Happy Halloween!!!!!

Also known as the 3rd harvest festival!



these will definitely be on my snack rotation this halloween


This would be a great center piece at dinner.


This will also make an apperance in my lunch box


Love this, it is fun but i think it still looks sophisticated


Super fun and cute dinner!

Don’t forget to honor your ancestors today! Set a place for them at the table, set a plate of food out overnight for them.

Happy All Hallows Eve!!!!!

Also The Exorcist is on sale on Audible today for $4.99!!


This is what i will be listening to today!!!!


Weekend Wrapup

I had a great weekend. On Saturday i did some movie watching and went for a run 

On Sunday I worked 6.5 hours at the pumpkin fest on the farm that i worked the tulip fest for. 

I got to drive this

And this

I may have stalled it when i parked it……I’m not a pro at driving stickshift. 

Monday at the end of work i started not feeling to great.

I picked up some theraflu

And soup mix

Then watched some TV with my roommate

Today i went into work and started not feeling great earlier in the day so i headed home to relax and sleep it off, hopefully. I’ve napped and had dinner and now im climbing back into bed. Gilmore Girls is keeping me company until i pass back out

Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.