Just go with it

I slept in and had a great pre-run breakfast 

Took an hour to digest and then decided I have no desire to run today. 

I was supposed to do 12 miles but, nope, not happening. 

So today became an awesome lazy day. My last lazy day in awhile. 

I also did some meal prep

Chicken Cordon Bleu 

Then to make life easier some steamer veggies

And together it all makes a pretty balanced diet.

Then I toppled off my lazy day with a big cheat meal

I hate that this crap tastes so good. 

Today was a not great day for me but instead of not feeling great about it or beating myself up I’m just going to go with it and start fresh tomorrow.

And kick A** next week. 

One thought on “Just go with it

  1. Why does the crap taste better?!!! So not fair. Anyway, starting Wed, it will be a very busy 5-7 days for you, me and Carra. Bring it on! The mama is ready for packing and moving mode helper! See you in 3 days!

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