Monday Motivation**August 27, 2018

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It was a very fun but exhausting weekend.

Portland to coast relay!! I filled in for someone on the team and spent 24 hours in a car with my future inlaws…..and I’m even more excited about being part of the family!


Sorry I have been MIA! Was slogging through my last 2 weeks of school. And now I am finally free!!! 5 weeks of glorious nothing! Well at least no school work. 2 of those weekends Brandon has football games at his Alma Mater or however that is spelled. So I will have 2 days if binge watching TV hahahahaahah!!!

My psych grade has been posted, got an A woohoo!!!! Now just waiting for my finalized writing grade. Its gonna be close. I am right on the cusp on a B and A, I am really hoping she will give it to me…..we shall see.

Also this happened:::

We’re engaged!!!!!!

Yellow Tomato Soup with Jasmine Rice

Here is the tomato and rice soup I made this weekend!! Tomorrow I will post the oven dried tomatoes!

A Balanced Life

Hi guys! I love soup; it’s a whole meal in one pot, which I love so I make A LOT of soup ha-ha. With this soup higher grade ingredients are what make the flavor and of course they are out of season right now. Either shell out the few extra dollars to get the right ingredients or bookmark or print out this recipe and wait until next summer/autumn. This recipe is from one of the first cookbooks I ever bought “The New England Soup Factory Cookbook”.

Here’s what you need:

12 large yellow tomatoes (during summer make the effort to find locally-grown tomatoes, they are the key to the perfect flavor for this soup)

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

3 whole garlic cloves, peeled

2 cups diced onions

½ cup diced celery

2 cups diced carrots

10 sun-dried tomatoes

2 quarts vegetable stock

2 cups v-8 juice

1 bunch…

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A productive weekend

I needed some energy gels for our long runs so we hit up REI and they were having a sale.

Sports bra for $30! Score!!!!

Stocked up on gels, jelly beans, and chews to get me through to the half marathon.


Making pulled pork!!!!!

Also another batch of tomato sauce in the slow cooker. We are running out of room in the freezer. I will have to can the next batch hahahaha.

Making some oven dried tomoatoes

The finished pulled pork. It was soooo good!!!!

Also made tomato and rice soup! Though it is so thick its probably more of a stew.

The finished tomato sauce before i blended it.

The Iron Nun!!!! She is sooo cool!!! No lie i kind of have a girl crush on her.

Finally started watching 13 reasons why and I am in love with it!! Only on episode 6 and i cannot wait to find out who the other 7 people are!!! And where does Clay come into it? With school slowly coming to an end i should hopefully be able to finish it in a reasonable amount of time.

That being said I have 1 essay, 1 discussion paper, 2 quizzes and 1 final left and i will be done for 5 weeks!!!! So stinking excited!!!!!

Monday Motivation**August 6, 2018

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of course i say this after just eating 2 slices of cold pizza for breakfast. Hey it was more free food from a resident.

2 runs this week….though this is counting from Tuesday. if you count a week from last Monday than it would be 3 runs but Garmin is stupid in that way. But great in so many others so I cant really complain.

No run tonight as it is out 2 year anniversary and we are going out to dinner. No idea where yet though. I will tell you all about it tomorrow!!!