From Long Beach to Long Beach!

Last weekend I was in Long beach, CA for my grandmas birthday and this weekend thr bf and I took a little road trip to Long Beach, WA. 

This week I did all my training for my new floating concierge position. I worked Friday morning then met the bf at my place and we headed to Washington. 

Complete with doggie and all!! He wasn’t too happy about the traffic hahahahaha

We got a little dog friendly motel room right on the beach. Went for a little run Saturday morning 

After our little run we headed into town for lunch and some exploring 

Super stoked to see this hahahahaha

And got the biggest ice cream cone ever!!

Even sharing it with the bf I couldn’t finish it!

It was a fun quick trip, I had to be back by mid-day Sunday so I could train that night. 

This morning I had an amazing breakfast 

12 grain toast with a 2 egg omelet that had onions and Parmesan cheese and an orange. Mmmm I’m hungry just thinking about it. 

Then I rode the trimet/max around town getting down the routes from my place to the places I would concierge at. Parking downtown is horribly priced.

It was an interesting day lol. 

And tonight I hit the gym to do 3 miles while watching The Bachelor 

And a little Veronica Mars before bed

Weekend Wrap-up 


This time last year I was in Hawaii 

And now I am waiting to see if this rain turns to snow tonight hahahaha a little different.  

Great weekend though

I made chicken terriyaki bowls with the boyfriend Friday night

And watched Inferno. I love Dan Browns novels and am super excited that he is working on another story in the Robert Langdon series! 

Saturday the boyfriend and I took a little roadtrip to Corvallis to visit his Alma Mater

We walked around and drove around. Visited my grandmas old house

I spent at least a week here every summer.

We kept up pur streak of trying pizza places, we tried American dream pizza 

It looks amazing but sadly neither of us were very impressed with this pizza. It seemed like they just cooked a cheese pizza then put the toppings on it after. Don’t need to ever return there. 

After we got home the bf and I hit the cheap movie theater near me for a double feature. A Dog’s Purpose and The Space Between Us, both totally cute. 

In other news the boyfriend broke down and bought a Garmin!!! His is the next generation after mine so the heart rate monitor is built in. It’s pretty cool and now we are a Garmin couple lol

I made pasta with chicken, tomato and basil for meal prep this week and sent some with the bf for his lunch this week of course. 

I had some leftover pasta so dinner was a super simple cheese and basil pasta

It was actually pretty delicious 

Picked up something yummy to satisfy my sweet cravings 

Last weeks running total was 6.6 miles. 

This years running total thus far, 31 miles

Going to shoot for 9 miles this week. Slowly increasing 

How was your weekend?

How are you doing workout wise this year?

Favorite pizza topping?

Mine is pineapple and onion

Weekend Wrap-up 

My boyfriend lives an hour away so he usually comes out and spends the weekend, before he got to my place I set up a little study nest for myself. 

I was sitting on this for hours while studying 

It was killing my back so I made this

In order to study this

Friday night we watched some Vikings tv show, I had never watched it. 

Saturday we took a roadtrip to the beach, just a day trip

We headed to Astoria and had lunch at the Wet Dog Cafe 


After lunch we saw some protesters 

Then headed to an old fort that Lewis and Clark built to look around 

Then we headed to an old military fort built in the civil war and decommissioned after WWII

After the forts we headed to Seaside and played in an arcade for a little over an hour hahahaha. Then we found a top 50 in America pizza place

It was delicious!!!!

The boyfriend and I LOVE pizza!!! This was so good, it was an olive oil based sauce, very creamy cheese, red onions, artichoke hearts and fresh basil. 

Today was another relaxing day. Tomorrow it’s back to cracking the books. 

Road Trip!!!!

Thanksgiving week has arrived!!!! So off to mom’s I went. I packed up the car and Artemis and I were off.

About half way there the rain started and never stopped. The Olympic Peninsula is known for its rain

Saw some pretty Oregon beaches along the way

Artemis is wary of places that aren’t her home but she is settling in…..slowly

And to top it all off, a home cooked meal at the table!!!!

Our table at home is still piled with stuff so i generally eat at the coffee table in front of the TV.

What are your holiday plans?

Any travel for you?

Weekend Road trip!

Starbucks is a must

A little stop at a wildlife safari

Some of the animals get sooooo close

Our hotel room was pretty nice

It was one of thise extended stay marriot kind of places

In ‘n’ Out! I introduced in n out to someone, my life mission is complete lol

We also hit a winery and got some AMAZING pear wine

A little ice cream and chocolate stop in Ashland and we headed back home. 

It was a really fun low key road trip weekend. I look forward to the next one, I’m thinking the coast in a month or 2 when its nice and stormy. 

Monday came way too soon. 

How was your weekend?


“In the state of Washington,  under a near constant cover of clouds and rain, there is a small town named Forks. Population: 3,120 (though now I think it said 3,125). – Bella Swan


I’m in forks!!!! The home of sparkly vampires!!!

We started the day with a quick workout


Then commenced with lunch where we were joined by a few guests


and sight seeing.


We hit the Cullen house and saw Charlie’s police cruiser


Bella’s truck and the visitor center




Check out where all the different visitors have come from!!!! That is sooooo cool.


Bella’s house




First beach.

Took the dog for a little run in the park next door


It was a fun day!!!!

Road trip!!!!

Happy friday!!!
It was a good Friday, my boss brought me back a post card from Paris,  we know how I love post cards


She also brought back yummy treats to try!


Went into work early and got off early to start my drive at a decent time.


Artemis  and i’s first road trip together!!!!

Thankfully I only got stuck in about 20-30 minutes of traffic


Then it was all beautiful scenery!!


Until I stopped for a bathroom break and someone made a mess while I was gone


Guess my car is ‘broken in’ now lol.

Had to head into


To get some


To clean up the lovely mess. Then it was on the road and I reached my destination around 11:15pm. Which is way past my bedtime so goodnight!!!!!