Running Recap

Here is how my week went:


Monday-2 miles on Couch-2-5k Week 2 day 3



Wednesday- 1.64 miles. Today was a lot slower due to me not feeling great since I ate too much candy!



Thursday-Rest, I made the lazy kid in me very happy. The BF and I ordered Pizza hut and had a Stranger Things season 2 marathon!!!!


Friday- 1.73 miles, much better pace today. And I got to run with my man which makes me very happy.




He doesn’t love to smile, or take pictures hahaha

Saturday- 10min strength training

For a total of 5.73 miles for the week.

As you can see I am starting back slowly.

Also found this awesomeness on Pinterest


This has been awesome and true so far as the temperature drops here. Now I just need to find my gloves and buy some kind of ear cover headband and find a hat if I have one.

How cold does it get for winter in your area?

Do you prefer to run on a treadmill when its cold or still get outside?

This will be my first year really getting outside to run during the winter.

Rest day and my mama!!!!


Work would not end today Then traffic was sucky! Finally I made it home and it’s roasting!!!!

This is our AC hahahaha. 

Mama got to my place not long after me

I love my wonderful mom. 

Then we went on a mom sponsored grocery shopping trip!!!!

You can thank my mom for the delicious food pics that will show up in the next 2 days hahahaha. 

Rewatching the Barkley marathons. 

Watched ‘tracks’ with my mom earlier. 

I’m working on my hydration because I lagged in that area today. 

She’s hard to see in the dark but you can kind of make out her collar to the left lol

Once this is done it’s bedtime. 
Oh man so in sad new update, my triathlon has been cancelled!!!! They were sort of vague about the why, basically just unforseen consequences and things beyond their control. I deferred my race entrance to next year. But I’m still bummed. On the plus side this gives me more time to save and get a good bike. I’ll keep you posted. 

How was your friday?