Road Trip!!!!

Thanksgiving week has arrived!!!! So off to mom’s I went. I packed up the car and Artemis and I were off.

About half way there the rain started and never stopped. The Olympic Peninsula is known for its rain

Saw some pretty Oregon beaches along the way

Artemis is wary of places that aren’t her home but she is settling in…..slowly

And to top it all off, a home cooked meal at the table!!!!

Our table at home is still piled with stuff so i generally eat at the coffee table in front of the TV.

What are your holiday plans?

Any travel for you?

2 thoughts on “Road Trip!!!!

  1. Hmmm… what Oregon beaches do you go through in WA????? Hahaha!!! Looks just like an area near Ruby Beach and Klaloch which I’m betting it is. lol

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