Excuses, Excuses

Excuses, Excuses is right! All i have had lately are exucses.

I have not worked out since THURSDAY!!! That is 4 days! Thankfully i am meeting a client tonight to do some cardio with so i can snap myself out of this funk. I need get my butt back into gear.

This is why you are never supposed to go more than 2 days in a row without working out, you fall into a no workout funk…….or maybe that is just me.

My excuses have been that my dog wants to cuddle (which is amazing, puppy cuddles are the best), that i just plain dont want to get out an run today, that i trained someone (thats counts as a workout right?) Etc, Etc.

I am going to use you guys to keep me honest for the next week, if you dont see a workout on this blog feel free to CALL ME OUT!

Just go with it

I slept in and had a great pre-run breakfast 

Took an hour to digest and then decided I have no desire to run today. 

I was supposed to do 12 miles but, nope, not happening. 

So today became an awesome lazy day. My last lazy day in awhile. 

I also did some meal prep

Chicken Cordon Bleu 

Then to make life easier some steamer veggies

And together it all makes a pretty balanced diet.

Then I toppled off my lazy day with a big cheat meal

I hate that this crap tastes so good. 

Today was a not great day for me but instead of not feeling great about it or beating myself up I’m just going to go with it and start fresh tomorrow.

And kick A** next week. 

My small life

It’s funny how our lives  lives go through cycles, this time last year my life and my community consisted of hudreds of through hikers and through hiking blog readers. Some of that is still a part of my life, i may not be a through hiker but i am a hiker. But now i am back in Oregon and my life consists of going to work, working out, hanging at home with my dog and the occasional date. Yes i am part of the running community and am becoming part of the triathlon community but i am very much alone up here.

Don’t worry this is not a pity party post.

But really, none of my immediate family is here, i have no close friends here. The one wonderful woman i hung out with on a regular basis moved to the other side of the country. I am averaging seeing 1 other woman and her fiance about once every other month. But that is it. So it’s time to take the bull by the horns.

I have made exercise a priority and now meeting people will be as well.

I have joined 2 book groups and RSVP’d to these groups April event so yay.

Also i joined a few running groups and RSVP’d to a short run the weekend after the tulip festival ends. I WILL put myself out there. I need to build a base of people here.

If you are interested in meeting people I used Meetup.com there is something for everyone.

On a side note i got lots of planting done last night!


Planted 3 small rows of onions in this 10 gal smart pot


Got 2 rows lf corn and peas in each brown planter and planted 2 potatoes in the potato bag


The bottom opens for easy harvesting!

How are you?
How long did it take you to establish your base of people where you live now?
How did you do it?

Tuesday Tangents


How is your week going? Mine has been a whirlwind!

Yesterday my ex lost his dog that he has had for 10 years. I kept him company and tried to cheer him up and be there for him. Irregardless i care about him and don’t want him to he in pain.

In other stuff


Yea i am watching this season…..at least so far.



I found both these books on Amazon for a PENNY!!!! Even with shipping they were only $4/each.


I ordered the Garmin vivoactive!!! It should arrive tomorrow. Huge shoutout to my aunt who helped me pay for half of it as a late Christmas/early birthday gift. THANK YOU!!!!!!


Pasta is a cheap staple for me lately.

And with that it is sleep time for me. I only got 4 hours of sleep last night. Yes i somehow still got my butt up and went to the gym at 5am this morning. And have a 5am swim appt tomorrow.

Good night!!!!!

No excuses


Everyday we all make excuses to ourselves; he probably didn’t get my last text so it’s ok to text him again, i was 100 calories under my limit yesterday so i can have that extra cookie today, my stomach is a little bloated today so it’s ok if i take today off working out, etc….

I make just as many excuses as the average person, maybe more, it is something i am working on.

Today i am happy to say that yesterday my excuses did not get the best of me.

There is a park in my town that has workout stations surrounding the playground, freaking genius if you ask me, anyways i met my girlfriend Stephanie and her daughter for coffee then we were going to workout at the park while her daughter played. Of course the one day we choose to workout it rains and the closer we get to the playground the harder the rain gets, it’s just too dangerous to workout in the pouring rain on bars and balls, especially with her daughter so we call it a day.

I already have my workout clothes on and as much as i am getting bored of the elliptical and as much as i wanted to do the fun playground workout i made myself do an hour on the elliptical, and of course i didn’t regret it.


  Tell me an excuse you overcame 😄