Hairstyle**Braided crown


I have been looking at blogs, pinterest, and amazon for fun easy hairstyles. This was one of the first ones i stumbled upon. This one is from a book off amazon. It is crazy simple.

20150523_153041 20150523_153051

I started with already curled hair, but you could use straight, wavy, or whatever hair. After i washed my hair last night i put it up in curlers and slept that way.

20150523_153130 20150523_153248 20150523_153302

Take a section of your hair, the part that you would use if you were pulling your sides back. Braid that section, then pull the braid apart a little bit to add volume and make the braid look bigger.

20150523_153332 20150523_153557 20150523_153708

Wrap the braid around your head and secure it. I used a giant clip because 90% of my hair and bathroom stuff is already packed. It will probably be prettier if you use a few bobby pins.

Repeat this process on the other side and wrap that braid around and secure with bobby pins. With bobby pins yours will hopefully turn out a little more secure than mine hahahaha. Add a spritz of gel or hairspray to tame flyways and create a little hold.

From the front it is a nice sides pulled back look with it being a little more interesting in the back.

Let me know how it works out for you!

P.S Yes i am in my comfy pajamas 🙂 The weather has been bipolar here and has been raining a lot lately so i am enjoy and warm inside lazy day.

Breakfast Sandwich

20150523_085434Homemade Breakfast Sandwich

I love breakfast sandwiches in the morning, but lets face it any sandwich not homemade is gonna be higher in calories, sodium, fat and chemicals. Thats not to say that i don’t LOVE Del Taco breakfast burritos or breakfast hot pockets, because i do but i know that they are bad so i try and make them infrequent.

Recently i started making my own and was shocked by how easy it was!

Here is what i use:


My go to veggies are onion, bell pepper, and tomato but mostly I use whatever is on hand in the fridge. Today that is onion and bell pepper.


I use 2 eggs, though really i should use 1 egg and 1 egg white. I add a little bit of milk or half and half to add a little fluff to the eggs. Blend with a fork to scramble then set aside.

20150523_083843 20150523_084009

Start a little oil heating up in a skillet, i used olive oil. I add the onions, pepper and garlic powder (use whatever herbs you want) and let the onions cook for a minute or two then i add the bell peppers. I let eat veggie (or fruit in the case of a tomato) cook for a minute before I add the next. Then pour in your scrambled eggs.


If i have a lot of time in the morning I turn the heat on low and put a lid on to let it cook slowly, if i am in a hurry i turn the heat on medium and cook and scramble it faster. The faster way is messier but it is faster.


No, i am not perfect at cooking hahaha, but it will still taste great!

When the eggs are almost done I put a whole wheat english muffin in the toaster and cut some cheese slices. I put the cheese on the hot english muffin so it can start to melt then put the egg on then the meat. If there is spinach in the house i will throw some leaves on to get in some extra veggies. My brother adds mayo, my mom adds spicy brown mustard, and i either eat it dry or add salsa for some extra taste.


When i make too many eggs, like i did today, i turn it into two open faced sandwiches.

What do you put on your breakfast sandwich?

Monday Motivation**May 25, 2015

Howdy all!!!!

The best way to keep my goal of being fit again is to keep it in the forefront of my mind. I already talked about putting motivational pictures on my phone, which i like most people look at a million times a day, and that is going great.

Now i am taking it a step further. I am setting up a reward system.


This is obviously to help me lose my initial weight that i have gained back and then some.

And to keep me going long after that.


I think this will be a great way to buy new fitness gear and other things i need to stay motivated to stay in shape.

Another thing i need to do but haven’t done yet is set up a motivation board. These seem tl be insanely helpful. Since i haven’t done it yet i pulled some examples from google to give to and idea. They can range from simple tl complex, whatever you need to motivate you.




What does your motivation board/wall look like?

Book Reviews


I hope you are all having a great Saturday!


I am a self proclaimed major book worm. I am not saying I know a great book or do great reviews or anything but everyone who knows me knows i read….a lot. I get asked for book recommendation a lot because I read a lot of books and a wide variety of them. Since the blog is now becoming all about my life i want to add a book review section this way if you need a book recommendation you can check out the review section. 🙂

I hope you like it!!! Let me know.

I think i will try and start by doing two books a month that way i don’t overload myself too much.


ME WANT!!!!!!

Let yourself off the hook

Happy Friday everyone!!!

So on Tuesday i started a new workout regimen. I bought the 12-week bikini workout program and am loving it so far!! It is by The Get in Shape Girl. So I have done the workouts the last 3 days and feel great, a little sore but great; today I am supposed to do a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout and an additional 30 minutes of cardio, however today I just wasn’t in the mood to workout.

