A quiet time

We are definitely in the quiet season of the year. I think of winter as quiet and cozy. Not much has been going on the last few weeks. Settling into a new schedule at work which gives me weekends off with my husband which is wonderful.

This last week though I have seen and felt spring coming. The Pacific northwest has had a pretty mild winter anyways but now we already have buds on trees and green leaves sprouting and even some flowers starting to pop! It is starting to feel a little like spring.

My husband spent most of yesterday working on one of the beds we will use to plant and working on the lumber we will use for it. I got some seeds started

I want to do succession planting so each week I will start a few more seeds

I got 1 broccoli, 1 cabbage, 1 cauliflower, 4 bok choy, 4 basil, 2 snap peas, 5 beets, 4 okra, 4 parsnip, 16 carrot, and 9 onions started yesterday. Hopefully I will get a few more done tonight because I still have some things I want to get started for this first week.

And so the planting race has begun….though really this is just the warm up. Right now it is kind of a rush (but not really) to get seeds started then once they are all started it will be hardening them off then transplanting them to the ground…..if my raised beds are done, if not it will be into bigger pots until the beds are done hahaha. I think we are going to have a great crop this year. Now I just need to get used to cooking what is available not whatever I feel like. I have 2 cookbooks that are based on seasonal produce and all the farming memoirs I have read have a few recipes and most of them sound amazing soooo hopefully we will be eating like kings this year and still lose weight and get into shape since it will be a lot of veggies hahahahaha