Proud mama moment amd extras

Happy Saturday morning!!!

Wasn’t feeling 100% great yesterday so i spent the day napping and cuddling on the couch with Artemis

I got Artemis almost 2 years ago and she was so timid. Over the last 2 years i have taken Artemis on road trips and hikes and overnight trips and now to a farm and she is also sharing her house with 2 other dogs and slowly……very slowly she has started to come out of her shell. 

I showed you guys her and the cow

And now here is a video of her playing with DeeDee the other girl dog in our house 

She is working on learning how to play lol.

She loves to run full out. She gets the buggest grin! She loves to be out exploring on a hike or out on a farm. She loves to ride in the car. 

This was from our hike last September.  I LOVE the picture of her under the sleeping bag. I have that framed in my room

Playing in the snow
I love my crazy dog. 

Now for the extras…..

I just booked my Vatican city tour! 

I just bought some new shoes because the other ones i got were giving my blisters blisters.

These feel like they should be better on my feet. 

I also wanted some comfortable but cute walking shoes for Europe that i could wear with dresses as well as jeans. Running shoes don’t go well with dresses 

They are Keens!!!! Just like some hiking shoes i have and my favorite water shoes!! I am pretty stoked about them. I looked and looked and looked until i found a pair on sale on Amazon. Score!!!!!!

What is one awesome thing about your pet?

Holiday catch up

My last few days:

Lots of studying 

Mixing in some fun studying 

Still continuing my Gray’s Anatomy bindge 

I made the bf my favorite family breakfast, it’s basically chipped beef on toast, my dad called it SOS and he learned it in the military. 

Artemis liked it too

I ordered some awesome anatomy flashcards to study from

Had another great breakfast 

Really enjoying the sight of my bf’s running shoes by the door. 

And 4 days in a row of running!!! Yay!

How was your Holiday?

Study, study, study

Today consisted of studying and watching Gray’s Anatomy. 

I got through 2 chapters for my personal training certification and realized i need some help with all the anatomy stuff. I should be finished with the book by the end of next week or the Monday after but I need to do some serious catch up with anatomy then I need to do some major reviewing. 

Today i ordered some study material to help me

I can’t wait for them to arrive!!!

Tonight after the studying I took a little break and practiced some Spanish 

Now I am in bed watching a little Harry Potter to fall asleep to


Do you speak any other languages?

If you could, what other language would you like to learn?

Soooo sleepy!!!

Coffee!!!!! Yesterday wiped me out, also I took benadryl for my allergies this morning which probably isn’t helping. I am doing everything I can to stay awake at my desk right now. 

Thankfully I feel pretty good after the hike yesterday 

Before bed I rubbed some salve on my feet that I got on Amazon and they are golden today, no roughness or soreness

How is your Monday morning going?

Farming Fridays and randomness

Happy Friday!!!!!

The sun is actually out here today in the Pacific Northwest so i just went for a little walk on my lunch and soaked up a little natural vitamin D.

I just ordered this:


So i can get my tomatoes and peppers started inside in the next few weeks.

I also set up my farming fridays wishlist on amazon:

I like wish lists on amazon because they dont clutter up my cart and whenever i have a little extra income……hahahaha like that actually happens, i know where to go to grab 1-2 things.

While i was at it i made one for working out stuff too

I just bought new running shoes off amazon!


Thankfully it is a brand i already use so i know my size and all that…….$31 on amazon!! How awesome is that!!!! In about a 5-6 weeks i’ll pop into the REI near me and see if they have any running shoes on clearance so i can have 2 pairs to switch back and forth with.

So as i said i have a 5k run tomorrow, yay! My goal is to be 1 minute (or more) faster than my time from December, Sunday will be yoga. Those are the only set in stone plans i have, some reading would be good.

What are your weekend plans?

Any Races? Workouts?

How often do you buy new workout shoes?