Unplanned food day


So one of the meals i made for this week turned out horrible lol. That will teach me to try and save $.30 by buying the Safeway brand of mac and cheese. It got all mushy and tasted horrible when reheated. I couldn’t even make myself eat it so i had to toss it all which i didnt feel good about.
I have a bunch of the straw propeller oatmeal left that i bought for my hike so that is starting to be my breakfast most days.


Gotta have my coffee


This mug is actually really cool it is recyclable, microwaveable and dishwasher safe and i got it for $5!

For lunch i had leftovers from my breakfast out on Sunday.


Veggie omelette and hashbrowns.
My coworker went out for lunch so i asked her to pick me up a Starbucks 😄


I picked up a frozen pizza from the grocery store and added pineapple.


Thankfully i have enough for two lunches or lunch and dinner.

My roommate made brownies with zucchini in them! Remember that we have an abundance of summer squash right now. She also used dark chocolate cocoa


That means i can eat more right? It has veggies and antioxidants.

In my organics to you box i got a small bunch of carrots that was starting to get soft since i hadn’t used them so i chopped them up to throw in the freezer so when soup season comes i can just throw them in!


Plus that means i dont have to toss them and waste food.

On a fun side note i got some free glasses at work today


Very star trek, but i kind of like them lol.

What is your go to food when you dont have a meal planned?

What is your favorite veggie to put in baked goods?

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