Happy Halloween!!!!!

Also known as the 3rd harvest festival!



these will definitely be on my snack rotation this halloween


This would be a great center piece at dinner.


This will also make an apperance in my lunch box


Love this, it is fun but i think it still looks sophisticated


Super fun and cute dinner!

Don’t forget to honor your ancestors today! Set a place for them at the table, set a plate of food out overnight for them.

Happy All Hallows Eve!!!!!

Also The Exorcist is on sale on Audible today for $4.99!!


This is what i will be listening to today!!!!


Happy Harvest Day!!!

Today is the begining of the Gaelic Harvest Season!

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Today is a great day to try your hand at baking something made from wheat!!

And remember that most of our food comes from the earth, so take a moment and thank the Earth for all the wonderful food it provides for us!!!!

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I think i will be definitely trying to make this! it looks delicious!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!