Day 7 of 28 day cleanse

Today is a prime example of what happens when you don’t prep. I was tired from hiking and didn’t prep anything Friday night and woke up late Saturday morning so I had no time to make anything, I also slept horribly and needed coffee. Insert Starbucks here.

Breakfast was the reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich. I did have leftover pasta and garlic bread for lunch thankfully.

This was snack:

How is it possible that something that should be pretty healthy for you is so many weight watchers points????? All the individual components are good for you.

When I got home thisĀ had arrived fromĀ Amazon! Can’t wait to start coloring and learning!

This happened, my roommates made butterfinger cream cheesecake kind of think. Holy crap was it rich, that is the actual size piece I took, minus one bite and that was more than enough. Sugar coma totally.

To combat the sugar coma I had a quesadilla I microwaved and a salad then read and went to bed.

And with that I am ready to get back to my 3 days of juicing!!!!!

Overall the last 4 days I feel pretty good about what I ate. The dessert wasn’t great and I had some cookies before the hike on Friday and Red Robin isn’t the healthiest choice but overall I think I did pretty good.

Ready to start week 2?!

A relaxing morning, a planned hike and guilt

Yes! Thursday is half way through and tomorrow is Friday! I am really looking forward to Friday at 6pm, not just because work is over but because I have a running date!!!!! This is going to be like my perfect date and I am super stoked, I just wish it wasn’t going to be 90, but oh well. But more on that tomorrow night.

After running twice yesterday I slept in this morning, oh man I needed it. And I got some puppy cuddles which was wonderful.  

It is my lunch right now so I used the emergency  $5 I have started keeping tucked in my purse  (for when my funds run out before my next paycheck)

And bought myself a much needed starbucks 

Now I am sitting in the shade of starbucks relaxing before I have to go back to work. I needed to get away from the office and take a deep breathe. 

Anywho on an awesome note my roommate and I have planned our labor day hike!!!!! I think it’s going to be amazing!!!! Difficult I’m sure but awesome. The guilt comes from the fact that dogs aren’t allowed on this trail so the pups have to be left behind. Artemis will be mad at me. 

I can’t believe Artemis and I are coming up on our 1 year anniversary!!! I got her in November of last year. We’ll have to do something special. 
Big shout out to my awesome mom who is tiding me over until my next paycheck. Moving wiped out my finances this month and I know some overdraft fees would be coming if she wasn’t helping me out and a shout out to my brother who is sending me some money at the beginning of next month to help get me started on the right foot next month. 

Thank goodness for family. I don’t know where I would be without them. 

And now I should start thinking about heading back to work……..but I really dont want to. I want to go home to my puppy.

Soooo sleepy!!!

Coffee!!!!! Yesterday wiped me out, also I took benadryl for my allergies this morning which probably isn’t helping. I am doing everything I can to stay awake at my desk right now. 

Thankfully I feel pretty good after the hike yesterday 

Before bed I rubbed some salve on my feet that I got on Amazon and they are golden today, no roughness or soreness

How is your Monday morning going?

Road trip!!!!

Happy friday!!!
It was a good Friday, my boss brought me back a post card from Paris,  we know how I love post cards


She also brought back yummy treats to try!


Went into work early and got off early to start my drive at a decent time.


Artemis  and i’s first road trip together!!!!

Thankfully I only got stuck in about 20-30 minutes of traffic


Then it was all beautiful scenery!!


Until I stopped for a bathroom break and someone made a mess while I was gone


Guess my car is ‘broken in’ now lol.

Had to head into


To get some


To clean up the lovely mess. Then it was on the road and I reached my destination around 11:15pm. Which is way past my bedtime so goodnight!!!!!

The first rule of fight club….

Happy Saturday!!!

Weekend 4 done at the tulip farm for me!! I don’t work tomorrow because i have a race.

But lets back up, i got my butt to the gym yesterday morning and did a little spin and swim





Then i hit Starbucks thanks to my bestie Nicole and the birthday giftcard she sent me


Yep thats a little bit of my Stitchfix dress you see.

I also got some blueberries to add to my oatmeal :mrgreen:


The tulip festival was good day, busy but not crazy.

I came home and read a chapter of my book club book the watched a Netflix documentary on the barkely marathon. The first rule of the barkley marathon is you don’t talk about the barkley marathon…..oops i broke rule #1. This race is INSANE!!! In the i think 30 something years it has been run only 15 people have ever finished it………I WANT TO DO IT!!!!!! But not for a long time lol i have to learn how to navigate a trail map and all that cause there are NO ROUTE MARKERS and its in the Tennessee wilderness.

