No excuses


Everyday we all make excuses to ourselves; he probably didn’t get my last text so it’s ok to text him again, i was 100 calories under my limit yesterday so i can have that extra cookie today, my stomach is a little bloated today so it’s ok if i take today off working out, etc….

I make just as many excuses as the average person, maybe more, it is something i am working on.

Today i am happy to say that yesterday my excuses did not get the best of me.

There is a park in my town that has workout stations surrounding the playground, freaking genius if you ask me, anyways i met my girlfriend Stephanie and her daughter for coffee then we were going to workout at the park while her daughter played. Of course the one day we choose to workout it rains and the closer we get to the playground the harder the rain gets, it’s just too dangerous to workout in the pouring rain on bars and balls, especially with her daughter so we call it a day.

I already have my workout clothes on and as much as i am getting bored of the elliptical and as much as i wanted to do the fun playground workout i made myself do an hour on the elliptical, and of course i didn’t regret it.


  Tell me an excuse you overcame 😄

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