! We went to a martini bar/Restaurant called Twigs i had a blood orange martini and a pink lemonade martini.


4 slightly tipsy girls decided to walk down the street and see Magic Mike XXL, i actually liked it better than the first one.


Saturday morning B and i got up and went for a run in the park.



It startes to rain at the end of our run.


Then of course it was time for a post run treat.


Saturday night was my work’s ‘Christmas’ party. We did the Portland spirits cruise…..it was pirate themed.




I enjoyed spending most of the time on the top deck watching the scenery.



Sunday i went out to breakfast with my friend J, then came back home and relaxed the rest of the day. I had a slight hangover so i spent the day relaxing and hydrating. Washed some laundry and did a little reading.

Here’s to a great start for the coming week!

Book review**Grey

Happy Saturday!!!!

Grey is Fifty Shades of Grey told from the perspective of Christian Grey.


I ready all Fifty Shades of Grey books when they came out and have seen the movie.
Let’s be real, these books are porn, i believe the term ‘mommy porn’ was used to describe these books. I like them for what they are, a fun, dirty read.
There is not a lot of character development, from what I read online she originally based them on the twilight characters, which i think you can really see the similarities.

But in a series like this most people don’t care about character development.

All that being said i did really enjoy reading the male counterpart to the story. You get to see much more of Christian Grey’s dark past, see how his mind works; though i still don’t feel like there is much depth to the characters.

In the end i still love the books for what they are: some fun dirty reading, porn.

I suggest it for a fun summer beach read.

What do you think?

Hot Run

Howdy all!!!
I got back to my running today!

Yesterday it was all nice and overcast so i planned to run at lunch today, of course it was hot and sunny today!
My face was super red sitting at my desk for like an hour afterwards hahahahahaha.

My mac and cheese lunch ended up sucking! I will never buy the Safeway version again to save 20cents. So i tossed it 😦 thankfully i had brought a vemma bod-e shake with recovery.


So that was my lunch.


Hanging at my desk.

I have a work dinner tonight and thankfully i decided to look at the menu and nutritional information before going. I was going to get fish and chips….yum, yum, yum. But it was more than my whole DAY of calories!!! Veggie burger it is lol!!!

Planning ahead means i can make the best choice for me.

Have you ever planned your meal ahead when going out?

What was your workout today?

Don’t stress your schedule

Hi everyone!!!!

Well it is Wednesday and my training schedule this week has been totally rearranged already.

Sunday night i was all set to go to bed early and get the week started off right then my roommate and i started chatting in our bonus room thing, which has no clocks, and finally i was super tired and called it a night thinking it was like 10:30pm……i walk into my room and the clock says midnight!!!!!

Then Monday i went out on a date to a cider bar and ended up not getting home until past 10:30pm (google maps you let me down!!! it kept losing GPS every other minute….literally) then my roomates wanted some dish about the night so i once again i crawled into bed around 11:30pm or a little past.

Not that big of a deal i figured i would just skip 1 weights this week and move my run to Wednesday morning. WEll this morning rolled around and my alarm went off at 5:30am, i snoozed it to 5:50am then made the executive decision to run tomorrow morning instead. I WILL get in my 3 runs this week, it just may be 3 days in a row. Thankfully my training is still low mileage enought that this shouldnt be a problem.

My organics to you box came yesterday, i made fennel risotto for my lunch today, it was DELICIOUS!!


Munching on blueberries from my box.


Needed a little pick me up today, work is so slow i was falling asleep.

Between my roomate and i we are overflowing with zucchini and summer squash…..i gave 3 away to my coworkers today. I may be giving more away in the future lol.

What do you do when your schedule gets thrown off? 

What is a good mid-afternoon pick me up for you?

Exciting News!!!!

Soooooo………I am going back out on the trail!!!! I already got approved for the time off work and i am going back on the trail for 5-6 days!

September 2-6/7 i will be hiking from Cascade Locks to Trout Lake. It is about 84 miles so my goal will be about 16 miles a day. Monday is labor day which my job is closed so i have that extra day as a buffer.

As of right now i am going out alone, but who knows maybe one of these dates will find me someone to hike with, but im not holding my breath lol.


A fun weekend

Hi all!!!! I hope everyone had a fun weekend like i did!!!

Saturday i took it easy to make sure i fully mended from my bug. Spent the day lounging on the couch, watched the last half of season 9 of the amazing race and the beginning of season 10. I read a little and caught up on some correspondence…..and sipped on a frapachino of course.


I pin curled my hair to make it cute for the beginning of the week cause i have two dates scheduled.


I did it today so it can fall out a bit for the dates, don’t want it to look too perfect on the first date hahahaha.

But one of the best parts of the weekend was…..wedding cake tastings!!!! Yep, you read that right (don’t freak out mom, keep reading).
I don’t even have a boyfriend and im tasting wedding cakes.



One of my roommates has a small baking business on the side and she is doing a wedding cake tasting this weekend, so she is making extra for me to taste first.
This is one job i will gladly be the guinea pig for!!!

Thank goodness i have started running or i would gain 500lbs living here because every other week she is making cupcakes i get to try, and cupcakes are a weakness of mine.


My roommate and i also went and saw ‘Trainwreck’ Saturday night which was super cute and so funny! Here’s to a good week!!!!

Have you seen any good movies lately?

Are you an amazing race junkie like me?

Training this week is shot

So i went for my run Tuesday morning then by Tuesday afternoon i was having bad stomach cramps and bloating, i felt really bad.

I rescheduled a date i had and went home after work.

I just kept feeling worse and worse. I threw up everything i ate, had the cold sweats, was super achey all over had a killer headache. I missed 2 days of work and lost 4 lbs in about 36 hours, 24 of which i has slept. I don’t know if it was the flu, or food poisening or a stomach bug…..i dont know.

I am back at work.


arg, dang photo wont straigten out. Oh well, i dont have the energy to fix it right now.

I am living on mainly sprite.


And and scrapped all my training this week becuase i am still barely holding food down.

Fingers crossed i vastly improve over the weekend.

I hope your week has been better than mine!!!!!!!