Mid week run and Artemis’ birthday!!!

So I of course don’t know if it is actually Artemis’ birthday but I got her 2 years ago in November so I picked a day and called it her birthday because I don’t remember the exact day I got her. We went for a 2 mile run and they I harassed her all night.

Check out that best time!!!! It was only for a few seconds but that is my fastest time ever!! That is probably when I ran across the street before the cars came hahahaha!

After my run, I was a little sweaty but it felt good!

Artemis had a ball, but at this point she was really ready to get back home. She has a leash on your just can’t see it with my awesome quality of photography hahahaha.

Back to trying to have some juice in the morning!!!! Carrot apple is my jam!

So I just finished season 5 of Grimm last night (I know I am behind like always) and I go to press play on season 6 (on amazon prime) and it costs money!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!! Seasons 1-5 are included with amazing prime but not season 6. I HATE when they do that! Though I guess it makes sense since it just aired this year. But now I either have to buy an episode here and there or wait and see if it drops for free. I will also check the other TV sites we have like Netflix and Hulu. Fingers crossed.

Image result for Grimm(image from Google)

Do you watch Grimm?

What is your fav show right now?

Has winter hit where you are? How are your workouts fairing if it has?

I have a feeling this winter is going to be very difficult for me training wise if I don’t find a cheap gym. I can run in the cold (I don’t love it but I can) but when its cold AND raining its hard for me to get my butt out the door.

Running Recap

Here is how my week went:


Monday-2 miles on Couch-2-5k Week 2 day 3



Wednesday- 1.64 miles. Today was a lot slower due to me not feeling great since I ate too much candy!



Thursday-Rest, I made the lazy kid in me very happy. The BF and I ordered Pizza hut and had a Stranger Things season 2 marathon!!!!


Friday- 1.73 miles, much better pace today. And I got to run with my man which makes me very happy.




He doesn’t love to smile, or take pictures hahaha

Saturday- 10min strength training

For a total of 5.73 miles for the week.

As you can see I am starting back slowly.

Also found this awesomeness on Pinterest


This has been awesome and true so far as the temperature drops here. Now I just need to find my gloves and buy some kind of ear cover headband and find a hat if I have one.

How cold does it get for winter in your area?

Do you prefer to run on a treadmill when its cold or still get outside?

This will be my first year really getting outside to run during the winter.

Strength night and randomness

Found this awesomeness on pintrest 

I relaxed at lunch in my car listening to a book on tape 

Got home from work and went through a few boxes looking for my personal training book. Then hit the gym at 7:30 to work out with a friend. 

My arms and legs are a little shakey now, which means job well done. 

Then relaxing and eating came next

Somebody else loved their dinner just as much as me

Maybe even more. 

And a little dallas cowboy cheerleaders training camp with the roommate. 

And now its bedtime!!!!

What was your workout today?


So happy tomorrow is Friday. I am so excited for my running date!!!!!

So i spent my lunch at Starbucks enjoying being outside

Like my free sunglasses from a race?

Pretty awesome

I came home and unpacked 5 boxes

Then the pup and I chilled

Then the roommate, the dogs and I went for a walk

Soooo close but sooooo far from my step goal

Next up was some Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders training camp!

Now check out this delicious homemade dog food!!!

She LOVED it!!!