Farming Fridays and randomness

Happy Friday!!!!!

The sun is actually out here today in the Pacific Northwest so i just went for a little walk on my lunch and soaked up a little natural vitamin D.

I just ordered this:


So i can get my tomatoes and peppers started inside in the next few weeks.

I also set up my farming fridays wishlist on amazon:

I like wish lists on amazon because they dont clutter up my cart and whenever i have a little extra income……hahahaha like that actually happens, i know where to go to grab 1-2 things.

While i was at it i made one for working out stuff too

I just bought new running shoes off amazon!


Thankfully it is a brand i already use so i know my size and all that…….$31 on amazon!! How awesome is that!!!! In about a 5-6 weeks i’ll pop into the REI near me and see if they have any running shoes on clearance so i can have 2 pairs to switch back and forth with.

So as i said i have a 5k run tomorrow, yay! My goal is to be 1 minute (or more) faster than my time from December, Sunday will be yoga. Those are the only set in stone plans i have, some reading would be good.

What are your weekend plans?

Any Races? Workouts?

How often do you buy new workout shoes?


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