Rest day and my mama!!!!


Work would not end today Then traffic was sucky! Finally I made it home and it’s roasting!!!!

This is our AC hahahaha. 

Mama got to my place not long after me

I love my wonderful mom. 

Then we went on a mom sponsored grocery shopping trip!!!!

You can thank my mom for the delicious food pics that will show up in the next 2 days hahahaha. 

Rewatching the Barkley marathons. 

Watched ‘tracks’ with my mom earlier. 

I’m working on my hydration because I lagged in that area today. 

She’s hard to see in the dark but you can kind of make out her collar to the left lol

Once this is done it’s bedtime. 
Oh man so in sad new update, my triathlon has been cancelled!!!! They were sort of vague about the why, basically just unforseen consequences and things beyond their control. I deferred my race entrance to next year. But I’m still bummed. On the plus side this gives me more time to save and get a good bike. I’ll keep you posted. 

How was your friday?

Monday Motivation




Check in on last week:

Monday: Swim 800m after work Completed

Tuesday: AM strength with trainer, Spin for 30 min after work Completed

Wednesday: Run 3 miles before work w/ Artemis This changed to a speed work after a showing at night but completed

Thursday: AM strength with trainer, Spin for 30 min after work Completed

Friday: Run 3 miles before work w/ Artemis, Swim 850m after work Did not happen, i got frusted with life and just relaxed on the couch 

Saturday: 8am Spin class, Swim 850 m Also did not happen. I was bad and stayed up waaay too late friday night so an 8am spin class was not happening and of course once you skip one workout its just soooo easy to keep skipping

Sunday: Run 10 miles This turned into a 6 plus mile hike and a 12 hour day hahaha, but it was a nice hike. 


Now for this week:

Monday: PM Swim 800M

Tuesday: AM strength, PM Spin

Wednesday:AM Run, PM Swim 850M

Thursday: AM Strength, PM Swim 850M

Friday: OFF

Saturday:AM spin class

Sunday: 11 mile run


Good Morning!!

Last night was good. I feel like I accomplished a lot. After work I headed to the gym to swim

Sorry crappy photo

My meal prepped paid off. I came home and showered to get the chlorine out of my hair and skin then just popped a plate in the microwave and BAM! Yummy dinner

And it’s so simple to make.

Start anywhere between 1-4 cups of rice depending on how much you need. 2 cups got me 4 meals. 

In a saute pan or Dutch oven or anything that is big enough really heat up some olive oil on medium heat. I always add extra olive oil to make a ‘sauce ‘ chop up and onion and throw it in the pan. 

Chop up 2 bell pepper and throw them in with the onions.

Chop up a package of Polish kielbasa sausage and throw that in. 

Add some pepper and garlic powder. 

Cook until meat is heated up and the veggies are cooked to your desired doneness and serve over rice. 

I emptied the dishwasher and started a load of laundry. 

Cuddled with my puppy while watching some of the reginals for the crossfit games

I love this little girl so much

Before bed I threw my laundry in the dryer and prepped my clothes for Tuesday AM (I am writing this Monday night)

Here is to a great morning!!!!!

Monday Motivation**June 27, 2016


Happy Monday!!!!!!
Today was my first day back after my week off. Oy. It wasn’t bad per say but it could have been much better…….of much worse.

I had 5 minutes left to sleep, not a lot in the grand scheme but still 5min. And the dogs, mine and my roommates who I am watching, decided to be load and make noise and wake me up. So I laid back down and gave myself 10 more minutes and ended up getting out the door 15 minutes late so my 3 mile run became a 1.5 mile run.


And somebody here knows the difference between a walk and a run, granted its been like 2 weeks since her bad human, aka me, took her for either so yea but she took a good 10min to figure out that we were running.


The human wasn’t too happy but at least I got out and did something!!!!!

Well see how tomorrow goes!!!

Do you run with a dog?
Do they ever not want to run?