Monday Motivation**March 6th, 2017

Can you suffer from the pain of both? I ate way too much junk this weekend and was bloated for at least half the weekend and tonight I ran 5 miles then walked for another 30. 

Tomorrow I need to do some serious stretching and foam rolling (aka tourture). My right hip (IT band) is SUPER tight so my hip is hurting and it radiates down my thigh to my knee. So foam rolling is a big to do for me tomorrow……or today since its after midnight. 

The boyfriend and I were seriously lazy this weekend, we watched at least 8 movies and some Game of Thrones episodes. But it was seriously needed for me since I was traveling the last 2 weekends. 

Some random stuff from this week:

My walk to class from the back parking lot

Gotta love Oregon lol

The boyfriend suggested running a marathon together in October, he was thinking Portland marathon until I looked it up and the cost is $130!! Too rich for our current blood so I’m looking at other options. But i did look up some training plans on Google

Then i scrapped them and made my own hahaha. 

Tonight was the premier of a new TV show 

I used the 2 hour premier to distract me while I ran. 

Yep, i run like a turtle.

Thank goodness for TVs on your treadmill.

When I got home I had some leftover sushi from yesterday’s dinner

It was good. 

And now it’s pass out time. 


Do you like sushi?

Hello from not so sunny California 

Hi!!!! Wednesday morning I flew to my hometown of Long Beach, CA for my grandmas 90th birthday party!!!

After an errand with my mom we hit In ‘n’ Out

Yep, my priorities are in check hahahaha!! 

Got a new shirt from Costco 

Met my friend for a little workout 

After 2 miles someone tells me you arent allowed to run only walk……say what??!!! So i walked 2 more miles with my friend while we chatted….but I don’t need to come here again. 

Went out for dinner and dancing…..on a Thursday night hahahaha. 

Friday we did some preparations for the big birthday party

Then today, Saturday, was the party. 

We when got to the venue to set up there was a little water being pumped out from this crazy storm SoCal had

We took some fun photos 

My sister and I

My awesome brothers 

First time all 4 siblings have been together in almost 9 years. 

Siblings and mom

Birthday girl in the middle, 90 years young!!!!

I love my family soo much!!!

After party at my aunt’s house

And now I’m ready for sleep. 


Insomnia sucks

No I don’t suffer from insomnia on a regular basis, thank goodness!!!

It only happens like once ever few months, adulting catches up and my brain won’t shut off. I have mad respect for people who function on little sleep. I LOVE my sleep and usually get 7-9 hours. 

Yowza it is pouring outside right now. 

Here is a little recap of the last few days

I went on a mini and i emphasize the word mini cleaning spree.

Made some yummy food. 

Semi- homemade pizza. Here is my little tip: put your toppings on first then out your cheese on so you out less on

I love pineapple juice

These are yummy. 

And I got in a short run after my strength training on Tuesday night

Mix in a lot of studying and that is the majority of my week. 

What is your favorite meal?

I have too many to list

Weekend Wrap up

The first weekend of April 2016 has come to an end.
I worked both days at the tulip farm



So beautiful but soooo exhausting! It was so crazy this weekend. And i am definitely fighting something off. I feel on the verge of puking almost all the time and have headaches. I am upping all my vitamins and have some anti-nausea stuff left from winter so i am going to take that before bed.

I had my stuff with me so i managed to get in a little swim workout after my shift at the festival



And now i will be passing out.

Date Night

So the plan was to wake up early and get to the pool and swim before spin class. But 4:30am came and i so did not want to get out of bed. So i didn’t lol. I slept in and cuddled with my dog until 5:10 then jumped up and rushed to get ready and walked into spin class 5 min late.



I left spin class 5 min early to change and hit the pool.


My tracking messed up i think i hit 600m but oh well.

Then off to a day of work. Then i met a guy from Eharmony for dinner. I didn’t have super high hopes and i didn’t think he was that great looking in his pictures (though i am learning the older i get that personality and clicking im person is becoming more and more important), also we didn’t talk that much before meeting so i didn’t have much invested. We went to a nice little place in Oregon city, the conversation flowed well and he was nice. I didn’t feel the immediate desire to jump his bones (which is probably a good thing lol it will allow me to think clearer) but i would be happy to see him again.

And with that it is bed time for me. No AM workout tomorrow but that means if im asleep in the next 20 min i can get 9 hours!!!!!!!

What is the opposite of thirsty thursday?

I almost didn’t get up for spin class. I already wanted to go back to sleep then Artemis cuddled up to me and i soooo wanted to skip spin but then i thought about having to tell my trainer i didn’t go and that ill be gone next week so yea….


I got my butt up and went……and wanted to die.¬† Spin class instructors are sadistic. But they get me to push above and beyond so yea.


Take a moment to enjoy and experience this. ……a completely empty locker room at the gym. For like a FULL MINUTE. This is unheard of at my gym.

Exhaustion does not cover what i feel. 4 workouts in 48 hours. I am so taking tomorrow off workouts. I am still going to bed early even though i get to ‘sleep in’ tomorrow.


They have these for dogs!!!! 3 flavors where on sale at target so i got 1 of each for Artemis to try. Tonight with her kibble she had pumpkin and oat puree. She enjoyed it.

Another thing we must acknowledge


It was not fully dark when i left work tonight!!!!!!!! The light is coming back!!! I am sooo stoked!

How was your Thursday?

Are you as exhausted as i am?

My bed feels like heaven.


TGIF/Farming Fridays

Finally Friday!!!! I’m free again, got my motor runnin for a wild weekend. (from a song)

This week has just dragged and dragged. I feel like i have had no energy and no desire to work. I have felt thoroughly unproductive.


Thursday morning i was up at that time in the morning. Got my swim workout done which was nice but man is that early.

I did Pretty good with my food today which made me happy. I had 1 snickernoodle cookie but i threw away 7-8 cookies.


Yay me!!! I bought cookie dough from someone at work who’s grandkids were doing some fundraiser. Now i am trying to get rid of them without killing my waistline. I hate to throw food away but yea.

So the farming Friday part! I am going to grow some of my own food this year, yep even in a duplex with 2 other girls.

I am going to put 2-3 pots on my deck and hope it holds along with trying to find a few places around our yard that i can container plant.  So far i have 2 different kinds of heirloom tomato seeds, heirloom sweet pepper seeds, organic sugar snap pea seeds and container corn seeds, thats right this  corn was designed to be planted in a container! How awesome is that!!!!

More to come soon!

How has your week been?