Monday Motivation**June 11, 2018

Work it!!! I just realized my water bottle matches my outfit! Workout win!

I am totally uncoordinated hahahaha

I am feeling stronger everyday!!!

I worked out everyday except Saturday, I just needed a lazy sit on my butt all day kind of day and i LOVED it!

But I am loving working out and feeling amazing!

When are you going to join me?

June goals


The goals for the year broken down for this month:

revamp my diet and STICK TO IT!!!!

Drop two clothing sizes, go from a 10 to a 6. Should be at a 6 or about to be.

Stop overspending!!!! Continue not keeping money on me, adding to accounts and adding to savings

Take a few minutes every day to sit in quiet reflection, meditate, and do something spiritual. 10 min/day, full and new moon and holidays

Continue to work on and grow my relationship with Brandon. 1 outing a week and 1 meal a week

Read 1 non-school book a month

Monday Motivation**April 16, 2018

I got in 1 run that was 2.3 miles on Monday then nothing until some gardening on Saturday, there is still just so much to do at the house. I don’t in any way feel like I am sitting on my butt every night so I can’t beat myself up too much.

We will see what this coming week holds.

Monday Motivation**April 9, 2018

I got in one run last week, my goal this week is 3 runs.

Apparently when it rains 1.25+ inches in 24 hours we get a little pond in our backyard. As we get settled we will be filling this in with more dirt.

My friend Amber got me this awesome map! it is so much fun to scratch things off it!! I can’t wait to scratch more!

Enjoying coffee on a quiet morning in one of the mugs I bought on my last trip!

Things are slowly getting organized and put away.

I did a little cleaning, also see the pretty flowers Brandon got me for my birthday!

The peas and beans started going crazy so I got them in the ground on Friday and Saturday we had to make an arc, I haven’t had time to see if they all survived, I will do that today after work.

Some of my food creations as of late. Packaged ravioli spiced up a bit with cheese, basil and fresh tomatoes.

Salmon with a mango cucumber salsa and a baked potato with all the trimmings.

Chicken with asparagus and shallots with an olive tapenade.

Monday Motivation**April 2, 2018

Got in 2 runs this week! Neither were major runs but I am pretty happy with that. Another one is in the schedule for tonight then we are heading to Brandon’s Brother and SIL house to shower!!!! I get to wash my hair again!

The walls are coming along pretty quickly! I am super excited about that.

Does anybody else do this? Regrow some of their store bought veggies? Green onions regrowing in some water for the win!

My mom bought this for me a few years ago, time to dust it off and put it to work!

Out toilet is in!!!!!! We have a working toilet!

The spinach, iceburg lettuce, peas, and beans are all starting to pop up as well as the onions and after I took this picture the zucchini started pushing through the soil! I am so excited!

How cute is my little girl?! With her totally messed up little bed hahahahaha! New one will be happening soon but she is still ok with this one for now.

She is helping me clear out some of the backyard for planting, and by helping I mean totally getting in the way hahaha! We actually had sun this weekend! It was a beautiful Saturday. There are soooo many worms in the ground in our backyard, is that good or bad for growing food?

Until next time!

April goals


The goals for the year broken down for this month:

PROPERLY train for and run a half, full and ultra marathon, Miles needed this month: Running the half marathon, a week off to rest then start training for marathon- 77 miles

Revamp my diet and STICK TO IT!!!!

Breakfast-juice and coffee

Midmorning snack– Slimfast or smoothie

Lunch– Soup or salad

Dinner– Anything I want as long as it is make at home

After dinner– tea or hot chocolate, popcorn is fine


Drop two clothing sizes, go from a 10 to a 6. Maintain size 8

Stop overspending!!!! Keep no money on you, put at least $20/month in accts and at least $75 in savings

Take a few minutes every day to sit in quiet reflection, meditate, and do something spiritual. Change 5 minutes a day to 10 minutes a day and celebrate full and new moon.

Plant 3 plants a week minimum.

Continue to work on and grow my relationship with Brandon- 1 weekend outing, 1 meal a week and 1 hour a week gardening together

Read 1 non-school book a month

Monday Motivation**March 26, 2018

Image result for marathon motivation(image from Google)

Homemade mac and cheese, not the healthiest but we are finally starting to cook more meals at home then buy from a drive through so major progress!!!! I am using meal kits to meal prep while we are slowly building our pantry and still getting settled in.

I bought this and I am super stoked about it, it is protein powder, veggies and greens, vitamins and minerals, fiber, omega-3, antioxidants AND probiotics all rolled into one.

I am pretty stoked to start juicing again and add this to it!

At my healthiest I would juice once a week and make enough for 4-5 days, I would add a scoop of vegan protein powder and it would either be my breakfast or a mid-morning snack and I am so excited to get back to that!!!!

In the picture you can also see my girl scout cookies! I allowed myself one box of thin mints and one box of the peanut butter patties, though I may have to double that next year not that I am living with Brandon; apparently he likes cookies hahaha.

I am also super excited to try out these date boxes!!! Tonight Brandon and I have scheduled a date night, no working on the house or cleaning or anything, just couple time and I am really excited about it. For almost 2 straight months all our time together has focused on the house and I really miss couple time! Tonight we are going to do the bottom marbled box. I will do a review soon!

I will also do a review in a few weeks on all the meal kits we have been ordering for a little compare and contrast.

Oh and we got a 2 mile run in on Saturday around our new neighborhood!!!!

Monday Motivation**March 19, 2018

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Good morning!!!!!

This weekend I moved into the house!!!!!! I have mostly gotten over my flu and now life is all about settling into the house and getting into a routine……….oh and finishing the bathroom hahahahaha, that is extremely important.

My goal tonight is to get some more meals prepped. I had a Home Chef meal kit delivered last week (since I was sick I am just now getting it all cooked) and have a Sun Basket meal kit delivering today.

I also want to get some laundry done. We bought a used washer and dryer from the habitat for humanity restore. The washer works great but the dryer sounds like it has some screws loose when it is going…….though what did we expect for $60 so we will see how that goes.

Today is my first weekday making the trek, the morning commute wasn’t bad at all, I get to work early enough, we will see what this afternoon is like though.

Things are coming along with the house and I can’t wait to show you guys pictures!!!!!

Things that HAVE to be completed before next Monday:

I had 2 trees and a bush delivered and those need to get in the ground, some seed starts need to happen, as well as at least 2 runs! We are registered for a 10k this weekend but I don’t know if Brandon will want to take the time away from finishing the bathroom. We shall see.

Sometime tonight we are going to go over to his brother and sister in law’s place and take a shower! I haven’t showered since Friday, Tomorrow is my A&P final I will talk about that soon), Wednesday he has a dentist apt after work and Thursday we are having a date night! I ordered us one of those date night in boxes, I can’t wait to try it!

What are your goals for the week?


Monday Motivation**March 12, 2018

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(image from Google)

Wow what a week. I ran 2 miles on Monday and it felt really good!

Tuesday night I left class early not feeling good and had the chills. Thursday I left lab early feeling really bad and by Friday I was in the ER with a temp of 102 and a racing heart. I officially got the flu for the first time in probably a decade. I’ve been in bed since. I got a prescription for antibiotics which seem to be working.

It’s back to real life tomorrow though I’ll still be taking it easy.

Fingers crossed I recover quickly.