New Moon*November 2016

Today the moon is dark, it is a good time for reflection.

follow this link for some fun facts about the moon!!!

We are in the dark part of the year, i hope you are taking some meditation time and time for yourself. 48ae6854582160182c828e96b4bb47e3

Monday Motivation 

Happy Monday!!! how are you feeling after the holiday weekend?

Monday: Insanity Day 4

Tuesday: PM Strength then 1.75 mile fast (11:35 pace) and .15 mile hills x 6 at a 3.5 incline

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: PM strength and 3.25 mile @ tempo (12:30)

Friday: OFF

Saturday: AM Spin class then swim 600m

Sunday: 8 miles easy and yoga

If you fell off the wagon last week lets get back on track this week!!!!

Home Sweet Home

It is soooo good to be home! 

I had a great time with my mom, it was wonderful to see her and to relax and not worry about anything for a few days. 

I got spoiled 

Homemade belgin waffles. 

We took the dogs for a nice long walk on an old logging road

Then my cold struck back with a vengeance and this has been my steady diet 

Somebody is very happy to be home in her own  bed

I thoughy it fitting to watch some Twilight after spending 6 days in Forks

 Now that i am home i am adding homeopathy to my sickness regiment 

Come on oregano, don’t  let me down. The slique is for all the over eating that has happened lol. Though the last 2 days i haven’t been overeating since i can barely taste anything due to my super plugged up nose, sad face. If i don’t  see massive improvement by Tuesday it’ll be time to call yhe DR to see if its something more serious than a cold.

How was your Holiday?

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

This is another of my favorite hoildays during my FAVORITE time of year!!! This time of year just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And of couse there is the amazing food.


How flipping delicious does this look????!!! Yes i will be consuming way too mamy calories today like most of America, but i tried to be good yesterday to offset it a bit.


Love this fireplace decore, beautiful but not overwhelming.


Everything i like seems like it will be very high in calories hahahaha!!!!


pumpkin french toast……yes, must try this.


Once again yes, i will be making these, look forward to that blog post lol


and last but not least……cookies!!!!!!!!!!!

If you make any of these let me know how they turn out and i will do the same.

I hope you are spending today with people you love.

 Turkey, stuffing, potatoes oh my!!!!

A relaxing day

A vacation at mom’s house is the best, all the stress of life just falls away and you get to be 12 again and not worry about anything.

We watched more Bones.

Stayed nice and cozy through all the rain that is coming down. 

Took the crazy dogs for a walk during a 15 minute time period of lighter rain

Then hit the gym for a little run. I took it easy since I’m still a little phlegmy.

Post  gym selfie while mom was running errands.

Got coffee afterwards, yes there are still Twilight themed things here. Weirdly i totally love that, brings a little bit of fiction to life. 

I’ve also been enjoying lots of sudoku.

Now it’s  off to bed for me. See you on Thanksgiving !!!!

Road Trip!!!!

Thanksgiving week has arrived!!!! So off to mom’s I went. I packed up the car and Artemis and I were off.

About half way there the rain started and never stopped. The Olympic Peninsula is known for its rain

Saw some pretty Oregon beaches along the way

Artemis is wary of places that aren’t her home but she is settling in…..slowly

And to top it all off, a home cooked meal at the table!!!!

Our table at home is still piled with stuff so i generally eat at the coffee table in front of the TV.

What are your holiday plans?

Any travel for you?

Monday Motivation 

Every day is a fresh start, make this one great!

Monday: Insanity Day 3

Tuesday: PM Strength then 1.5 mile fast (11:40 pace) and .15 mile hills x 6 at a 3.5 incline

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: AM 3 miles at tempo (12:30) Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Friday: 7 easy miles and stretching

Saturday: Spin for 45 min then swim 550 meters (this might change depending on the options at my moms gym in her little town

Sunday: OFF

Have a great holiday week!!!

Weekly Check in

Its that time again! Did i hit my weekly workout goal?

Here was the plan:

Monday: Insanity Day 2 Got fired, came home, then went out to a celebratory dinner, so did not workout

Tuesday: PM strength training then 1.25 mile fast (11:45 min pace) and .1 mile hills X 6 at a 3 incline Woke up sick

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: PM strength training then 2.5 miles at tempo (12:30) Still sick

Friday: OFF Sick, went for a short walk with Artemis. 

Saturday: Spin class then swim 500m Sick

Sunday: 6 miles easy and yoga Long walk with Artemis. Trying to make sure i dont stay sick longer than nessesary . 


What i did right:……recovered when sick

What i could have done better: Not gotten sick lol

Food: Medium, not horrible but not great

Comment and tell me how you did!

To Workout or Not to Workout, That is the Question.

Cold and flu season is upon us. Where i used to work, this time of year, i felt like i was always fighting things off and there was not enough fresh air being pumped through. I got let go on Monday and by Wednesday was laid up on the couch with a cold. An influx of stress then time to finally relax brought my immune system down so i thought i would look at when you are suppost to workout and when you are not. 

Based on what my little research online showed if you have symptoms just above the neck like sore throat, headache, runny nose, sneezing, and teary eyes you can work out anything below the neck such as coughing, colored phlegm, vommiting, diarrhea or a fever of over 101 and you should sit it out. 

I also found that it said that vigorous activity can lower your immune systems in the short term where as easy or medium activity can bolster your immune system so if you feel up to it go for a walk outside in the fresh air but leave your speedwork until later.  

My sick list

Always have good books around to read

Lot’s of fluids and vitamins 

Netflix marathon 


Over the counter medicine to help the extra vitamins. 

What do you do when you are sick?

A Great Day

This is going to be short at sweet because I’m about to fall asleep. 

I had a great day. The BF and I went mini golfing

I was only 5 over par, i will call that awesome!!! Then he took me for sushi because i haven’t had it in forever, even though he does not like it lol, he is so sweet. 
Next we went and saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, super cute, loved it!!!! 

And lastly my roommate too me out to a congratulations on getting fired here’s to better things in the future dinner lol

Now i have to get all this makeup off and pass out so i can get up and run in the  AM.

How was your day?