Monday Motivation 

New Years week!!!!

Monday: Insanity day 8

Tuesday: PM strength then 2:25 miles fast (11:25) and .2 mile hills x 6 at a 4 incline

Wednesday: OFF 

Thursday: PM strength then 4.25 miles @ tempo (12:30)

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Spin class then swim 800m (again spin class will depend on the gyms schedule for the holiday week)

Sunday: 11 easy miles then yoga 

Here’s to a GREAT 2017!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday Motivation 

Good morning!!! Happy Monday!!

Lets make this a great week.

Monday: Insanity day 6

Tuesday: PM strength then 2 miles fast (11:30) and .2 mile hills x 6 at a 3.5 incline

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: PM strength and 3.75 miles @ tempo (12:30)

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Spin class then swim 700m

Sunday: 9 easy miles then yoga

Any fun plans this week?

Monday Motivation 

Ready to kick butt this week???

Monday: Insanity Day 5

Tuesday: PM strength then 2 miles fast (11:35) and .15 mile hills x 6 at a 4 incline

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: PM strength and 3.5 miles @ tempo (12:30)

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Spin class then swim 650M

Sunday: 7 miles easy and yoga

Are you training for anything?

Weekly Check in

Its that time again! Did i hit my weekly workout goal?

Here was the plan:

Monday: Insanity Day 2 Got fired, came home, then went out to a celebratory dinner, so did not workout

Tuesday: PM strength training then 1.25 mile fast (11:45 min pace) and .1 mile hills X 6 at a 3 incline Woke up sick

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: PM strength training then 2.5 miles at tempo (12:30) Still sick

Friday: OFF Sick, went for a short walk with Artemis. 

Saturday: Spin class then swim 500m Sick

Sunday: 6 miles easy and yoga Long walk with Artemis. Trying to make sure i dont stay sick longer than nessesary . 


What i did right:……recovered when sick

What i could have done better: Not gotten sick lol

Food: Medium, not horrible but not great

Comment and tell me how you did!

Current Life

Happy Hump Day!!!!!!

I got up and went to an AM spinning class, being active feels so good and keeps any stress and depression away. It was very obvious that I hadn’t taken a spin class in awhile……I wanted to die. 

I went at about 75% of my max and was still dead at the end

Need to get my butt to spin class more often. 

Stopped at the store to pickup a prescription and grabbed some much needed broke people food

Actually I just like to have stock on hand for when a craving hits or I don’t feel too good. I’m not broke yet thankfully.

Lots of laundry going on

A short but powerful thunderstorm hit and the puppies freaked out. I got some cuddles

I had great (but unhealthy) leftovers for lunch

My man took me out for a sorry you got fired, but yay you can sleep in dinner hahahaha!!! I love Mexican food. 

Weekly Check in

Time to check in and see if i made it to all my workouts. Comments will be in bold.

Here was the plan:

Monday: Insanity Day 1 Did not happen, I came home and just wanted to cuddle with my dog. 

Tuesday: PM Strength training and 1 mile fast (for me lol) 12 min mile pace then .1 mile hills x 6 at a 2 incline DONE!!!! Though it was 5 hills instead of 6 because i felt good and did the last hill as .2 miles instead of .1. It felt good, i wasn’t dead after which is awesome progress. 

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: PM Strenght training and 2.5 miles at tempo (12:30, see i told you i am slow) did not happen, took the day off

Friday: OFF actually ran 1.5 miles before heading to the beach

Saturday: Am Spin class followed by 450m swim ran 1.5 miles on the beach and hiked up a giant sand dune

Sunday: 5 miles slow and yoga ran/walked 2.5 miles all over the beach  and up a giant sand dune


How i did: i feel ok with how i did but it could have been better 

What i could have done better: not skipped Mondays workout 

How was my food consumption: ugh not bad but not great. Ate out Thursday through Sunday 

Comment and let me know how your workouts went this week.

August mile a day challenge

Hi friends!!!  I am going to try a little challenge on the blog!! I hope you will join in.

It is going to be very simple, travel a mile a day on your own energy.

You can:

walk, bike, swim, run, row and anything else you can think of that can take you the distance. For anything water based there are 1609.34 meters in a mile. As for steps in a mile i found this on beach body blog:


it is also totally ok to combine several of these to make a mile, you could swim 800M and walk half a mile or swim 400m, walk half a mile and row 400m, you chose each day how you want to do this.

However you do it just get that mile in.

check in on social media with #augustmileaday

follow me for the challenge:





Who is in?



Monday Motivation




Check in on last week:

Monday: Swim 800m after work Completed

Tuesday: AM strength with trainer, Spin for 30 min after work Completed

Wednesday: Run 3 miles before work w/ Artemis This changed to a speed work after a showing at night but completed

Thursday: AM strength with trainer, Spin for 30 min after work Completed

Friday: Run 3 miles before work w/ Artemis, Swim 850m after work Did not happen, i got frusted with life and just relaxed on the couch 

Saturday: 8am Spin class, Swim 850 m Also did not happen. I was bad and stayed up waaay too late friday night so an 8am spin class was not happening and of course once you skip one workout its just soooo easy to keep skipping

Sunday: Run 10 miles This turned into a 6 plus mile hike and a 12 hour day hahaha, but it was a nice hike. 


Now for this week:

Monday: PM Swim 800M

Tuesday: AM strength, PM Spin

Wednesday:AM Run, PM Swim 850M

Thursday: AM Strength, PM Swim 850M

Friday: OFF

Saturday:AM spin class

Sunday: 11 mile run


A full Saturday.

The last two days have been on the warmer side. Yesterday I listened to a book on tape in my car on my lunch and soaked up the sun


Gotta soak up the vitamin D when you can here in the northwest


Got up this morning and dragged myself to spin class


It was a killer class.
Then I met a co-worker at the farmers market and walked away with a decent haul


Snap peas, strawberries, romaine lettuce, garlic cheese and some croissants for sandwiches


I had to taste test everything right?

Then my date picked me up and we went to the zoo!






You are actually pretty close to some of these animals with not much of a barrier, its pretty trippy. I will say I would totally support the animals eating some of the people that were there today. Natural selection, its like people don’t remember that these are real live mostly wild animals.
After that we went to the movies and stuck with the theme and saw the jungle book. It was actually really cute.

Now it is time to pass out. I have no alarms set!!!!! I get to sleep in for the first time in at least 7 weeks!!! I do want to be out the door by about 10am though,11 miles tomorrow!!!! I’m pretty excited!!!!