This workout program is a 6 days a week program, Sunday is supposed to be my rest day, instead i decided that today would be my rest day.


I knew that because i so didn’t feel like working out today that i wouldn’t work out to my full potential, this way it is a win-win. I will still get in my 6 days a week workout and i get to choose the day that i don’t feel like working out.

Basically i am saying, if you really don’t feel like working out, not that you are being lazy or anything like that but that you genuinely don’t feel any motivation at all, take the day off and let yourself off the hook about it…….but make sure you kick butt in your next workout.

On a side note, remember that braid i did….20150522_180922

Look how much it spices up my pony tail!!! I love it!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

An easy versatile hairstyle


I don’t know about you guys but i tend to fall into a hair rut. I find a few hairstyles that i can do quick and easy and usually stick with them most of the time. I’ve been searching pintrest and amazon and google looking for still pretty quick and easy but different hairstyles to spice up my hair routine.

One i love is a small front side braid.


I part my hair to the side and do a small french braid. I do it when my hair is wet so i dont have to contend with so many flyaways and i can make it a little bit tighter.


I love this because its so versatile. I can leave my hair down with the braid, it really spices up my ponytail, it works with a bun. Really it makes almost any basic hairstyle a little more interesting.

Try it out and tell me what you think!

No excuses


Everyday we all make excuses to ourselves; he probably didn’t get my last text so it’s ok to text him again, i was 100 calories under my limit yesterday so i can have that extra cookie today, my stomach is a little bloated today so it’s ok if i take today off working out, etc….

I make just as many excuses as the average person, maybe more, it is something i am working on.

Today i am happy to say that yesterday my excuses did not get the best of me.

There is a park in my town that has workout stations surrounding the playground, freaking genius if you ask me, anyways i met my girlfriend Stephanie and her daughter for coffee then we were going to workout at the park while her daughter played. Of course the one day we choose to workout it rains and the closer we get to the playground the harder the rain gets, it’s just too dangerous to workout in the pouring rain on bars and balls, especially with her daughter so we call it a day.

I already have my workout clothes on and as much as i am getting bored of the elliptical and as much as i wanted to do the fun playground workout i made myself do an hour on the elliptical, and of course i didn’t regret it.


  Tell me an excuse you overcame 😄

A date in Hawthorne

Good Morning everyone!!!

This time last weekend I was having breakfast with a nice man in the middle of nowhere.

I can tell you this, if you are ever thinking of scheduling a first date/meet and greet type thing in Hawthorne……don’t.

There is nothing to do! However if this does happen, get pizza at the little pizza shop across from the El Capitan casino, it was delicious!

Also, at this point spring for the suite and the El Capitan lodge, i didn’t and he did and wow was his room like 10x nicer than mine. My room reminded me of the room in the movie ‘vacancy’……the adjoining door was even unlocked when i got there, just saying. 

I met a guy from eharmony there, i think it went well and look forward to spending more time with him. And he was a very good sport when ‘pitch perfect’ was the movie i turned on the tv and ‘what to expect when you’re expecting’ came on after that hahahahaha.

I’m smitten but am not counting my chickens. I’ll keep you posted!

Tell me something that has made you smile lately.

Weight update

Hi everyone!!!

So i have been home about, what 2.5 weeks? Wow thats it, it feels so much longer. Anyways since i got home i have been doing a mixture of insanity, jogging and the elliptical machine, mostly the elliptical machine. I have also been tracking my calories, not religiously but I’m trying and I’ve lost 4 lbs. So I’m down to 153. I’ve still got a minimum of about 10lbs to go but I’m on my way!

Sparkpeople is really working for me to track my calories easily and i am loving puting my fitness motivation pictures on my phone and changing it every week so i don’t get bored or stop really looking at it.

Having motivating pictures on my phone is perfect, i see it EVERY time i look at my phone and that is huge. I strongly suggest puting something motivating where you will see it to help you reach whatever goal you are aiming towards.

Something fun to try

Howdy all!!!

Things are good here and ill update you more in a few days but i wanted to stop in and show you my new purchase!!!!! It is simple and cheap but ibam so stoked for it.
So i write letters to my friends and family, like actual snail mail letters, they are a mixture between hand written and typed but i mail them.


I think people have forgotten how much fun it is to receive something in the mail that isn’t a bill or magazine or summons lol.

To make it even more fun i bought an old fashion seal and wax!



And it turned out sooo cool! I am super excited about it!
I challenge you to write someone and old fashion letter!

And here is a little fitness motivation for you 😄


Talk to you later!!!