Card dinner


And now its sleep time for my race tomorrow. Goodnight.

Google the Barkley marathon and let me know if you want to try it with me :mrgreen:

Wednesday Wonderings

Good Morning!!!!!!

I spent most of the weekend relaxing and feeling down about my ex who i hung out with Friday night. But i got over it. I spent the weekend on the couch relaxing and bindged on scandal, i am now halfway through season 3.


I opened one of my small coffee samples i bought from Hawaii to try this weekend……freaking delicious!!!!!


I hung some fun motivational quotes in my cubicle to keep motivation all day long




I will continue to add to it.

Tuesday i had a good strength workout and i am a little sore today. This morning i did my swim workout, i am sure as the day goes on i will get more sore hahaha.


I 💗 You Starbucks


Not all the way awake……have a happy hump day!!

Mid-week exhaustion

This is going to be a short post because i am exhausted and want to pass out.

I did 3 workouts in a 24 hour period and with spinning tomorrow it will be 4 in 48 hours so sleep is vital.

I felt the exhaustion in the pool this morning. I didn’t have my normal stamina and got out of breath faster.


I bought Artemis some bones to chew on


In about 2 hours she ate half of it. Woman’s a beast! My friend B said her dog takes a dew months to eat one!

I was good this morning and got oatmeal from Starbucks instead of the crap i normally get…….


Why have i not done this before?! Its delicious!!!!!

Though when i get back from hawaii i need to come up with a better routine because not just coffee but also breakfast at Starbucks 3+ times a week is a little too rich for my blood.

Ok and now its pass out time.

Good Night!!!!

How was your wednesday?

Have you been working out?

I love hearing Artemis snore lol It is the sweetest sound.

Wednesday Wonderings

Happy Wednesday!!!

Work yesterday dragged allllll day! It sucked!!!


I made myself a delicious beans, rice and cheese burriot with lettuce.


Water and coffee. The staples of my life.


My trainer kicked my butt last night!!!! I knocked out hard last night. Great nights sleep.

My food choices were mostly good lol. I ate a bag of chili cheese Fritos which didn’t sit well mid workout but thankfully i kept my cookies down….or my Fritos lol.

How was your Tuesday?

A day of planned meals

Happy Thursday!!!!

Though i am writing this Wednesday night. It’s 8:20pm and i am in bed getting ready to pass out. I have a 5:30am training session in the pool. Oh the things we do to train. I am only doing blue apron every 2-3 weeks now so it is time to start meal planning again. It was time anyways if i want to lose some weight and start gearing up my training for an epic race year…..well epic for me Hahahaha.

Here is my meal plan for tomorrow.


Protien bar before my pool workout. They are easy to digest and are light.


Hitting Starbucks after my workout because ill have plenty of time to kill between workout and work.


Morning snack, all cut up and ready to go.


Lunch: a leftover blue apron dinner that i froze. North African shrimp cous cous.


Afternoon snack: energy balls. Found the recipe on pintrest today. Though i made something a lot like it for the trail as well. So simple. Peanut butter, chocolate protein powder (vega for me), oats, honey, and mini chocolate chips (vegan for me) mix and enjoy!
I might have part of a naked juice blueberry protien smoothie if I’m still hungry.


Dinner will be what i have been gobbling up lately. Egg, cheese and veggie sandwich on a whole wheat english muffin. Though i picked up some salsa today so it will be extra yummy!

I usually leave the tv to fall alseep too. Generally a movie i have watched a millions before. Just for some background noise. Tonight choice is


Don’t judge lol.

I just bought this!


And am excited to watch it tomorrow night and compare it to the book!

Also while drifting off i am flipping through this:


Seeing of anything is nearby that i can do in  2016.

Do you plan your meals?
Do you want tv to go to sleep? Or listen to music? Or do you like silence?

Random Wednesday Wonderings


My cheap replacement for my morning Starbucks. I get 4 bottles for the price of a grande. Not as strong but it’s something to help the budget now and then.


Got this water bottle at the airport and it’s a quart. 2 of these a day and i am set! Yes i refill and reuse plastic water bottles for like a month.


I have been drinking more and more tea lately.


Leftover delicious lentil Bolognese for lunch!


Next years calendar for my desk at work!!! I am such a dork i love to go through and write the years stuff on a calendar. Holidays, birthdays, full moons, new moons, paydays, and races. New years eve at work should be really slow so I’ll do it then :mrgreen:


Artemis likes to surprise me every once and a while by eating one of my socks. And she always picks the good ones……

I got in a good workout today so that helped improve my day.

Took the dog for a walk. Did 40 min on the recombent bike and 40 minutes on the treadmill.

How was your Wednesday?