A lazy sleepy Thursday

So i was supposed to get up and go to spin class Thursday morning but i didn’t sleep well and was still sore and fatigued from Tuesday’s leg workout so i decided to sleep for an extra 2 hours instead. Also ibwas playing it a little safe because there is a nasty stomach bug going around.


Sometimes on my morning commute i wonder how i ended up back in city traffic everyday.


I enjoyed vegetable soup from zoup lol


Reading has been a big theme for me lately. I’ve been bindging and i love it!


I enjoyed a pretty sunrise one day this week.


I got yakisoba!!! noodles yesterday and it was delicious!!! I feel like yakisoba sould always been said with an exclamation point LOL.
Since i didn’t do spin i turned Thursday into my rest day. I got home from work. Took the dog for a walk, because miraculously it wasnt raining!!!! Then i plopped down in front of the TV and  didn’t move until bedtime. It was nice, but very unproductive.

Tonight, Friday,  i am going to run 1 minute, walk 2 minuted x10.
Tomorrow morning is 5k race day!!!!

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